So recently I came across an article about a new application called Koko. What caught my attention is that Koko wants to help you deal with stress and cope with problems in a very unique way that I haven’t seen before. Koko is a mobile social network focused on mental health that launched on December 16. The app was developed by scientists of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The key idea is that when you have a problem that stresses you, you can share it anonymously and let people give you advice. It works like this: First you choose a topic like school, family, work, relationships. Then Koko asks you to describe your problem in two to three sentences. The next step is to describe the most negative thoughts, the worst outcome of your worries in only one sentence. This lets you focus entirely on the core of your problem and structure your thoughts. After you post your thoughts, they will be visible on your anonymous profile. For other users the post will show up as a card that they can swipe through like on tinder. For every card the users can decide whether they want or feel able to help or not. Once they decide to address the issue they click on the pink “Help Rethink” button and share their thoughts on how the situation can be viewed in a more positive way. The responses can be upvoted in a reddit-like manner to increase the visibility of the most helpful comments. Can we crowdsource the treatment of stress and anxiety? The inventors of Koko at the MIT say yes. They have done randomized trials and many tests in advance to the launch. A link to a study testing the efficacy of the application is linked in the description below this video. On the website it says: Koko is based on the simple idea that we can be stronger together. Together, we can tame our thoughts, build resilience, and learn to stay calm and collected in the face of any stress. The Koko community already has thousands of active members from over 70 countries. If you would like to get more information on this topic, I will also link the website of Koko and the article I read below..

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  1. I've found this app to be immensely helpful! Their whole concept focuses around "rethinking" your current view. When we get into the habit of seeing our problems from a different standpoint, our outcomes can change drastically.

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