Being an Introvert l Depression Symptoms

guys I just want to let you know I met
this girl last night yo!!bro roh-roh where is that where do I have to look I
can’t focus on the cameras lenses so like well anyway guys this girl was
amazing she was wearing high heels cut hair was like was like her hair was like
oh she texted me she wants to go out I’m gonna watch some TV guys good enough for me my body got an equal
you I gotta get you alum yeah I forget I ate a bag of peanuts me not want to eat
peanuts but I did I mean since I ate the whole package mama gonna hurt me bad the
wonderful but no more me don’t want to I will never ever will never have a
girlfriend in this life but at least I have my head Oh God three I ate the bag of poop and I
feel heat sweating like a camel took a shit in a barrel cheemo must welcome to my class slice
everywhere hey bro what’s up hope you enjoyed my friend and leaving in the
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