Axon Optics Review | “I have not suffered a migraine since purchase” | Lena Frame for Work

Hi, my name is Emma. I have been a chronic migraine sufferer since I was about seven years old I get probably For a week if not more. I started working a job where I was under fluorescent lights all the time and was getting Debilitating migraines every time I went to work and so I did some research and found these migraine glasses I ordered a pair about 4 months ago and have worn them everyday I’ve worked since then and have not suffered a migraine since I purchased them which is probably the first time that I’ve gotten Any number of months without suffering a migraine as long as I can remember basically my whole life They’re really comfortable. They’re really fashionable. Everybody thinks that they’re super cute and I was a compliment on them But best of all, they really do their job and they really do Stop you from getting migraine. So if people are a chronic migraine sufferer, you should definitely get a pair. Thanks

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