Acupressure Point for Happiness | Joy Creator Point by Dr. Richa Varshney

Hello Friends I’m Dr. Richa Varshney My topic for today is different It is not related to any disease If you are sad Without any reason Sadness is due to some reason If YOU are sad WITHOUT any reason You feel that you are not happy Why am i getting mood swings Joy is not somewhere out Joy is with in you There is a point in Acupressure With the name – Joy Creator Point This point is on our hand You can use this single point and bring back the joy to your life By stimulation of that point you may experience inner natural happiness You will find joy Let’s see the point It is on both hands Name of this point is H3 This is a good point for heart Please apply for as long as you can You will start feeling positive mood Please like and share Subscribe us for more videoss

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  1. Dr Varshney, can 2 points be stimulated at one time? Like can acupressure point for anger and joy be stimulated simultaneously?

  2. ap ossssmm h mam😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😎

  3. Wonderful mam,hum negitive aur happiness points dono ko sth ma use kr skty han.aur kia pori rat lgana hr roz ye sahe ha?aur mam aik aur bat clear kr dain plz k prgnancy ma kon kon sy point nae krna chaey .

  4. hello Mam I want to know how many days we have to apply seeds to cure our illness like depression,reduce belly fat,joy creating point etc.

  5. Mam plz tell me how much maximum time it takes to cure particular disease
    you told it varies person to person but please give me an approx number

  6. Mam even after undergoing operation for deviated nose n blockage I have nose block n breathing problem,pl suggest some point for permanent cure

  7. How long I'm supposed to keep the seed wrapped under the paper tape at my finger beacuse I really speak too much and I want to get rid of my this habit. If quite long then should I change it frequently?

  8. I love your videos! Can u pls post a video on treatment of secondary amenhorrea also I wanted to send u my case history if you can personally read about it that would be very beneficial.

  9. mam u r matha hai.sweet teaching,always smiling. helping so many poor,needy people. god bless u with long life. thanq

  10. Ms. Varshney,
    hi there from Texas, U.S.A . After coming across your video on YouTube today, I'm pretty fascinated about the therapeutic approach of yours. However, i wonder the use of the one Fenugreek seed on each index finger…
    Looking forward to hearing back & discuss intellectually further, thanks & have a good one until then!πŸ•Š

  11. Mam hum ek time par ek hi acuprussre piont par methi dana lgakar treatment kar skte hai ja ek se jyada points par v hum methi dana lgakar treatment kr skte hai ? Jaise ki ap ne har video me alg alg point btaye hai, hum jyada point me ek sath ek time par treatment kr skte hai ? Plz btaye

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