American Beauty (7/10) Movie CLIP – I Rule! (1999) HD

[ yells ] [ sighs ] [ fingernails tapping ] What ? Uh, whose car is that
out front ? Mine.
1970 pontiac firebird, The car I’ve always wanted,
and now I have it. I rule !
Where’s the camry ? I traded it in. Shouldn’t you have
consulted me first ?
Hm, let me think. No. You never drove it. Have you done
something different ?
You look great. [ sighs ] Where’s jane ? Jane not home. We have… The whole house… To ourselves. Christ, carolyn. When did you
become so… Joyless ? Joyless ? I am not joyless. There happens to be
a lot about me… That you don’t know,
mr. Smarty man. There’s plenty of joy
in my life. Whatever happened
to that girl…

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