Amitriptyline | What you should know

it’s Evie 🙂 I’m gonna try really
hard to speak up more so you guys can hear me better until I get a new
microphone so if any of you know of a good microphone then it could probably
clip on here I know some of you have mentioned I think it’s called the
snowball I don’t know I’d love that but when I’m kind of up and about in high
places I don’t know don’t be able to hook it up to the phone would be helpful
and to be able to have it on my shirt that would be great
oh so I’m finally gonna do a video on Emmet rippln
I always want to say that I’m a trip lean uh here it is if you want to watch
it stay tuned cut these stink beetle things to kind of like ladybugs they
pinch will they bite but it feels like a pinch I wanted to tell you guys after
you watched my last video as I’m recording this right now today is day
four since quit smoking it’s been hard for sure it’s really doing so much
better than I am but we’re doing it we’re not going back anyways we’re gonna
get in this about taking amitriptyline yes I have taken it myself I know some
people want to lose stuff when I share medicine I haven’t taken but I share
because I have so many of you that want to know and you’re asking so I’m gonna
do what I can help that’s why I’m here it’s pronounced and the tripling it is a
tricyclic I hope I’m seen that antidepressant so it has to do with the
unbalanced chemicals in your brain it’s often prescribed for someone with
depression the reason why those with fibromyalgia can find some relief in it
is because those with fibril we lack serotonin and endorphins in our brain
and okay you know how if you can remember this doing a really good hard
workout you felt well enough to do it do a really good hard workout or like when
you’re doing you’re doing some kind of physical activity it just feels feels
good and you have a hard time stopping which that can be a problem notice and
you run into overdoing it but that’s because your
releasing the the happy chemicals in your brain
those with Viper lack that when you lack that and you don’t get that feel-good
feeling serotonin these things are they play a big part in your overall and your
well-being not just feeling wise but you mean for your body to when you’re
lacking that can become a problem along with fatigue not getting a sleep
you guys know the drill now just like the other medications I’ve shared
gabapentin villarica iPhone with amitriptyline that it goes both ways too
some have really good reactions to it and they swear that it’s helped them the
most out of anything else other people say it’s the devil’s drug don’t go near
it but that’s the thing everyone is so different and I think it’s so important
that you at least are aware of a certain side of and then you kind of know now
quickly was with my experience with it I didn’t notice much of a change the
only thing it did help me with I noticed was my legs my legs would always wake me
up in the middle and I just hurting and hurting and it was really bad where they
would start spasming we started as when I would wake me up it was just another
thing that just kept going and that did help a lot but the reason why I myself
had to get off of it was because once I finally did get that hard slammed it was
immature believe me it would actually be hard to wake up and at the time I had to
get up at 2:30 in the morning and they’d had to I had a long drive to go to work
thankfully he’s not at that job anymore but that’s why I stopped taking you and
I want to try to stay away from it now but you know that’s me right Sabrina
says one of the worst prescriptions out medical marijuana works best for my
favor and you know that is awesome Sabrina that that is awesome but
unfortunately like they’re still half other states that it’s still illegal
Wisconsin being one of them so not everyone has that option
which I think everyone should have a choice
Karen says I won’t take prescription meds only natural remedies for me most
prescription drugs are not good long-term for our bodies and can be dead
very addictive that is so true the problem we have is that quite a few
people like myself have gone the natural route and have done so many different
things naturally and it’s not enough and that’s hard and it’s so hard it took
everything I had to go to the doctor and say I can’t do this on my own
there’s only so much pain a human being can deal with and what your opinion is
if you’re able to control that with just natural kudos to you that is awesome I
wish everyone could be that way but it’s not that way it’s just that I feel it’s
great if you can put some natural ways into it at least that’s awesome Andrea
says for me I’m a tripling is like old it saved me when I thought I was going
to have to go in welfare because of fatigue and pain this was in my early
20s I’m now 52 it put me back in the working world for decades well I have
had to increase my dose over time but I knew I could not survive without it
I was so sleep-deprived before I found it magic I was later diagnosed with MS
and most recently I have had I have some form of inflammatory arthritis tending
towards rheumatoid arthritis there’s or another arthritis it’s unfortunate to
hear that has not helped others thank God it’s inexpensive well for sharing on
the Facebook group I did tell them that I would share in a video and I won’t go
through them all because there was like over 40 comments on this it was really
good and there’s bad so just got to remember everybody is so different
amitriptyline is actually been around since like the 60s it’s one of the
oldest antidepressants of one of the most calm he says do not use them at
rippln if you’ve used the MAO inhibitor in the past 14 days or if you’ve
recently had a heart attack before taking till your doctor if you’ve used
any SSRI antidepressants past five weeks prozac threatens olaf
paxil oh i remember taking us a lot that was horrible let your doctor know if
you’ve got any bipolar disorder any kind of psychosis or mental illness liver
disease heart disease history of heart attack stroke or seizures this medicine
could cause seizures glaucoma or problems with your needing look like the
side effects can get pretty nasty so that’s why they’ll start you out a
really low dose and slowly go up you don’t want a doctor to throw you on a
higher dose so watch for that it could take about 30 days to fully get
the facts there’s medication so you got to make sure to avoid ones that are
similar I will have everything in the description box below for you guys side
effects will be unusual thoughts or behavior like head feeling like you
might pass out chest pain pressure pain spreading to your jaw shoulder nauseous
sweating pounding heartbeat are flowing in your chest confusion host nations
features painful or difficult urinating several severe constipation so watch sex
I know some of you have a hard time with that already easy bruising unusual
bleeding sudden weakness or ill feeling be fair chill sore throat most lawyers
are both swallowing which that’s already scary for those with MS and some with
fibro especially when it comes to feeling dizzy and nauseous appetite or
weight changes urinating less unusual itching rash which that can be more
irritating because again will that with my bro deal with that I’ll have a video
on that so breast swelling yeah should be laughing I just thought was funny
I’m decreased sex drive at boat nets or difficulty have an orgasm other drugs
that can affect it heart rhythm medicine medicine to treat mental illness some of
you have been around for a while you know I love to use drugs calm for their
information so like I said everything will be down below please share your
experiences down below and let others know what it’s like or how is it how is
it helped you or hurts you anything that might help
someone else that’s just starting yet or something they should know I’d really
appreciate that you guys you know sharing what you know or what you’ve
gone through it helps so much believe me if you’re new here love for you to
subscribe and join your Spoony fam yeah I hope you’re doing alright if not hang
in there and I will see you in the next video yes

