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I’ve already hit that once.
HE LAUGHS HE SNIFFS Power. Lovely. Kenneth has just picked up
an emergency dose of Pregabalin from the chemist, a drug
he’s prescribed to treat anxiety. Pregabalin is prescribed to treat
anxiety, epilepsy and nerve pain. In Northern Ireland, prescriptions
have increased by 27% in the last six years, and the drug is
more widely prescribed here than any other region in the UK. Experts have warned the Government about the dangers of addiction
for some users. This was Kenneth four hours
before picking up his emergency dose of Pregabalin,
also known as Lyrica or buds. A knife. Fuck. In Northern Ireland, there’s another
growing problem with Pregabalin. It’s also being sold illegally on
the streets and online… ..along with other
prescription medication. I travelled to a small town
outside Belfast… ..where 17-year-old Padraig
is on the phone to a dealer. List the things, if you wanted to,
you could get from him. How do you know if they’re pure
or not, or if they’re real? On another occasion, I catch up with Padraig
and his friend Brandon after he’s picked up
from his dealer. Northern Ireland has suffered decades of brutal violence
and sectarian conflict… reason why prescription-drug
abuse is a particular problem here. Doctors have a history of
prescribing drugs to people affected by the mental and physical trauma. Prescription-drug abuse spiralled in areas that were most affected by
the violence. When Kenneth was seven, an historic agreement was signed to
bring peace to Northern Ireland. But an armed and brutal
paramilitary group continued to dominate
the Protestant part of Belfast where Kenneth was brought up. In Northern Ireland, paramilitaries
are infamous for killing or maiming people dealing drugs
on their patch without permission. Kenneth showed me where he hid
from the group who came after him. Kenneth fled to Scotland,
where he lived for 18 months. He returned to Belfast, but soon
became addicted to the Valium prescribed by his doctor
for anxiety. I caught up again with Brandon
and Padraig. They’re not prescribed Pregabalin, but buy it on the street to mix with
other drugs and alcohol. Later that night,
Brandon was taking diazepam… ..also known as Valium, or blues. Kenneth lives with his girlfriend,
Ashley. In 2015 they were jailed for GBH and
are both currently out on licence. Yeah, see? Good boy. Good boy!
Ah, no biting. Before he went to prison, Kenneth
was given Valium for his anxiety. Once inside,
he was prescribed Pregabalin. And is that an aim for you?
Huh? Four deaths in a day. Police believe several of them
are drug-related. Pregabalin, also known by the brand
name Lyrica or the street name bud, is the latest drug to hit
Northern Ireland. In recent years, deaths linked to Pregabalin abuse
have risen in Northern Ireland. These drugs can be
extremely dangerous. They’re just as addictive as heroin and, if taken in uncontrolled
circumstances, just as deadly. More people here are dying from
misusing drugs like Lyrica than on our roads. Some fatalities have been linked to counterfeit tablets
sold illegally on the street. In August 2016, 29-year-old Daniel Hillman took
Pregabalin he bought from a dealer. Hours later, he killed himself. His mother Caroline showed me the alleyway where her son’s body
was found. Daniel’s Aunt Philly arrived
on the scene shortly after his body
was discovered. Daniel was prescribed Pregabalin. His family say he became addicted, which led to him buying more on the
black market to feed his habit. Upstairs, in Daniel’s bedroom,
Philly and Caroline explained how his addiction to Pregabalin
affected his behaviour and their relationship
before his suicide. Cos it’s Dan, Dan, Dan. Running amok. I didn’t want to say that! HE COUGHS AND RETCHES Jesus! Kenneth has just taken
600 milligrams of Pregabalin… ..the maximum prescribed daily dose. HE HAWKS AND RETCHES Kenneth says he wants to lose
his dependence on Pregabalin. Hello, Kenny! He’s meeting Chris, a drugs
counsellor, for some advice. Misuse of prescription drugs
like Pregabalin is presenting major new challenges for the police
in Northern Ireland. You were face-down around four foot
away from a deep puddle… Sharon is on the front line. She manages a police custody unit
in a small town outside Belfast. And do you take any medication
or any drugs of any kind? She’s seen an increasing link between people abusing prescription
drugs and breaking the law. I’ve been a custody sergeant here
for approximately four years, and inside those four years I have
seen a rise of roughly 80 to 90% of detained persons presenting
using prescribed medication. A lot of them are saying
that they’re on Lyrica, diazepam, tramadol. I’ll see if I can get you
a phone call. If persons come into custody under the influence of
prescription medication, sometimes they say
they have taken nothing, when we know from how they’re
presenting to us that they have. Sharon says that prescription-drug
abuse is placing a heavier burden on police resources. Lyrica in particular
would be a very, very common drug that we find that they’re taking
at the moment. We would have to put people
on constant obs, which involves an officer staying at
the cell with them for whatever length of time is deemed necessary,
which has a knock-on effect of fewer officers on the street then to deal
with the public who need help. We find if people do come in, particularly on some
prescription medications, they can’t control their behaviour.
They are very aggressive. Spitting would be a big thing.
And… Do you get spat on a lot? I do. I do. Yes.
And it’s not very pleasant. She’s also witnessed
the tragedy of addiction. A very sad case. There was one
person who would have been in regularly with me and I would have
come down here to the cell and sat and talked to him, and he would have
cried. He would have cried. He said he didn’t want to be on the
prescription drugs that he was on, he didn’t want to be taking them,
he was trying to get off. I would have spoken to him about
the help that was out there and tried to give him
some sort of guidance, but then, unfortunately, one day he
took too much Lyrica and he died. I caught up with Kenneth again to
find out if he’d made any progress with fighting
his Pregabalin addiction. His face
wasn’t the only sign of change. For Kenneth,
still on the maximum daily dose, there’s a long way to go.

