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Welcome to Jeju Island and
you’re watching 챙겨보는 Silver TV. I’d like to share some ways to overcome
depression or depressive symptoms today. Let me start my depression story. The
City of Chicago that I lived is a well-known city with a lot of wind, short
summers, and a gloomy atmosphere as well as numerous landmarks. It has a typical
cold and dark color of a big city’s own. That’s why it is often used as a
background for the dark side of the metropolis in Hollywood movies. The
Batman series is one of them. If Gotham City existed, it’ll be very similar to
Chicago night. Another notorious attraction of Chicago is its winter. Very
long and freezing. It gets dark around from 4:00 or 5:00 p.m already. Long nights, long winter and dull city. Perfect conditions to be blue. Sensitive people
like me are likely to be affected by it. But most of the time you feel you are
depressed could be explained that you don’t have depression, but a certain
depressive symptom. Most of those cases will be diagnosed as depressive symptoms with the results of the screening by DSM or something. Let me introduce CBT which could be applied widely from mild depressive symptoms to severe
depression. It is a method using cognitive behavior theory. In this method,
it is very important that we focus on our cognition and behavior because the human body is closely intertwined with body, mind and spirit. That’s why we used to
advise some suffering from depression such as enjoy a lot of sunshine as
possible, walk a lot as possible, reduce time spent alone and eat well and sleep
well. It is more important to reduce time being alone and eat and sleep well than
anything else because if you suffer from depression, the next thing comes up is
a suicidal idea following insomnia. It is also very effective to make a
checklist and do what you have to if you need it. After all, it is to normalize the
physical rhythms artificially that are broken or depressed. You should keep in
mind that no alcohol is allowed. Alcohol only boosts depression. It is not
cheering you up ultimately. In particular, depression in older people
is somewhat different than depression in the younger generation. I have two
things for you. Being alone is the cause of depression.
Reduce your time being alone as much as possible. Getting older, we get sick. It
makes us take a lot of medicine. Some of these drugs are inevitably
accompanied by depression. Therefore, judging depressive symptoms and
depression for seniors requires more careful observation and determination. you

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