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  1. It helped with my fatigue butttttt i gained 15 pounds, my pain levels stayed constant and i developed heart palpitations


  3. Never again. I will start of saying I'm bipolar. My neuro thought it may decrease my migraines not…… 20mg i was no longer sleeping at all at night and hypp manic. that was a quick stop. no more amitrtiptlyne for leigh Ann

  4. It didn’t help! But I gained weight and hurt tummy! I was given it for migraines.
    I’m so glad your doing well with the smokes. I know you can do it!

  5. Congrats on giving up smoking you can do it. I’m sending you loads of positive energy. Ive been on amitriptyline for a long time and I take 400mg and like with other drugs I have to keep putting it up for it to work. I take it too sleep and if I don’t take it I don’t sleep at all. I would prefer to find other drugs but I’ve tried over a 100 diffident drugs. I’m from the UK and I have seen most of the pain teams and nobody can help with the pain, I’ve also tried all the herbal things. I struggle every day and it’s a fucking nightmare please excuse my language but it is. In the UK doctors don’t know anything about fibromyalgia and all the pain I get. I have to take high doses and the doctors are not supportive. My go is amazing she is the only medical person on my side. Apart from my mum my family don’t care because I am sick every day, they don’t understand they just think she’s still in bed. I can’t stop taking the amitriptyline because I really need it and I would have to go through withdrawal.

  6. I was on Nortriptyline! I could not wake up! Also I have been following a Gluten free diet. My fibromyalgia and IBS are much better😊but of course I still have awful flare ups😐

  7. Im taking it to help me sleep. I currently changed primary care doctor she saw that i take it and said to keep taking it to help with the pain besides 2 other meds im taking for pain. Chronic pain is a pain the arse.

