Am I Depressed | How to deal with Depression treatment and causes of Depression

People use the term “depression” quite
a bit but what is it really and how do I know if your child has depression? Depression is the constant feeling of sadness
intensified by feelings of hopelessness and helplessness over the course of weeks. These feelings interfere with regular day-to-day
activities sometimes to the point where the person cannot function at all. Depression is diagnosed by a licensed Doctor
or mental health professional. Scientists still don’t know exactly what
causes depression but they believe it is a combination of our genetics and our environment. One thing they have been able to determine
is that depression does affect the brain and body. There are physical things going on in the
body when someone suffers from depression. So while depression includes “feelings of
sadness” the reality is that it’s not just feelings. There are many different factors that involved. Asking or expecting someone who has depression
to “just choose to be happy” is not a solution and actually saying something like
that may cause more harm. So, what are some of the signs of depression? Some of the behavioral signs of depression
may include: changes in appetite, sleeping too much or too little, isolation from friends
or family, irritability, not enjoying things that were previously enjoyable, feeling worthless
or overly guilty, poor concentration, restlessness, loss of energy and even thoughts of suicide. These symptoms need to be present for an extended
period of time and interfere day to day functioning. Be observant and
watch your child and you may want to document these symptoms before visiting a physician
in order to give a more detailed report. One thing to consider is what is happening
in the life of the person who may be depressed. There are some environmental things that may
cause feelings of depression. A death in the family, moving to a new location,
starting a new school year or a job, substance abuse, etc. So keep those in mind. It’s important to understand that there
are different types of depression including: Major depression, Chronic depression, Bipolar
depression, Seasonal depression, Psychotic depression, Postpartum depression, Substance-induced
mood disorder, etc. It is estimated that people who suffer from
depression take several years before they actually seek help. It’s important to get help as early as possible
and if your child comes to you take them seriously. Luckily, there is help. Treatment for depression can include therapy,
medication or a combination of both. The most effective treatment is usually a
combination of medication and therapy. Therapy will include skill building techniques
as well. The skills on Smarter Parenting helps parents
with proven techniques that can help children with depression. We walk you through how to use them and considerations
you should take with a child who may suffer from depression. Visit us for more information.

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  1. Really nice video that explained me what depression is, how to know if I am depressed and such things. It helped me a lot. Thanks guys for sharing it with me.

  2. Really nice and interesting things about what depression is. This video is very useful thanks for sharing this video with all of us !

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  5. this video is an eye opener for people with depression…even i feel depressed sometimes.thank you for sharing.

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  20. It is very important to be aware of the change in the mood of the younger people.
    Bullying can now be massive because of social networks.
    This can make the consequences worse.

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