ASMR For Angry Boy Friend,Making Oats Milk For Him On Valentine Day (Full Of Triggers)

Hey don’t forget to click my channel recommendation for you today Hey finally you are here how are you? You again angry with me. This is not good Why you always remain angry with me Would you like to have some drink coffee or some tea? No? Then how can I get your mood okay? Aey tell me What can I do for you? Oooo You are not in a mood to talk with me Okay I have something special for you I just have learnt a special recipe If you like I will make a special drink for you something very special for you let’s see and i hope after drinking that drink you will let me bring that for you Do you know what I bring for you today This is oats packet I’m going to make oats milk for you because its the latest trendy, ———— trendy plant based milk on the scene right now I am going into kitchen into the kitchen If you remain angry after drinking this I will also be angry with you The expert was saying not to soak oats so I am not soaking it but I am just washing it I’m going to strain it I’m trying to add some pistachio Do check the taste before giving it to your boy friend Hi dear I am back for you Would you like to try what I have made Drink First I take? You don’t trust me You want more? okay Thank God smile on your face How do you like? You like it very much Thank you but because I was making it for the first time So next time i will make it more better for you if you promise not to get angry with me Its so digestive and such a good feeling after drinking it so give me your glass Do you like one more glass? Both glasses were filled Now both are empty

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