  8. i am on amitryptiline currently. i cannot get off it because the useless hospital still has not sent my diagnostic letter through(its beans 7/8 weeks). have not seen much weight gain. but it helped with fatigue for like two weeks. the first week it helped me sleep and i had some more energy. at the end of the first week it stopped helping with fatigue. but helped me get to sleep. until about two weeks after that. when it no longer helps me sleep or gives me energy. the dry mouth is horrible. i started getting restless arms and numbness. i am back to square one.

  9. Hi Evie, my doctor wanted me to try this, but I couldn't take it because it made so dizzy I couldn't walk. Also, it didn't help any of my symptoms. And about working out hard, everyone talks about how great you feel afterwards, but that never happened to me. I only felt the endorphins when I finally sat down and had a cigarette! LOL 😂😂😂

  10. I went off amitriptyline after years of being on it (the withdraw is wicked)for fibromyalgia I kept gaining weight put on 50 lbs. I’ve been off it for 1 1/2 months I’ve lost 20 lbs and found out it really wasn’t helping much.

  11. Hi Evie. Congratulations on your strong will and positive attitude for quitting smoking. It’s a day at a time commitment and I support you all the way. I am on amitriptyline for pain and sleep relief. I have gained 45 lbs. and did not know why! Thanks for your information and my gratitude to the others on your site who comment, and share their information. Now I know it can cause weight gain too! As well as extremely dry mouth and loss of taste. Everything tastes like card board! The more I learn from your great information, the better informed I feel. Thanks so much for sharing. Stay sweet. 🇨🇦

  12. I was on nortriptyline for years. It worked much better, but gave me a high (110+bpm) and I gained a bit of weight. With amitriptyline I only took it for 2 weeks. I had horrid nausea and dizziness. I could barely walk with it. It had a bad taste bud reaction too. Food tasted disgusting. Currently on no antidepressants or meds because of the pain doctor nearest me refuses to treat me.

  13. It has done wonders for me. I did not get recuperative sleep. This allowed my body to recover. I have taken it for several years and have only had to increase the dose recently. I do understand not being able to wake up easily.

  14. Damn girl, looking good!!
    The shirt blends great with your hair color and I LOVE your eye color too!!
    Your eyes look so shiny and bright! Is that your device reflecting in your eyes??

  15. Hi I have not been visiting you lately due to a very bad attack of good old fibro!!! I not the Dr. But it was me, myself who went and changed the dose of my pain meds and within two or three weeks I could hardley walk, my had got so stiff I could not bend 3 of my fingers, just to mention a few of what happened to me. Naturally I went back to my original dose but it took another 2 or 3 weeks to start to settle down!!! All together 2 mos. Later I am out of bed, walking around the house and my fingers are just starting to bend. I really put myself into some kind of pain, so I just wanted to tell your viewers please do not change your dose of medication without talking to your Dr. I really made a big mistake!!! Thank you for all of your help, you are very kind!!! Hugs and love to you!!!! Joannie🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🐶🐶🐶🐺🐺🐺

  16. Hello I have been taking this medicine for two days for Depression and insomnia . Does it have annoying symptoms and is it addictive?

  17. Took that crap one time and i thought i was gonna die you couldn't pay me a million dollars to take another one

  18. I was given that 100mg at bed. I thought I was gonna die and was taken to ER next day. The doctor explained to me that “ the mad hatter took amitripline” that’s why he was nuts. Anyways… I took it fell asleep woke up at 12 am heart bounding out my chest and also I thought I heard music in my head I couldn’t get out of bed I was so heavy the next day I felt like I was in a movie in a weird high and my heart was racing so my husband took me to E R they told me I had allergic reaction to it. Scary. I hate that stuff

  19. I found that amatryptaline did make me feel happier but I also took it while doing big amounts of walking but I did find my mood change alot, I suffer bad with depression and have done for alot of years I was once 176 kg and managed to drop down to 89 kg but then started to rise again and it got me down more than anything but these in conjunction with walking long distances made it much more tolerable

