Hello I’m Charlie and welcome to authentic mental health In todays video We are gonna be doing an adhd test So to start off for those of you that don’t know What is adhd? Adhd stands for attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder And it is usually difficult to diagnose someone with adhd However I would go into more detail About that at the end of the test So let’s get straight into the test right now Now the test is very simple I am going to ask you eight questions And you are gonna answer either yes or no so please keep a track of your scores. The very first question is do you often rush things and notice you make small mistakes? Question two, are you easily distracted? Question three, during long conversations do you often tune out or think about other things Question four Do you jump right into things without reading instructions or following instructions do you just jump straight in and do it? Question five, are you disorganized? Question six, do you avoid things that require a lot of focus and attention? Question seven, Do you often lose or can’t find things? And the very last question is, Are you forgetful or do you lose track of what you were doing if you were doing something Do i have adhd? Do I not have adhd… well If you scored less than five yesses on those questions it is unlikely 10th you are suffering from ADHD. If you scored more than five or higher than five yesses on those questions, it is likely you are going to be suffering from ADHD. So Charlie, at the beginning of the video you said its difficult to diagnose. I scored six yesses. What does that mean? The reason why it os difficult to diagnose ADHD is because most people or most human beings are forgetful. Most him beings tend to tune out during long or difficult conversations. So just because you scored eight yesses on this test it doesn’t necessarily mean… that you suffer from ADHD. So please do not self diagnose yourself from this test. However If you are someone who scored higher than five, and are concerned and worried now, my advice to you would be to go and seek professional help. And they will discuss with you, what options you have. Whether they think you have and they will go into more detail with you about it and the options of what you can do. So that means going to your doctor, or your local nurse, or even your local hospital depending on what country you are from. So please again, do not self diagnose yourself with this test and go and seek professional help if you are worried and you think you might be suffering from ADHD. I answered seven yesses on these questions and I have been to see a professional And I can confirm I do not suffer from ADHD. A lot of you have been requesting this video, and I hope this video helps you and helps you understand ADHD more. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a like Leave your scores in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to Leave your scores in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to Authentic Mental Health for more content like this in the future. We are now over Thirty eight thousand, nine hundered subscribers. And I wanna the each and every single one of you for supporting myself and the channel. I will see you in tomorrow’s video.

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  2. I have 80 had and I’m scrolling throw the comments right now and when he says 80 had it sounds like he’s saying 89 hate d

    Also he’s talking really really really slow

  3. I’m only turning 12 on July 22 but I’ve been wondering lately if I have adhd because all of my siblings have adhd and ocd.

  4. I think I have this because a teacher said I have ADHD because I do all this stuff at school and some of the teachers yell at me and make fun of because I have ADHD and some of my teachers help me and some don't

  5. Bró I am medically diagnosed with adhd since early childhood and you literally described everything that happens in my life BTW I got 10/10 hahaha

  6. I said yes to all of the questions •-• mainly because I was already diagnosed with ADHD a while ago

  7. So my thing is, how can you sit there and claim to be able to “help people understand ADHD” when you yourself do not suffer from ADHD? I was diagnosed with ADHD at 13 years old and I can tell you that it isn’t just concentration etc…it’s a battle with mental health, pressure, anxiety and more. ADHD is easily diagnosed through educational psychologist recommendations to clinical and child psychiatrists. I work with students who suffer with mental health conditions including ADHD.

    I’d love to know where you have got your “test” from as I can tell you there must be another 20-25 things I suffer with on a daily basis that are common amongst most kids and adults….in closing I think this video is really damaging and almost stereotyping people with ADHD.

  8. 1. yes
    2. yes
    3. yeS mate
    4. uh huh
    5. yep my books are scrambled everywhere-
    6. eh sometimes
    7. sometimes
    8. y e s

    well, s h i t.
    still need to check with a doctor though, never self-diagnose

  9. The questions are not worded correctly. Do you lose things that you need daily (car keys, cell phone, walletor need immediately? ( Keys, you are about to leave, the pen you were using, the phone number you just wrote down, the papers you needed. Etc}
    Do you get easily destracted by things that are with in your vision or hearing range but not part of what you are doing? (my issue is audio. Without head phones I need total silence to concentrate.)
    When someone is talking do you start thinking about something else or what you want to say next before they are done?
    Do you feel like you run constantly but at the end of the day it seems you were running in place.?
    For me, it's like I need to get important information from someone so I meet them at a bar. But that bar is packed with people some laughing, arguing, talking, there is a heavy metal band playing ACD songs and 2 T. V. 's playing different things. Some where there are 3 babies and a grown up crying and there is a highway behind the building and a train going by in front.
    I need to remember the phone number the drummer just gave me cuz he's cute, while I have the Macarana Song stuck in my head. Oh! the person who is supposed to tell me the info I need, has lost their voice. Good luck. That's my everyday.

  10. I kept skipping through the video because I thought there would be questions and answers on screen but then I realized he was saying them so I had to go all the way back to the beginning

  11. Adhd is much more then that i have ADHD and fx i cant Pay attention to lern things in a normal School i cant play long game because i get bord and leave i cant make my homework again because It's to boring there are many more for "normale" people i cant do

  12. My result will be:
    I do not look at the video and straightly looked to the comment section out of interest

    Also all of the answer is mostly yes
    (MOSTLY is a coomon word for the adhd people)

  13. You don't have to speak that slow, it just made me focus on your actions your accents and how you say haych and i ended up texting

  14. I was diagnosed when I was little, I’m doing this to see how bad it is. I keep looking at the comments, other videos and the background of this video jfc



  15. So I’m suffering adhd one the first question got districted and had to replay to get my answer

  16. Im 23 seconds into this video and i already know im ganna struggle with this video, i have ADHD and he's talking too slow… ow no😶

  17. I think you should talk a bit faster because it gave me a chance to have a random thought and get distracted in between each word just a suggestion

  18. The funny thing is while i was watching the video I wasn’t paying attention and I got my headset on and started playing Fortnite so I do have adhd 😂

  19. so i’m pretty sure i have ADHD but when i bring it up with my parents to ask to get professional help but they just ignore it and laugh. what do i do

  20. I got 8 yes’s and I also didn’t take the time to sit and watch the video I just read the caption. Lol. Safe to assume I have ADHD ?

  21. Maybe you should say things a little faster I could barely pay attention also I think I have adhd but also of and so im very organized

  22. There was a 21 minute video, i took the 4, my aunt called me earlier idk what she said tbh cause i had something else in front of me distracting me 🙃

  23. Aaaaah!!! The subtitles are not in sync and it caused chaos in my head! xD (I need both audio and subtitles to stay focused on what's being said. That way it's easier to "jump back and re-connect" with the topic..)

  24. Am i the only one whos cofused and is destracted by something else and lost track cause they werent paying atention?…. ._. Lmao lol mee😂😂😂😂😰😂😅

  25. I really tried to pay attention but your hands kept destracting me. I had to rewind like 10 times each questions 😔

  26. Dude my name is Charlie and this fucked with me… oh and no the video isn’t over yet I said yes to everything🙃

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