Every day when you’re driving into work And everybody is a jerk Because they all hate their lives And I say “Hey!” How’d we wind up this way? Everthing’s all work and no play Being Adult can really suck. It’s good to be in love. Nobody wants to die alone, but sometimes being in love can feel like
a slow lonely death Goodnight Arthur. Is everything okay? Yes. Are you sure? Yeah. Uh-huh. It feels like we aren’t intimate anymore. I’m stressed. You know what a good stress reliever is, don’t ya? I said goodnight, Arthur. What is wrong with this thing?! Arthur, your work has been subpar. May I ask what’s wrong? The stupid computer keeps freezing!! No Arthur. I can tell you’re frustrated. What’s really the underlying issue? I’ve been having relationship trouble. Why don’t you go take a mental-health day? Really?! Absolutely. Head home ,do what you like to
do, and get yourself recharged. [Muffled Sex Sounds] Francine? Muffy?!?! This isn’t what it looks like. Then what does it look like?! It looks like you can’t please her. Be nice! Sorry. Arthur… You never liked me. That’s not true.
I’ve just never liked… men. I’m so confused. I don’t want to keep hurting you Arthur. You don’t want to hurt me? And you’re cheating on me in my own apartment? I thought you were at work. I came home because I felt bad this isn’t working! And I’m with Muffy because I felt bad
that this isn’t working. I’m sorry Arthur I get it. Any chance for a three-way? I’m down! No. Okay. Can we still be friends? Of course. Wow! Francine and Muffy are a couple. I did not see that coming. Hahaha! Seriously?! Because everybody saw that coming. [Laughing] Oh. And I say “Hey!” How did we wind up this way? Everything’s all work and no play Being adult can really suck.

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