  20. Great video! Thanks ! Hope your kerping well , i have a slipped disc in my lower back, im on antiinflammatories for that, and now im on amytriptilene because im getting nerve pain in my head, its a nightmare grr$#@&* , anybody know what i can take for it naturally, ( not weed etc ) thanks

  21. I felt my bladder feeling full when I take it almost like no relief when I used the rest room but once I missed a dose I pissed like a race horse.this pill put weight on me before getting on I was once 105 to 115 now I'm 130lbs ive notice in the am my vision is blurry and I can't remember much but I could say I have good dreams good my nightmares.i also have a dry mouth that cost some tooth decay this med will mess your teeth right up.

  22. I'm new to your channel and I must say it's so far my favorite. I say this because you are very aware that everyone is different and reacts to meds differently. I was diagnosed in the 90's and have been on several different medications however the one that I have been on the longest is Amitryptaline. I'm sure I misspelled it lol. My fibro has progressed at a slow rate I think anyway. But in the last 5 years I have become the worst I have ever been and didn't know how bad it could get. When I hit my 50's I have started asking myself just how I'm going to be able to handle pain greater than what it is now. I have gone through the natural phase so I my body didn't endure these meds. Then the phase of just " sucking it up " everyone has pain. Of course that came from people or doctors who never had anything more than a hangnail. Now I listen to MY body. I'm on neurontin, amitryptaline, and low dose methadone. That's what works for me right now. I've tried lyrica and I can't take it. I've been on other opioids and you have to take those so many times per day. Once I listened to my Dr and allowed the medicine to get into my system I don't even feel like I've taken it anymore except that my pain is tolerable. But everyone has to find what works for them at the stage of fibro they are in. Sorry this is so long.

  23. with medication you are between a rock and a hard place. Amitripyline does help with pain but it made me sleep a lot. Had trouble waking up felt like i had being run over by a bus. took most of the morning to wake up. My pain was so bad that the stress of coping with the pain was sending me into deep waters where I thought I would never recover emotionally.It saved me but I was off work for 7 years.Now I am much older and was changed to norpress.The side effects are terrible. Its taken 3 years to cope with them. I need medication but being aware of how to manage it is on going. for me.Know one understands what a battle we have every day. One day we will rest in heaven and be pain free. Can not wait really.

  24. Get off Amitriptyline…you want to be a zombie or enjoy life? My sister in law is coming off it…all she wanted to do is sleep….doctors put people on drugs, they get PAID for pushing drugs….simple as that….

  25. I'm having a hard time sleeping, due to spine issues, so I told my dr. & he prescribed amitriptaline. I didn't even pick it up at the pharmacy. CBD oil might be the thing for me. I might give that a try. I don't want my brain chemistry messed with. SSRI's can really reek havoc on your entire system. My daughter took Zoloft for several months and it raised her blood pressure to scary heights. She's in her 20's.

  26. For anyone to takes medication for depression

    It’s only helping you to mask stresses by being too immobile to react. Depression is a lack of lifestyle freedom, resulting in poor serotonin release. Get up and attack your issues rather than pretending they aren’t there.

  27. I was put on it for pain. It’s fixed the pain so I can work on healing the injury but the side effects have not been fun!

  28. I've just started this last night my doctor has given it to me for sleep it didn't really help for sleep but I know it takes time … And I do deal with anxiety and depression insomnia and derealization so hope it helps just gotta stay positive iv already tried like 4 or 5 different antidepressants hope everyone finds the right meds to get well and must say you are beautiful lady

  29. . Amitriptyline Death & Brain Injury Lawsuit

    Research in the UK suggests that the antidepressant amitriptyline hydrochloride—sold under the brand names Elavil, Endep, Vanatrip, Amitid, Amitril, Tryptizol, Laroxyl, Sarotex, Lentizol, and as generic amitryptyline—might cause reduced brain function and death in the elderly. The Rottenstein Law Group compassionately advocates for those who have suffered serious adverse amitriptyline side effects. If you (or a family member) has taken amitriptyline and believe it harmed you, contact RLG for a free, confidential legal consultation immediately.

