Beautiful Self Harm Cover Up | A Tattoo To Change Your Life

When I look at my scars, it does make me sad
that I could do that to myself. Covering up my scar, it’s
a step towards being able to be comfortable with
having my arms out in public, and not worried about making someone
else feel uncomfortable. People definitely underestimate
the impact a tattoo can have on someone’s life. To them, it’s just a tattoo. But they don’t understand
the personal battle that person may have fought to just
get through it, and then get that tattoo
to close the chapter. The first time I realised
I could help people with tattooing was when someone approached me
who had self-harm scarring. I’d say around 70% of all
my work at the minute is covering over people’s scars. Hiya. Hiya, Poppy, nice to meet you. I think having my own personal
struggles with my mental health is a massive part of why
I want to help other people. If you’re able to help
people along to feel that just little bit of extra confidence
when they wake up in the morning, then that is what it is all about. Um, I was looking to
cover some of my self-harm scars with a lily of the valley flower.
Yes? I kind of want to put that
part of my life to rest. OK. It’s going to be very
special to you, so I am really excited to
make it for you. I’m Victoria, I’m 18,
and I’m from London. I was always a very shy child. At the age of ten is when I kind
of started to not feel happy and very kind of down all the time. I came home from school one day
and just was so stressed out and had so many emotions
kind of built up inside of me that I needed a release. And I’d heard about self-harm
online, so I did it. I felt a sense of relief. It went from once a week, to once
every other day, to every day. I would do it on my arms,
both of them, my upper legs and my torso as well. I had one razor that I used
and I would just do it, and then clean up,
and then be done for the day. Right, let’s have a look. Yes,
I think at a slight angle as well. So, obviously, when you drop
your arm, your T-shirt’s over it. It’s just going to have, like,
a little bit peeking out. Yeah. But you’re scarring is just going to
be covered up in this middle part here. The tattoo that I am getting is a
lily of the valley, which is my birth
flower for the month of May and also symbolises the coming of
happiness. It’s perfect.
It’s just the right size, yeah. It’s a reminder that
I was born for a reason, and I’m still here for a reason. And it symbolises the turning of a
new page. It’s perfect. I love it. THEY LAUGH She seems a little nervous
but that, that’s normal. If you need a break or anything,
just say. At 11 years old, after about four
months of self-harming, my PE teacher pulled me
aside after a PE lesson and said, “I saw the cuts on your arm. “You need to see the
school counsellor.” For me, personally,
I was always worried about being a disappointment to my mum
and letting her down. I did have regular suicidal thoughts throughout my whole
time of depression. I had a few times where
I tried to overdose. Just seeing how hurt my mum was that
I was doing that to myself, and that I didn’t
feel like I could talk to anyone, was my motivation to not do it
any more because I’d spent all
those years keeping it to myself out of fear of disappointing my mum. So then I didn’t want to let
her down again. That was the point
when I started opening up and… really kind of trying to make
sense of how I feel and sharing it with my mum
and professionals. I’ve heard so many times,
“Oh, just pull yourself together.” Just be happy. “Oh, cheer up,
it might not ever happen.” It’s, “Sorry, but don’t you think
I haven’t tried that?” Yeah. The first time I decided that
I wanted to be a doctor was when I spent three weeks living
with a family in Nicaragua where the mother was a doctor and both of the kids were
medical students. And that was the first time that
I felt a reason to keep going and felt a purpose. I’m worried about making a patient
feel uncomfortable, which is never something that any
doctor would want. You know that if someone is going
to be looking at it now, they’re probably going to be
looking at your tattoo and not your scars. Now I won’t feel self-conscious about someone looking at my arm.
Yeah. And so it’s closing that door and
turning it into something positive. For me, my scars are doing
something good for me in the sense that that they
remind me that I overcame that, so I can overcome anything else
that comes my way. Right, we are all done.
I’m very excited. Are you ready to see your tattoo?
Yes, I am. Are you sure? Yes. Oh, my God! I love it. Thank you. Yeah? Yeah. Can I give you a hug? Yeah. Thank you for getting it done. And when I was in that
time of my life, I didn’t think I’d get past 16,
so to be 18, and turning this into something
positive, it’s really good. And I’m trying really hard
not to cry. Aw! Thank you. SOBS: Thank you for coming to me. Sorry. That is the whole point of my job. Seeing how someone can just, like, blossom in front of you
is like a massive deal for me. Even I still might struggle with
my mental health, it’s nice to know that someone now, because of me,
might feel a little bit stronger. Welcome to the first day
of the rest of your life. Are you done? Oh, my God,
that’s beautiful. Oh, my God! Are you happy?
I’m so happy. Well done. I got emotional because I feel
like she’s a different girl than the one that walked in the door
this morning. I hope that I can qualify as a
doctor and continue to try and help people and keep the conversation
about mental health open. And yet, I still have bad days, but it’s more good days
than bad days now, which is nice to say and nice to

