(upbeat music) Anxiety – There’s generalized anxiety, which is worrying about everything, kind of overwhelms your life. There’s more specific anxieties, like phobias are a form of anxiety. Which is a specific fear of something, in which the fear is irrational. For example, fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of clowns. There are anxieties that
are related to experiences that people have had, like
post-traumatic stress, can be though of as a form of anxiety. Many of the symptoms are
emotional, feeling nervous, anxious, a sense of doom, worry, a lot of physical symptoms
are associated with anxieties. Including rapid heart
rate, rapid breathing, sweaty palms, butterflies in
the stomach, muscle aches. (upbeat music) What Should Someone Seek
Treatment for Anxiety? When it becomes a problem for you. Almost any diagnosis in psychiatry, one of the defining factors,
is that it interferes with your ability to enjoy your
life, to work in your life, to do your education, to
basically function in your life. So if, a particular
symptom or symptom set, is interfering with your
ability to live your life, then it may be time to see somebody. (upbeat music) Treatments for Anxiety Most of the time, we take
a two-pronged approach with most mental health disorders. One of those is medication,
medication management. Some of the common medications
that are used for anxiety are the antidepressants actually. There are some antianxiety medications that are non-addicting,
that can be used long term. In very short term, there
are some medications that can be used for maybe a week or so, to help with anxiety. Therapy is another excellent option. Seeing a good therapist to work on the source of the anxiety,
how anxiety’s affecting you and some techniques,
some thought processes, some behavioral processes,
that you can engage in that may help reduce your anxiety. If the anxiety’s
interfering with your life, go talk to someone about it. (upbeat music)

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