  30. Who is this lady? She appears very bleary-eyed. Is she an authority on medications? A friend of mine, who's taking a 150mg dose of Amitriptyline daily, has told me that it has removed all his PN (peripheral neuropathy) pain. My own GP has informed me that while this drug USED to be prescribed for depression, its use today is to treat nerve pain. Many drugs, including this, can have the side effect of tiredness. Well worth the while to research any drug on authoritative sites such as NHS in the UK, or Mayo Clinic in the USA, and, of course, to ask your doctor. Best wishes to all.

  31. I have been on it now for about two weeks, and my restless leg has gone away, but now I cannot taste anything, and my tongue feels numb and almost burnt at times. Hopefully it will go away as my body becomes adjusted to it. We shall see.

  32. Yes I know that drug its given to fibromyalgia suffers. It's approved and the pain clinics do talk about taking it. It goes with all the other medications. I have been taking it for a while now, my doctor kept me on one dose. It does help but its different in everyone. We can't have cannabis its agains the law here. I have heard it does work. But its just what the doctor prescribe that we can take. As all medication it works for a while and then it does not. Chronic pain is bad And when you want to relax and get some sleep. My doctor told me all my medication is Posen. But he said I am in bad pain so I have to take my meds. We just have to muddle through. And do our best to be happy even when we are in so much pain. Thank you fibro mom. 😊❤👍

  33. I took this for 20 years and was cold turkey by a doctor she thought it was a good idea to swap it over to remeron . Bad move hardly slept since.

  34. I was on this drug for more than 10 years at a dosage of 175 by the end of it it almost killed me…. I suffered for quite some time not taking it and kicking it and getting it out of my system and to be honest with you I almost died… this drug is a trap !!!!! The withdrawals almost killed me ….I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy…. I've been off of it for a few months now and I feel better than I've ever felt in years…. this drug messed with my mind and my stomach…. if you're ever refer to amitriptyline I suggest you turn and run !!!!!!!

  35. I was diagnosed with FND 4 month ago and was put on Amitriptyline up to 75mg after 3 month. I decided to stay at 50mg. I find it really helps me sleep and like a previous reply i also found it hard to wake. This has improved and i didn't realise the depth of my deppression until i started to feel like my old self. As for the FND it's not really done much. I've decided to stay on the medication.

  36. Hi Evie, I take 25 mg of Amitriptylin every night also known as Elavil; but I also take like 40 mg of fluoxetine also known as Prozac. Untop of my other meds prescribed by doctor. I am glad I watched this video.

  37. In my opinion, Amitripyline, is bad news!
    It gave me 20 + years of grief, and brought me to the brink of suicide!
    It was originally prescribed by a stupid doctor for insomnia, caused by excessive stress in my life.
    It was totally inappropriate!
    Some years later, I had experienced panic attacks, vertigo, and constant tiredness, combined with all over body aches,
    like having the Flu, not for days, weeks, or months, but YEARS!
    Eventually, I had felt so rotten and miserable, for so long, the pleasure centres in my brain had shut down, so NOTHING gave me any pleasure. I was also experiencing constant excruciating muscle cramps. Some mornings I could not get out of bed, because the moment I tried to move my legs, ALL my leg muscles locked up into cramps.
    My life was total misery!
    One morning, I was sat at my breakfast table, trying to remember how to tie a hangman's noose!
    My friend and neighbour entered, and held up a small bottle of St. Johns Wort.
    So I started taking some. I felt better. Just a little!
    So, I thought, ''Oh, I can get better!''
    Previous visits to my stupid doctor had resulted in a prescription for multivitamins.
    So I then started researching ''Depression'' and eventually found 'Serotonin deficiency depression.' The clincher, was what they called ''muscle spasms'' or in normal terms, cramps!
    At the same time I found serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. My immediate thought was, ''I wouldn't want to take those, because they block mono-amine octase, and the body would respond by increasing its output, so that when you stopped the drug, it would wipe out ALL your serotonin.''
    The next morning when I awoke, my first thought was, ''What the fuck was that Amitripyline.?''
    I immediately got on line and checked it out, and yes, it was a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor.
    I cured my problem with a combination of St Johns Wort, and 5HTP, a substance that the body uses to produce Serotonin.
    It took several years, but eventually, my body reacted to the St Johns Wort, by giving me a slight rash, so I stopped that, but continued with the 5HTP for a year or two more.
    As an aside, in the early stages of my problem, I got a craving for almonds and dates, and was eating them by the handful, daily.
    I later found that they were considered helpful for alleviating serotonin deficiency. So, my body knew what it needed, and effectively told me.
    My advice to anyone who is prescribed an SRI, is, flush it down the LOO!
    NO ONE has ever been cured of anything by taking psychiatric drugs, ever! They are not designed to cure, but to make the victim dependant on those drugs, so the ''Big Pharma'' can make its profits from their misery for the rest of their lives.
    This may have some pertinent information.