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  1. I have a tat coming up to cover up my arm scars I wasn't going to cover it as it's my journey but equally covering it up has also become my journey

  2. I understand why people cover them, but to me I would never cover them….I look at them and can see what I've overcome, I never thought I would live past 14 after trying to hang myself and trying to overdose at 12 but I'm now 25 and so glad I came out a better person

  3. Question to the viewers of this video who have scars such as these, would any of you use a product that is not so permanent as a tattoo but rather a personalized, breathable adhesive that completely conceals your scars? I have worked in the mental health field for a while now and I have not seen a suggestion for people that don’t want to always hide or explain their past without it being so obvious.

  4. I would need a full sleeve to cover all my scars and it sucks so much 😭 but I can’t regret my past because honestly even though self harm is bad it didn’t half help me, it was the only thing that did but obviously as a result both my arms and thighs are completely covered in scars, i wish I weren’t ashamed to just wear t shirts but yeah I’ll never be able to lol 🤣

  5. I’ve hand many artists tell me they can’t tattoo over scar tissue but this tattoo is being done over scar tissue, I don’t understand.

  6. I've been covering up mine with tattoos. It feels amazing to be able to put it in my past.

  7. I personally didn't need a tattoo to cover up my self-harm scars, they fortunately faded over the time of 4 years. Some people might not have that, so I'm glad that people are able to cover them up and feel better. 💕

  8. I can't wait until I'm old enough to get a tattoo to cover up my scars. I've been self harming since I was 6 and tried to kill myself when I was 10 plus many times after. I've been made fun of my entire life for my mental illness and scars. I think that maybe if people didn't have such a physical reminder of it they would stop bullying me and I might get some peace.

  9. I'm lucky that I don't scar very easily. I used to self harm when I was 17 and within a year the scars were barely noticeable.

  10. One day I will do exactly what this girl has done, I only want positive things to come to mind when others are around me. Kia kaha Aotearoa and the rest of the world! <3

  11. I'm waiting patiently to get my scars covered by my fav tatt artist of all time … i'm not afraid or anxious of people seeing my scars anymore now though, because the amount of people i see their beautiful faces then look down to find they are the same as me.. its a reminder we are all suffering the same. I want anyone who can relate to me to silently sigh if they glimpse upon me and think its all going to be alright one day. You are not alone! The collective consciousness is healing as one. Xxxx

  12. You are so beautiful. don't let anybody tell you otherwise. That tattoo is a great way to move on from a hard part of your life.

  13. For any Potterhead that's trying to cover up self harm scars get like a wand or the Deathly Hallows or something. Just a suggestion tho do whatever you want

  14. I just had my forearm covered because of my self-harm scars! Tattoos like these are life changing!

  15. I have scars on my left arm and at first I did try to hide it but as years went on I started to well not care if other people saw them because it’s my past and I’ve grown and I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of my scars.

  16. I have self harm scars, and when i hit 18 i want them covered by something that makes me happy. Honestly, i still self harm.

  17. I Have one tattoo right now that my mom let me get (I’m 15 now and got it when I was 14) it covers a longer scar I have from a suicide attempt. I can’t wait until I’m 18 so I can cover the other scars from many years of self harm. Seeing them always puts me back into the state of mind that I was in while I was cutting. I really hate people seeing them, and I know whenever why family sees them it makes them really upset and awkward, which makes me have more negativity towards the scars. I want to cover them with art so I can finally look at my arms and see something beautiful, not something broken. But I’m in a much better place now, when my parents found out about my self harm and suicide attempts I was sent to a mental hospital and it’s been one hell of a fight but I’ve been clean ever since and I’m coming up on 2 years clean in almost 1 month 🙂

  18. I wanna hug you and i want to hug everyone.. we need to hug each other.. a huge hug fest 😭😊💕💕
    We need to know our worth and remind ourselves that we are loved and care for!! No matter what… dont give up…

  19. I almost died one time when i cut my wrists but I freaked out and called my friend who called an ambulance and she saved my life.

