Are you DEPRESSED? Watch this! – S2 Ep 3

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  1. आपके हर एपिसोड का बेसब्री से इंतजार रहता है क्यों कि हर एपिसोड कुछ ना कुछ सिखाता है।धन्यवाद

  2. M guzrrr chuki hu iss stage se…😓😓
    My age was 23 only…at that time
    Aftr 1 year.. I overcome from it
    Eyes n bad thoughts always in my eyes…!!

  3. Intelligent is depression in itself.
    One thing is lost in happens everybody's life.

  4. A Poet is always psychological strong.he/she can control himself and padam sir is a good poet so he can .

  5. Depression is not a disease. It's created by self. 😀Hallucination,Imagination, & Overthinking r the terms used 4 depression.

  6. To be or not be
    That's the Question
    Is it nobler in Mind, to suffer the arrows & Slings of Outrageous Misfortune
    or to take Arms Against sea of Troubles😊

  7. I need the contact info of dr. Vani who treated him. My father is going through this phase. my mother and my siblings are worried Bout him. I have never seen him like dis. Suddenly he has changed totally. I need an urgent guidance. Plz send me d details on my email id [email protected]

  8. I suffered minor depression after my mother expired in 2015

    But last year since my father left us I was under tremendous depression till last month… developed in to kind of schizophrenia , paranoia.

    Of late I am doing well.

    Only remedy is to talk about it ….talk with right people…and admit it ….yes u r depressed.

  9. पदम जी काफी कुछ ऐसा बोल रहे हैं
    जिसमें मैं अपने आप को देख रहा हूँ॥

  10. saare symptoms mai se last second wala ni hai baaki sab to ander he hai XDXDXDXD
    lekin lagta ni ki mai depressed hun bas concentration ka bada jhol hai wo ni ho paata aache se padhai ke time 😛

  11. लोगों की जिंदगी में इतने गहराई से कभी किसी को जाते नहीं देखो….. ऋचा आप सच में एक महान कार्य में लगे हैं……. सदैव ऐसे ही लगे रहे…..

  12. Dear Richa, you are my best sister or may be Beti. You are so attractive like a magnet. I don't have words to express myself. I am 70 years old & an IIT & IIM graduate & also admire young Betis like you who are fighters. You are giving extremely good programme. Pl let me know on which channel it will be aired & what time. Best regards,lots of love & best wishes for your programme. God bless u

  13. What if he turned out to be an even better actor at hiding his depression over a period of time.This is scary.
    Depression is like black hole.It sucks all your positivity and dreams into a deep rooted negativity.
    People needs to be more vocal about it.

  14. I have tears in my eyes…may be because I can totally relate to his journey. Went through this so many times ….but this time I'm finding it difficult to come out this situation. true being depressed is not in our hands. my prayers for all those who r in this kind of situation. pls pary for me too🙏🙏

  15. Depression me morning me uthana aur social media se dur rahna..Logo se ghule mile…Koi kya soche ga ye na soche
    Busy rahe ..

  16. I am crying..Omg after watching i am big fan of padamjeet ji..i never know befor about him.who is he.actully i can't describe in word.bu he is amazing parson amd very very very very extremely talented.his mom is right.he is real fighter..i wish you are making more vedios with are such a inspirational..

  17. केंसर से भी ज्यादा दर्दनाक है ये अवसाद की अवस्था , मैं गुजर चुका हूँ खुद से घृणा हो जाये यार बहुत ही भयानक अनुभव, भगवान न करें किसी और पर यह गुजरे

  18. 5साल गुजर गये depression me … jung जारी है खुद की खुद से

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