  38. It works for that horrible burning stabbing pain but not so mich for chronic back pain. Take it 2 hours before bed and you will sleep like a baby. Only side effect i get is dry mouth. It works well for me.

  39. It's not been proven that people with fibromyalgia lack serotonin. Doctors just go that route to give you something. They don't know what causes it yet. I've tried tricyclics. They made me depressed oddly enough and did nothing for pain.

  40. Don’t take this medication. It ruined my fucking life. It caused me to have excessive ,sweating SEVERE tinnitus, I can’t cry anymore, my vision is RUINED, I have tons of visual disturbances, it’s fucking awful. DO NOT TAKE IT. You don’t need it!!!!!!! It will just cause you more problems.

  41. I take Amitriptyline and it helps me sleep and helps the legs spasms. I cannot take Gabapentin because it causes severe tremors like Parkinson's. My Dr has prescribed Savella now but my insurance doesn't cover it and I am afraid it may cause tremors too. I have 4 Autoimmune Diseases and many symptoms overlap those of Fibromyalgia. I was just diagnosed with Fibro a couple days ago so just trying to learn more about it.

  42. After many years on tramadol I’m on oxycodon for six months now and the side affects I get are that I can’t sleep anymore. Since yesterday they gave me this drug and it was the first night in six months that I have slept all night and went to bed early. It really helped me out and also I use less oxycodon now. Now I hear it’s called the devils drug? I’m starting to freak out because I hate medication and for the biggest part of my life I’ve learned to live with the pain. But last two years the pain is unbearable so I had no other option to start using drugs.

  43. I started out on 25mg amitriptylin to get off opioids, doctor then raised the Dose to 50mg, weeks later I began hallucinating, so bad when I woke up in the morning, that I would fall out of bed trying to get away from the hallucinations. Now I just keep my eyes closed for about a minute until then they are gone. scary stuff.

  44. This junk helped me but it made me fat. Now everyone has something to say about my body. Like a screwed up cycle. It’s a lose lose.

  45. Am I the only one who feels these doctors are the same as the dealers? Drs have given me so many different drugs that really mess me up. I wasn’t trying to hallucinate or break out in hives or become suicidal… just trying to help my mood disorders. I’ve experimented as a teen with some street drugs. They have nothing on these doctor drugs.

  46. I was prescribed this for tension headaches that cause me head pain for months (10mg). Takes it away with one or two pills and I am good for at least a couple of weeks. I also wake up feeling sooo well rested. I don't take it if I have to wake up to an alarm because I know I will be in a deep sleep. It's a miracle worker for me personally.

  47. These comments are so weird to me. I've been taking 150mg at night for, 25? 30? years. I can't imagine living without it. Maybe I can't imagine not taking it and still living… An interesting conumdrum.
    or however the fuck you spell it.

  48. I take this med for trigeminal neuralgia. But the side effects …. I have been lucky. The only one I get is the sleepiness and what I call medicine hangover because I don't drink

  49. I noticed you didn’t have the greatest experience with zoloft either. Im still somehow managing to be on zoloft. But honestly its been hell these last 5 months. I kinda want to switch to like Celexa or something. How would I tell my doctor… would they even switch me simply bc I do not like my current antidepressants or would I have to have a reason?

