Hi dear happy to see you again and you have a new friend with you today hello Welcome to heart to heart ASMR Zindagi Sultan Please be seated So dear glad to hear thisit’s really hopeful to hear that you are doing great but I also hope You are regularly applying 9 simple steps to give yourself a positive uplift positivity boost which you had promised that day oh wonderful Wonderful person you are So you are here today for? You friend wants to know about meditation Okay relaxation, meditation Everything about meditation? good no problem we will we will discuss step by step and what is he saying in your ear? okay got it you also want to see and you are curious about what kind of tapping I was doing when you just arrived here I think I have been taking too much care of you guys and you want to take unfair advantage no dear i was just kidding you’re always welcome I’ll show you today tapping, scratching but mostly tapping and it will be a different tapping altogether so let’s talk about meditation first about the benefits about the scientific studies researches we can talk later but today I will give you some very easy meditation technique Okay? some people have made meditation a kind of complicated it’s very simple what? what are the benefits of meditation? what you will get from meditation? okay okay please sit calmly the way you are sitting is okay no need to sit in a lotus position or things like that just sit on the chair your back and head should be you know in alignment your back should be erected take a breath while enhaling count 4 hold your breath for the count of 4 and exhale counting 4 just 5 or 6 minutes so you—-, how you are feeling now? yes that’s the biggest advantage of meditation if you will just do this breathing technique just 5 minutes daily start with 2 minutes, start with 3 minutes and then expand from 5-10 to 15 to 20 to 25 then 30 minutes it will give you soooooooooo much soothing effect and calmness that you that you will be amazed meditation will change your life for ever Almost every successful person on Earth do meditation these days this is such a powerful tool these boxes are medicine boxes So are you ready? I hope you have enjoyed you guys now take rest have a nice sleep but don’t forget to breathe regularly alweays focus on your breathing and if you are my friend you have to tell me whet hr you have started meditation or not? if yes what kind of and how many times? and if not Iam not your friend No I am still your friend But I also want your betterment do meditation just start give it a try and you will say Zee you are right

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  1. I ve noticed in your videos that you really want your audience to meditate regularly. I am also a strong believer of meditation. it can change your whole life. meditation can make you a totally different person. You said right that most of the successful people are regularly doing meditation..

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