Africville: The Black community bulldozed by the city of Halifax

Where the pavement ended. Africville began. There have been Black people in Halifax as long as there has been a Halifax. They helped build the city. Formerly enslaved people, and free Black men and women. Maroons. Together, they dug out its roads and raised its roofbeams. Facing racism in town, Black people settled at the city limits. They built homes and started families. They set up their own school and other services the city refused to provide. They built the Seaview United Baptist Church, the “beating heart of the community.” Despite paying city taxes, Africvillians had no running water, electricity, paved roads, or sewers. Instead, the city built factories, sewage pits, and a prison nearby. Then labeled the village a slum. In 1962, Halifax city council voted to demolish Africville, taking its valuable land for industrial development. The bulldozers arrived as Africville lay sleeping. By 1970, the neighbourhood was destroyed and its residents forcibly relocated to other Halifax neighbourhoods. But Africville was home to the people who lived there, and they would not be forgotten. Once a year, we venture out to Africville for a reunion, set up your tent, set up your camp, or you throw a blanket on the grass. The children are playing, people are laughing and hugging, reminiscing about the old days. But for three days, you have your community back.

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  1. Don't understand why this wasn't taught in Canadian history. Black history is Canadian history. I studied more about Africville when I learned from the Halifax explosion in school.

  2. This is bull shit what makes the blacks anymore important then the other communities they tare down . They tare down native communities , poor white communities, poor chiness communities. So fuck your bull shit propogande like this racist bull shit that places black communities above other communities. Our commodities our just as importance if fact more important then black communities. Because our communities where first long before there where black communities ….so fuck you .

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