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  1. (In DBZ announcer voice) On the next episode of ASMR Cashier Roleplay:
    The date continues to aisle 8. Shampoo,bath and lotions. Will the Customer find the perfect shampoo? Will the Cashier suggest another aisle? Will this relationship bloom? Find out next time on ASMR Cashier Roleplay.

  2. This actually brings back memories for me because I used to do this sort of thing all the time during the height of my depression except my “snacks” were usually booze and most of the time I didn’t have much of a conversation with the cashier. This went on for like 2-3 years and I would binge drink like fucking crazy basically everyday usually until I blacked out. I guess that’s what happens when my mind gets so bleak and negative that I don’t really care anymore. When it was a it’s worst I went the liquor store once or sometimes even twice a day. The amount of hard liquor I consumed during this time was absolutely horrendous. Watching this makes me glad I’m not doing it anymore (although I need to remember that it’s possible I could relapse, which happened a few times.) It was a really hard time but after everything that happened I’m glad that I’m still here and even though I’m still not perfect I’m a hell of a lot better than I used to be and I can definitely thank asmrtists like you for helping me out with it. Your content made a positive difference in my life so thanks for making that positive difference and thanks for making this video Bekah, it honestly makes me feel better about myself. Have yourself a wonderful day!

  3. Helplessness is what I feel, no one can fix they way I feel. I have stopped asking for help because all it does us lead to resentment 😣

  4. I know it sounds weird but it’s just so humanizing when ASMRtists curse. Like somehow it switches my brain from thinking “oh this is the bodyless voice that helps me fall asleep at night” and turns it into “omg this is another human!” and that feeling of human connection just makes it so much nicer tbh.

  5. So relaxing, but in reality if someone gave a speech about each item i bought, i would probably say my wallet was in my car and get the hell out

  6. I only watch a handful of the larger channels because I like to support the little guys and there's only so much time in the day…but when it comes to your channel, I can't stay away. Every video you do is so enjoyable to sit down and relax to. Have a great day.

  7. Enjoy eating all of those "props" you had to buy. I.e. The REAL reason you were excited about this video idea (^_-)

  8. هاي شبيها مو هيج المساج الصوتي جنها جايه على جارتها تاخذ سلفه

  9. You seem to really enjoy what you're doing. And I think people pick up on that which makes your videos even better. I hope you make more videos like this.

  10. Amazing video Bekah! I know you have dealt with a lot of struggles and what you are saying doesn't remind me of my niece, it reminds me of me. If I was the guy down the street who was one of those always fixing my car, (not sure if you have one of those in the neighborhood) I would hope that you would stop by anytime you wanted to talk or were just feeling like you wanted to know that someone understands. I was dignosed with depression at age 14. Anxiety soon to follow. Fam didn't want to hear it. Can you imagine how many times I was told to "shape up" or get my shit together? Ugh. I hid it successfully from everyone around me including family for 8 years. At 22 I had heart failure and ended up in the hospital. All cans of worms opened that day. Long story short, just hate to think anyone is suffering in silence or alone cuz I know all too well what that's like! <3 ya Bekah! Take care!

  11. This, is the most mature, intense and honest ASMR video I’ve ever seen… seeing her talking things related to depression in a very honest and direct way… it takes me by surprise; it may be, in other words, my most favourite video related to ASMR Ever

  12. I go out for coffee once a week to help stave off cabin fever. It’s nice to read and be surrounded by people even if your not interacting with them. Great video btw.

  13. this video has the perfect balance of dark humor and being real. everyone has a need to feel connected to other people, even awkward cashiers with a tendency to overshare 😀

  14. While I certainly wouldn’t mind if YOU were my cashier, this really just made me paranoid about cashiers judging my purchases now…

  15. Kudos for the depression tips I’d never thought of before. Going to buy some dry shampoo and wipes! Any recommendations?

  16. HER: talks for 20 mins while scanning 12 items

    ME: asleep in the checkout line

    CUSTOMER BEHIND ME: "I'm gonna need to speak with the manager"


  17. Haha I love this one! Literally everything is so relatable! thank you! If more cashiers were like this, life would be so much easier xD

  18. This made me feel so good. The way you're so open about mental health is awesome. We need more stuff like this on here and you're definitely the person to do it 💙💙💙

  19. I wish I had a friend like this where we could have a after night depression pact and talk about depression foods. Like you don’t die, I don’t die, it’s all great.

  20. I literally was watching this at 3am and didn't fully read the title, so when you said "It's 3am" I almost believed you were omniscient.

  21. I work at a grocery store. I’m a cashier at a Sprouts farmers market. It’s a really cool job sometimes. I talk to so many people in a day and the I’m grateful for the relationships I have with some of my regulars.

    There’s one girl in particular that comes in at the same time a couple nights a week. I’m usually on the closing shift so she always comes through my line. We usually talk about how her job sucks or how I hate closing, and we joke around and share laughs. Recently she told me that she struggles with depression and it absolutely broke my heart. She said that seeing me was one of the best parts of her week and she always looks forward to it whenever she comes in. I told her I felt the same way about her.

    After she left, I realized I didn’t even know her name. But that’s okay. The fact that me being a cashier led me to be a special person in someone’s life is crazy to me. But I love it.

  22. This video was so sweet. 🙂 I also kind of forgot I was even watching a video at one point. X) I would absolutely love it if I ran into someone like you at a convenience store. Also, I like the no death pact. My friend and I actually made one. It's good stuff.

    I wish you well. Hugs you back

  23. I liked how real this particular one was. I've had a 3 am trip to a Subway where I interrupted a group smoke break, and I just joined them and shot the real shit for a while, before they made me the greatest sandwich I've ever had. There's unmatched humanity in moments like these.

  24. Intento disfrutar el video pero siempre que escucho la palabra depresion, me llega una lluvia de memorias de mi horrible pasado. Y no puedo olvidarlo :C.No se porque me aferro tanto a estas memorias, pero aun asi difruto de estos videos que me hacen olvidar de esta maldicion que tengo.

  25. Cashier: *Holds up cookie dough* "Death is coming."
    *leans closer and whispers* "Death is coming."
    -Alright is this some sort of a sign or something?
    Cashier: *Holds up a packet of cosmic brownies* "Death is coming."
    -Well, now I'm afraid to leave the store

  26. I feel awkward talking about my depression to people so it's nice to have a chill depressed cashier to vibe with 😅 #DeathIsComing

  27. Damn, if a cashier started talking like that about her depressing life I would grab her by the arm and take her on a vacation to cheer her up.

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