Acupuncture for Depression : Traditional Chinese Medicine Depression Patterns

In Chinese medicine, depression can be divided
into different kind of patterns according to different kind of symptoms. We call it
depression, but different depressed people shows different symptoms. For instance, some
people depressed alternating with panic attack. Some people depressed with a lot of phlegm
symptoms, and for instance, they constantly clearing up their throat. They could have
lipoma or other kind of nodules on the body part, or inside of the internal organs. Their
face looks pale and dull; they have very less facial expression. They always feel tired,
even though they sleeped a lot and they have very slow thinking and acting. If you look
at their tongue, the tongue looks pale or purple, and have very thick, greasy white
coating, and this group of symptoms we called phlegm and cheese stagnation pattern.

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  1. i suffer from anxiety depression ive had alot of accupcunture and get sometimes small relief my western diagnoses is unsure but in tcm i suffer with heat in the heart pghlegmn misting the mind and liver chi stagnation i get small relief from accupcunture short term but its very short term my tongues tip is red linking with fire i know all about this but ive had it a long

  2. time with problems including plumstne throat which is extremely unpleasatn and constant tension and nervousness and irritablness and bouts of anger frustration but numbness

  3. Hello not sure if someone could help me. About 20 years ago i had depression stress i went to a Chinese herbal shop i explained my problem the shop owner gave me a drink they was in small viles and a straw i forgot the name of the product but they helped me get through my problems.
    My son now suffers from depression i think they could help him too. But for the life of me i can't remember the name of the product. I was just wondering if someone could help thanks

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