  50. I took my first dose yesterday at 430 pm I woke up felling awesome at 600am it made me sleep that’s the bad part I never sleep like that I passed the hell pout

  51. I had a car accident when I was 20 yrs where I fractured 3 throactic vertabra I have osteoarthritis and compressed discs bulging disc, degenerative disc disease bone spurs I am now now 58 yrs old. I am taking go Neurontin, Percocet 10- 3 .25, I also have high blood pressure so I take bystolic, hyzar, and creator for high cholesterol I already take Pristiq for depression and now my doctor is wanting to put me on nortriptyline to help with pain at night but after reading all the side effects and seeing what others are saying about how it's affecting them plus already being on so much medication I'm scared of taking it…any suggestions

  52. soo why does that stuff never work for me? took citalopram..didn't notice anything besides side effects in the beginning. Same thing with Amitriptyline.. The only thing i noticed was that i was confused and veeeery tired after i've had forgotten to take them for 3 days at a festival 😀 Besides that it doesn't seem to do anything.
    i take them because of backpain and depression

  53. I tried the 1st tablet yesterday and it's the worst prescription.. I still feel the side effects till the moment.. I won't take it again

  54. I was told Not to read the side effects. I didn't. But the side effects I DID get were SO random and terrible….i bit my tongue nightly and could barely eat, sweat buckets at night, had terrible dreams, high blood pressure so much so that the doc wanted to put me on blood pressure meds to counter the med (?!) And I gained 20 flippin pounds in 3 months! I am only 5ft tall. My legs and arms twitched all the time too. What sucked, was that it DID help my pain. But i had to get off it. I was a rare one who gained weight and had edema. Puffy legs that dented when I pressed on them. Such a mess!!!

  55. CBD should be legal right? I have degenerative Disc disease, spinal injuries and surgeries. My 5th concussion in my 41 years and now I’m dealing with Post Concussion syndrome. I do have a medical marijuana card but use more CBD since the head injury and it helps. The THC Marijuana I barely use because of dizziness. Anyhoo was prescribed this last Friday and been having cramps since. Yesterday I had a flu bug, but it wasnt like a normal flu. MY fingers and to my toes hurt. My mom has Rheumatoid Arthritis and the way she described it, was what it felt like. This so called flu lasted from 5 am to 12 am.. it just went away

  56. Amitriptyline is fantastic for me currently on 50mg but going up to 60mg tonight. I have fibromyalgia. I’ve been on this one for over a decade. Sending best wishes from Scotland.

  57. Take Pregabalin & Ritalin. 1 × 10mg Ritalin & 1 × Pregabalin 75mg. That's all you need/day once a day. That does wonders!

  58. I wanted something to help me forget that I'm gay and have AIDS. This didn't work. It made things worse.

  59. Take kratom.
    ive tried everything and kratom works wonders for my pain,anxiety and mood 3 5gram doses a day but start off slow with 2-3 grams twice a day then go from there . cheers!

  60. My Neurologist put me on this drug for Migraines. Did not work me . Plus it gave me ( now this is just me) horrible acne. It helped with sleep but that's it. I did not continue with this medication. Everyone is different and reacts differently. I just have to pin point my migraine triggers and go from there. Thank you uploading your video and i wish everyone well.

  61. I'm on 40 mg amitriptyline save my life with lyrica I was in so much pain I was bedridden can't do anything every day when I woke up I wonder when the day end so I can go back to sleep and not feeling that horrible pain…no for the most day time I'm pai free ! I got my life back ! And can do normal activities again

  62. Amitriptyline 10 mg was my first fibro med. It helped calm down the auditory stimulation overload, but that was it. The doctor switched me to cymbalta. I'm at 60 mg now. The fatigue is still unreal, but I'm hesitant to add much more.
    Thank you for your videos! I'm a new subscriber.

  63. I think it’s what’s caused my hair loss and extremely itchy scalp
    I have nerve damage from tmj disorder and my nerves didn’t recover from wisdom teeth removal. I’m stuck. I can’t stop taking it

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