  20. I have had depression for a while, I do self harm some nights, I don't really regret it but I do. I feel disgusted with myself and I feel like I'm a freak. I don't want anybody to get uncomfortable so I have to wear long sleeves. It's embarrassing.

  21. I am so embarrassed by mine. If I had the extra money I'd do this before anything. People ask about when I first meet them. I try to lie to aviod akwardness

  22. I have had my self-harm scars on both arms for many, many years & they are white & wide. They do not get tan in the sun. I have thought about getting them covered with tattoos but always wondered if I would get more stares with the tattoos or without them? Thank you for sharing your story!!😃👍🏻

  23. I'm 52 and am thinking of getting a tattoo to cover my scars on my forearm, but they are big overlapping burns from cigars and cigarettes, and I don't know if the ink will cover large scars

  24. What a beautiful tattoo, way to go for doing it and taking a step forward. Wishing you the very best for a fresh start to your beautiful future.

  25. she is so brave!! My story is so similar, but I got roses instead! It was a decision I'll never regret

  26. I have been living with my self harm scars for more or less 3 years now. In a way I want to hide them and forget about hem but I also think that seeing them remind me where I come from and the dark place I more or less left. I want to put a tattoo on my wrist just on top of my scars to remind me that I’m stronger than my demons. Now I just need to convince my parents to let me do it …

  27. i am 100% in love with this video. i started self harm in 6th grade so perhaps when i was 11 – 12 , and being a freshman in high school has brought so much stress and emotions onto me that i'm still dealing with . its been rough , being in a very dark place and feeling like you can't talk to anyone . i plan on getting cover up tattoos in the future (theres gonna be quite a few ) but im getting through it , and im so proud of anyone , including myself , who has been fighting or has fought their way out of that dark times . <3

  28. i will never hide my self harm scars because thats my story and if people want to know me, they will know the real me. respect to you for such bravery anyways

  29. My first tattoo was on my wrist where I did the most cutting. I got a butterfly to represent the butterfly project. I've had a self harm addiction since I was 14 (I am 21 now). I got the tattoo when I was 18 and although I slip up sometimes I can't fathom how much getting it has helped me. It was probably one of the most painful things I've gotten due to the scars and healing cuts I had there but it was worth and has changed my life. It went from everyday with any excuse to do it, whether I was home or at school to having 6 months plus in between.

  30. she’s beautiful❤️ inside and out. a tattoo and a scar always have a story. just don’t forget to embrace and tell your story

  31. Got my coverup 3 days ago. I stopped being a dick to my body in 2012 so yea.. it feels good to be able to wear T-shirts again without feeling like crap

  32. I have been watching a lot of videos about tattoos lately so I wasn't too surprised to see a video about tattoos be in my recommended, but I was surprised to see this specific video come up because I have just decided a few days ago what I want to get to cover my own self harm scars. This video made me cry because I have been dealing with being addicted to self harm for years and I am finally ready to completely let it go. I am not going to be able to get it right now because I don't have the money, but hopefully in the next year or so I'll be able to get it and finally feel okay with wearing short sleeves again. I am really looking forward to that day

  33. I wish I could do this. Both my arms are filled with scars they are thick and pink and don’t think I’ll ever be able to accept myself or get them covered because they are so bad ☹️ but I’m hoping on day they will fade enough so I can tattoo over them

  34. It hurts me see other people like her cutting and have them thoughts but i helps me nowing im not going through all this stuff on my own

  35. i have self harm scars and im really working on accepting them. i don't think i wanna cover it up i just wanna feel comfortable with them. i dont feel ashamed of it cuz i know depression is not nothing.

  36. This is officially my favorite channel! It truly is heartwarming. I have tried to kill myself 4 times. The last time my heart stopped as well as my breathing. I still struggle and wpuld love to get a tattoo to symbolize healing, but I'm not even close to that point. I dont even leave my house anymore. It's terrifying to feel this way.

