A$AP Ferg Reacts To New NYC Rappers (Lil Tecca, Pop Smoke, Lil TJay) | The Cosign

Aye wassup y’all. This is A$AP Ferg. I’m here with Genius and I’m ‘bout to
see which one of these new New New York rappers get my cosign. New York is like trendsetters. When you think about the Bronx, that’s where
hip-hop started. You think about Harlem, that’s like fashion
Mecca. Brooklyn, you got all of the guys that’s getting
money. You got Queens, laid-back Queens dudes that’s
kind of like setting the whole vibe for the coolness. And then you got Staten Island Shaolin. The Wu-Tang. They from another world, another planet. New York. That’s us. I fuck with the GAP hoodies. We used to do GAP sweatsuits in Harlem. I see he got the silky on. I fuck with they swag. Ha, the dance. They remind me of what new Brooklyn is like. As far as like Tekashi, GS 9 vibes. They got the dance that go with the song. They throwing up they sets. I fuck with it. It’s very short. That was interesting. The GAP sweatsuits, if that’s a thing for
them. Or if the G-A-P means something. Just like how GS9 was wearing G-Star. Brooklyn has always been about their business. I know people who did different credit card
schemes and shit like that. They was driving Bentleys and shit. They hustle is different from Harlem. Harlem, we could have been some broke-ass
niggas, but still extra-fresh all the time, but Brooklyn niggas, like, they’ll pull up
with a white tee with a Bentley. You’d be like, “How?” I see Fatboy, Fatboy is a good friend of mine. Lil TJay, him and A Boogie was like the first
to embrace kind of like auto tuned, sing songy R&B Hip-Hop kinda vibe. And they uniforms kind of remind me of Above
The Rim. I see Jay Critch in there too. He is dumb tall. I think this is dope. Like all of the younger guys getting together
and doing this. It’s fire. It shows camaraderie. It be like a lot of newcomers coming into
the game. You don’t know if they’re going to be
reckless or if they going to be responsible with they fame or they power. And when you see these guys come together
and they know how to have fun like this, you just know that aight cool like these are the
gate holders, you know what I’m sayin? This game is theirs. I heard Gucci say the same thing. If you can’t embrace the youth and the people
that’s coming in, then you gonna be stuck. I knew Chinese Kitty before she was rapping. When she started music I was like “Oh, word. Okay. Get it.” This my first time seeing this video though. She look good in it too. She look dope. She sound dope. I think if she keep going, she got a real
good chance of killing. It’s a lot of competition, but you just
gotta be confident in yourself and know that you could do it. I give it up to her and anybody that’s new
coming into the game. We gotta get him a silky off rip. He got a poly on, we gotta get him a silky. These kids look like they from London, sound
like it too. I like the rawness of the video, like kids
outside, after school. It’s community. You get a sense of they DNA. Beat fire. Whoever made this beat, send me a beat in
my DM please. His voice hard. He like a Shyne. You know how Shyne was skinny with like a
big Biggie voice? Yeah, he reminds me of U.K. artists. Like, they do a lot of track suits in the
U.K. Like sporty looks. A lot of them is dark skin, because they’re
African. And his voice, his tone. Off rip he reminds me of like Amine. See the tribe he would be from would probably
be like De La Soul or something. Because, it’s like he’s not changing the
way he looks. He’s promoting himself and showing imperfections. Even though this video is really funny right
here. I can see this kid might have a lot to say. Yeah, he’s a funny kid. He’s not fazed by anything. He’s himself. He’s a natural. And he’s from New York, wow. He remind me of Sid Vicious off rip. And if he’s looking at Sid Vicious he’s
a kid a can respect because he’s doing his due diligence as far as studying music that’s
before him. That’s where I get the name Fergie Vicious
from. It’s Sid Vicious. What water they drinking in Staten Island. Wu Tang and now this? It’s crazy. Kids going hard! They get the face tats. They said “fuck work. I’m not going to be a doctor. Nothing.” I think all genres fall under hip-hop now. I think the new Green Day is Uzi. The new Rakim is Joey Bada$$. The new Missy, Busta vibes is me mixed with
some DMX shit. The new Slick Rick is Rocky. Like I said, we all got tribes and shit. All of that shit is hip-hop now, Yeah, I’d collaborate with all these guys. Because I can see a star quality in all of
them. ABG Neal and Krimelife Ca$$. I’d fuck with those kids. Pop Smoke. I like Pop Smoke. Oh, I heard of him. Aight, now I know who he is. I know his manager. Yeah, Pop Smoke. Oh, Chinese Kitty. She might have just been doing it for fun
and people liked it and she’s like lemme just keep doing this shit. Shit is dope. I like Lou the Human. He reminds me of a young Sid Vicious. I’m Fergie Vicious, so, we got to fight for
the title, kid. Out of all of these rappers, I would have
to say I cosign Chinese Kitty. Just because I know her come-up, and she’s,
like, really good, like she’s actually killing it. I love the other people too. If I could cosign all of them, I would. But I only got one, so. Well, I was in my room. I was recording myself on GarageBand. Yeah, I recorded that song in my room. I was sitting on my bed, and it was mad traffic
noise at night. And I closed the window, but I’m like, “Damn,
that’d be hard if I said that in the song.” New York don’t know how to be quiet.

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  1. Rick Ross/Flo Rida/Trick/Spaceghostpurpp react to new age florida rappers. Any one of them will work they all legends of FL

  2. “Gotta get him a silky off rip. He gotta poly on. These kids look like they from London. Sound like it too” 😂😂😂

  3. ive heard of these guys, just not their actual music and id pick anyone but kitty bc she sounds like shit

  4. Grills are cool because they make you sound lispy. Lispy is cool, right? Talking like you have stuff in your mouth is gangsta af.

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