Alan Watts – Stress: Is Your Ego Sabotaging You? ( Movitation Video )

We’ve ever developed this curious thing we developed the thing which is called an ego now I’ve got to be very clearly what I mean buddy go an ego is not the same thing as a particular living organism to my philosophy the particular living organism which is inseparable from a particular environment that is to say from the universe as centered here and now there’s something real it isn’t the thing i call it a feature of the universe but what we call our ego is something abstract which is to say it has the same order and kind of reality as an hour or an inch or pound or a line of longitude it is for purposes of discussion it is for convenience in other words it is a social convention that we have what is called an eager about the fallacy that all of us make is that we treated as if it were a physical organ as if it were real in that sense when in fact it is composed on the one hand of our image of ourselves that is our idea of ourselves as when we say to somebody you must improve your image now this image of ourselves is obviously not ourselves anymore than an idea of a tree is a tree anymore than you can get wet in the word water and to go on with our image of ourselves is extremely inaccurate and incomplete would that some God the gifted years to see ourselves as others see us we done so my image of me is not at all your image of me and my image of me is extremely incomplete in that it does not include any information to speak up about the functioning of my nervous system my circulation my metabolism my subtle relationships with the entire surrounding human and non-human universe so the image I have of myself as a caricature it is arrived at through mainly my interaction with other people tell me who I am in various ways either directly or indirectly and I play about what their pictures of me and they play something back to me so that we set up this conception and started very very early in life and I was told to see and you were told that we must have a consistent image you must be you you have to find your identity in terms of image this is an awful red herring a lot of the current quest for identity among younger people is a such for an acceptable image what role can i play Who am I in the sense of what am I going to do in life and so are now while that has a certain importance if it’s not backed up by deep matters it’s extraordinarily misleading so therefore on the one hand there is this image which is intellectual emotional imaginative and so forth now we would say I don’t feel that i am only an image I feel there’s something more real than that because i feel i mean i have a sense of there being a particular sort of how do we say a center of something some sort of sensitive car inside the skin and that corresponds to the word I let’s take a look at this because the thing that we feel as being myself is certainly not the whole body because a lot of the body can be seen as an object in other words if you stand stretch yourself out lie on the floor i’m telling your head and look at yourself you know you can see your feet your legs and all this up to here and finally it all vanishes and there’s a sort of vague knows it and you assume you have a head because everybody else does and you looked in a mirror and that told you you had a head but you’ll never see it just like you can see your back so you tend to put your ego on the side of the unseen part of the body the part you can’t get out because that seems to be what it all comes from and you feel it but what is it that we feel because if I see clearly and my eyes are in functioning order the eyes certainly are not conscious themselves the no spots in front no defect in other words and depends on the retina or in the optic nerves that give hallucinations so also therefore if my ego my consciousness is working properly i want not to be aware of as something sort of there being a nuisance in a way in the middle of things because your ego is awfully hard take care of now well what is it then that we feel like I’ve discovered what it is it’s a chronic the visual sense of muscular strain which we were taught in the whole process of doing spontaneous things to order when you’re taking off in a jet playing and the thing has gone rather further down the runway than you think it should have without getting up in the air starts pulling at your seatbelt get this thing off the ground perfectly useless so in the same way when our community tells us look carefully now listen pay attention we start using muscular strains around our eyes is jaws and to try to use our muscles to make our nerves work which is of course people and in fact it gets in the way of functioning try to constant and then when we try to control our emotions we hold our breath all our stomachs in our Titan erector muscles to hold ourselves getting put yourself together immediately wanted to do was a child understand but he doesn’t muscular pulls himself together this is useless so everybody chronically pulls himself together so that it’s so funny if you get a person to just lie on the floor and relax there’s the floor army with funds can be holding you up nevertheless you will detect that the person is making all sorts of tensions lest he should suddenly turn into a nasty jello on the flaw so that chronic tension which in Sanskrit is called some culture which means contraction is the root of what we call the feeling of the ego so that in other words this feeling of tightness is the physical referent for the psychological image of ourselves so that we get the ego as the marriage of an allusion to futility even though the idea of an eye with a name with a being is naturally useful for social communication provided we know what we’re doing and take it for what it is but we are so hung up on this concept that it confuses us even in the proposition that it might be possible for us to feel otherwise because we asked the question if we hear about people who have transcended ego but we ask how do you do that well I said what do you mean you how do you do because the you you’re talking about doesn’t exist so you can’t do anything about any more than you can cut a cheese with a line of longitude now that sounds very discouraging doesn’t but let’s suppose now you are babies again you don’t know anything now don’t be frightened because anything you know you can get back later but for the time being here is our awareness and let’s suppose you have no information about this at all and no words for it and that my talking to you is justin eyes now don’t try to do anything about this don’t make any effort because naturally by forces have it certain tensions remain inside you and certain ideas and words drift all the time through your mind just like wind blows clouds move across the sky don’t bother with them at all don’t try to get rid of them just be aware of what’s going on in your head like it was clouds in the sky or the crackling of the fire there’s no problem to this all you have to do really is looking listen without namie and if you are named nevermind just listen to that now that you can’t force anything that you can’t willfully stop thinking and stop naming is only telling you that the separate you doesn’t exist it isn’t the mark of defeat it isn’t a sign of your lack of practice and meditation that it runs on all by itself simply means that the individual separate use a figment of your imagination so you are aware at this point of a happening remember you don’t know anything about the difference between you and it government told them you have no words for the difference between inside and outside between here and there nobody has taught you what you see out in front of you is either near or far from sighs watch a baby without of thing that touched me you don’t know just their form here it is we’ll just call it this and if you will feel the going on which includes absolutely everything you feel

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  1. Alan Watts and Carl Jung have helped my soul more than any other mortal man! Thank you to the both of them, may they be blessed and rest in peace!! Love, happiness and PEACE to you ALL!

  2. Don't expect this video to be about depression, non of the things in the description are mentioned by Alan Watts in this video. But he says a lot of other, very wise things.

  3. Alan Watts sir said very well but dat video pic is bothering me cus i could saw allan watts talking in physical form just above the word STRESS r8 side. Nd dis still image isn’t still anytym. It keep on changing it’s form nd all. Its seriously psychedelic. U can see a pic coming alive.

  4. Around a year since I started listening Alan Watts. The ego its "real". I went from completelly unaware of it towards increasingly spotting its influence on my life. Us people in Western society are completely defenseless against it. Everything in our way of living and the system as a whole is pushing us to the point to become slaves. That nostalgic feeling you get when remembering your child years its not because you were "small" or "responsibility" free. Its because you view the world for it is without being commanded by your mind. If you didnt knew something, you just asked .. later it became "I would look silly". If you wanted to speak to someone … you talked, later it became ."but I would look weak, he was not right".
    Shut down the constant talk of the mind. You can do it. If I can give you any advice, dont be hard on yourself when you fall to your old habbits and thinking. Its part off the process. The thing that criticize you its the ego, the object that is criticized .. again, the ego.

  5. I know now, my anxiety is my ego , my outer self … the self that was created by others and not me… it tells my inner true self to worry and to panic for some vague imaginary reason. I know now that my ego is also imaganary , just a companion that needs not to be taken so seriously.

    I think i will create a new companion instead of trying to get rid of my ego altogether. A companion that cherishes my inner true physical form and works along side it.

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