Am I just sad or am I truly depressed? Maybe I’m just by the pace of life temporarily
stressed? Am I always sleepless because I work too much? Or am I stuck in the deep dark depression
clutch? I know I’m depressed because I’ve lived
like this for too long: Not wanting to go anywhere and not interested
in being strong. I’m not excited about anything or anyone
anymore at all. I just feel like I live in a deep dark depression
hole. I have no joy and nothing gives me genuine
pleasure. I don’t give a crap about the things I used
to wholeheartedly treasure. I’m moving from one day to another wishing
that it would all just end. I know I’m depressed because I live in the
hopelessness and indifference land. But I’ve been saved by Jesus Christ and
so I wholeheartedly lean on Him. I stand firmly on God’s Promises waiting
till with joy again my cup He can brim. I don’t trust my emotions and feelings,
depression or suicidal thoughts. I trust God’s Promises and I know He has
in store for me blessings lots. If you are depressed right now, trust in Christ. Your life is important – at His blood it was
priced. Your life matters so much that He sacrificed
His for yours. As a precious child of God to you He refers. You are special, you’re valuable, you matter,
so stay alive. And share your faith and this video with others
to help ease their depression and possibly save their life!

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  1. Thank you for adding me to the group. I am a 34yr domestic violence survivor. I got out with my 2 boys in 2009. I was mentally, verbally, physically, emotionally, and sexually abused [raped] at the hands of my ex husband and his friends [He allowed his drug buddies to use me as a form of payment]. My boys gave me the courage to walk away when they told me their father would hit them and throw them across the room anytime I'd leave the house. I still suffer from anxiety and depression. I have a very hard time trusting as well. What keeps me going daily is my faith and my 2 boys.

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