  37. At the age of ten, we use to play with our siblings games like cricket and many outdoor games. We had our mother making nice fresh food for us and dad coming to us to play too. But what is happening to children nowadays. Kids, you need to have a life!! And internet is teaching great things too.. Glad to have a rich culture.

  38. My self harm scars are way to deep to get it covered up.. Sadly I have them on the exact same spots I've ALWAYS wanted a tattoo. It sucks xD

  39. I don't want to cover up. For me, it's something to be proud of: that i won, i survived, i got over it. Now i can do anything! I ceep the scares to remind me about how strong i AM, to be able to survive such a bad part of My life .

  40. I too have self harm scars at the age of 13. Both arms and one of my legs are covered in scars. It is such a great feelings to see my cuts become scars because it lets me know I lived through it, but it also breaks me down because it happened. I wish the best for anyone and everyone who had ever self harmed or tried suicide. You are loved, there’s always someone out there to talk to. I am one.

  41. When im 15 im getting a tattoo to cover up my self scars but its gonna be for my dad and my brother thry both killed themselves

  42. Im watching this video because i need to find a reason not to cut. Ive been clean for a week, which probably doesn’t seem like much but its a big deal for me :’)

  43. Dear people, the Bible forbids tattoos in Leviticus 19:28 because it says we are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Please don't deface that image with a tattoo! It's like putting graffiti all over the Taj Mahal, or putting bumper stickers all over an expensive Bugatti. I feel for Viktoria, but two wrongs don't make a right. Just wear a long sleeve shirt. And remember that God loves you just as you are, scars and all. 🙂

  44. I love tattoos and This opened up my eyes so much more to what tattoos are, what they can do to someone's life, and change their life positively. They can cover up the past and yet set a reminder to those times with a symbolic piece. Some tattoos may have no meaning and some can mean everything. GREAT VIDEO! I hope this helped others out there

  45. I love this soo much.
    I myself did and have been doing this to myself and others.
    I have had my scsrs but mine are and some where on my thigh.
    I needed and felt the need to cover and or hide or just add next to my cutting scars and my stretxh marks a dn weird marks that looked like either terrible permanent cellulite or bad acbe scaring.

    But what really got me into learning how and teaching self wether wether it be from videos or in person or in a cell. I would then do others and my own.

    Sometimes yes I agrew I would be proud of some of the scars as to share testimonies and im alive still but then the ones I desperately needed and felt the need/urge/desperation to cover were and are my old track marks. Those are the worst/worse ever… i hate to say this and publicize it but they hurted and hurt me soo much that I wanted/want to SI more than ever and its been I want to say blessedly over 6 years but my track marks

    If anyone reading / scrolling
    my LARGE/LONG comment I thank you for one
    Also if you know about track marks then you know about the horrid emptions that arw attached along with stares/rumors/gossip/put downs/assumptions/ridiculing/anything and everything inbetween in above around its been said to me about me through me ….

    Worst/worse of them all
    I would have to say is that family and "supposed" friends and/or love/loved ones and those that say they love you to your face and bad talk when you turn away.

    Family members make assumptions as to my use timeline to why thw think/believe or know the reason[s] why I started and stopped
    Especially when I found out I have Hep C i did NOT have any family i felt I could trust to open up to except my grandparents and my grandmother whom i lived with ans raised me and I help/helped her
    Anyways thank God
    With support/prayers/Grace of God/Medicaid/Epclusa
    I am Hepatitis C free =)
    Sorry soo long

    Just remember
    If you look you can always see the beauty in the dark
    The love in the hate
    The perfect in the flaws…
    And God…
    In everything

  46. I covered my self harm scars with a tattoo from my elbow to my wrist that wraps all the way around my arm it really does help… I haven't self harmed since then… my tattoo is a great galixy tattoo with shooting stars and a human heart some trees and mountains

  47. I wish I could get a cover up tattoo for my scars, but they're just so big and literally everywhere that it won't be possible. It's amazing what people can do tho, the tattoo looked really good.

  48. I wish I cloud do tattoo to cover my big cut in my hand that is bothering my family too much but the problem is as in Muslim I can't do tattoo even tho I have a reason 😩💔

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