Adults Try To Relieve Stress With Toys

– Gasps! – There’s nothing in the human
world that feels like this. – Oh they are squishy. – What am I doing. – Smash it. – Squish squish. – Squeeshy. – Squish squish bish. (light playful music) – I have never heard of Squishies before. – Maybe they’re a new
type of fidget spinner. – Squishies are these
little foamy creatures – I’ve seen other people with
them and I get super jealous and I really want one, it
look so fun and cool and cute. I think Squishies are trending
because the world we live in just keeps on getting
more and more stressful. – I see where they get the
name from now, oh this is fun. (upbeat music) – This feels like a stress
ball but even squishier. – They’re so squishy. – And they’re super soft. – These are like dog toys for adults. – I don’t actively play with
any toys still as an adult. – Can I have all of them? – I really like these way
more than I thought I would. – Ohh they smell good. – I feel like if I choose one then the other squishies are gonna be sad that I didn’t choose them. – They’re all staring at me. Look. Do you see this right now – (gasps) look how (laughs). – I’m gonna take this with me for a week, just hang out with it,
play around with it, and kinda see how it affects me. – I’m pretty sure I will
get into fights with kids who will try to grab this from
me and that’s not happening. These are my toys. – I’m a very stressed person, so I feel like they’ll be
in handy when I’m stressed. – Am I suppose to like
squeeze it when I’m upset. (cries) – I think I’m already addicted (shrieks). – I might talk to them. – It’s been less than an hour and I’m already starting to destroy it. But it’s stress relief. – A man walking on the
road squishing a lemon, that’s kind of a weird look. (truck horn) However, I’m enjoying it. – I’ve had them for a couple
days now and they still smell frikkin delicious. – Oh my gosh, smells like vanilla wafers. – This smells like a marshmallow,
this smells like plastic. – This smells good so. – I like how long it takes to
go back to it’s original form. – [Girl] Squish, it looks sad. – He’s about to be happy in a second. – I feel kind of wrong for
squishing this cute creature, it’s so cute, lemmi smash it. – It’s really kind of grown on me and I still find myself subconsciously squeezing it throughout the day or like fiddling around with it. I put it on my desk
just (knocking) mash it. – I’m the type of person
that fidgets a lot and I’m constantly biting on
my sweater and tapping my foot. Little Dugong over here
has helped me a lot with my fidgeting. (speaks in foreign language) – We’re about to take off. Usually this is when I
squeeze my husband’s hand because I do freak out but these is gonna have to do this time. – Squish Squish Squish. – I did have a co-worker just
try to steal them from me, not good. – I feel so relaxed right now. – [Woman] No I need it back, I like it. I wanna go lay down with it. – [Woman] No. – When I saw everyone
in the office had them, I wanted one really bad so I stole one. – I forgot my daisy and
my feredigo right here in this studio. I didn’t think it was
going to affect me so much. Oh my God I miss them so
frieking much, I really did. – I’m at the airport,
I had a minor freakout because I thought I left it
at home and I went to grab it and my heart stopped cause I didn’t think I
had it in my back pack. I have become squishy reliant. – I have an addiction. – They’re not really a
stress reliever for me, they’re more of my friends
and they keep me company. I think some people are scared of me now. – I’ve definitely noticed
that I’ve grown closer to it. – I have to throw it away
cause I have destroyed what I once loved. So I literally squished it all weekend while I was laying in bed sick. I really love it and I’m
still holding and to it. – These really brought out a side of me that I did not expect to have. – I was kinda surprised
that I was so emotionally and physically attached to it. – They are my best friend’s now. – I feel like it was a place to channel anxiety subconsciously. – It’s been a really great stress reliever for me I would say. – Not a fan of flying. If anything happens at least I’m gonna die squeezing my squishies. – It felt really therapeutic actually. – I think its just having
something to do with my hands while I’m focused on that activity. – It looks like my dog chewed it but it was just me. Maybe I’m more stressed
out than I think that I am. – I feel like maybe what I learned is that toys aren’t just for kids. You play with toys and it can
take your mind off things. – I also learn that I
love to squish things. – It was a major surprise
to realize that yes, they become apart of me, it’s
almost like an extension. – This is definitely staying on my desk. – You can pry my squishy
outta my cold dead hands. – [Woman] You can keep them. – Yes! There’s no way you were
taking these from me anyways. – I wish everybody could
feel how squishy this is. Just like imagine. (upbeat music)

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  2. I just did the dumbest thing and probably going to have never do a that again (maybe)
    I literally sat there and just counted my squishy’s I have 1597 of them

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  4. Squishies?!?! I don't like squishies you just squish them but slime is better you can do bubbles or a swirl and poke it

  5. Hello i have over 40 squishys and who else is squising a squishy and squishys Will rule the world not slime

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