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  1. Was the anxiety caused by what they did to you or because you sold pot without permission and paid the price? Most junkies have excuses that tend to be pointed externally? My excuse was cuz I got fucked up in the service, but really it was just me loving pks if I tried them before I got fucked same thing would have happened.
    Rehab sux, sobriety sux but life is longer. For better or worse.

  2. Bad withdrawals !! Was put on them for sciatic
    Nerve damage & Worse than DF withdrawal's !!
    Suicidal !! & Tap out after ten seconds !! I Took
    Diazie's 2 days then nothing & I'm still free now

  3. Frustrating viewing i take pregabalin in the correct does prescribed by my GP and it has honestly changed my life from suffering every day from generalised anxiety. The only reason this drug has been made a class c drug from April 2019 is people abusing it. The guy obviously is using other drugs aswell. Why would you ever think of snorting a prescribed medicine. I really do feel like this BBC doc is bullshit and puts a bad spin for the the people who are benefiting from the drug. Not once did they interview someone who is taking the drug correctly and the positive impact it's had on their lives. Just negative points from start to finish.

  4. Wait a minute… I just recently started on Pregabalin for my anxiety(prescribed by my psychiatrist) – and I am an addict as well(my drug of choice is primarily weed, secondarily alcohol)..

    This is concerning.

  5. Maybe if you far-leftists were to stop treating white people like shit and finally make them feel appreciated instead of being demonized, drug addiction wouldn't be so rampant.

    As soon as middle class white people are extinct who will you demonize then cause the super rich people don't pay tax and they cut themselves off from the real world and are above the fray.

  6. I take gabapentin, the 'sister' med to preglagabin, since I ended up with nerve damage in my back. The ONLY time I even remember I take it is when I don't. My back reminds me. I find it interesting that a med so similar can have such different effects on different people. He has his prescribed for anxiety, which is an 'off label' use for the med that isn't utilized here in rhe US (yes, the med is but being used for anxiety ISN'T) so its just so interesting how very different everyone's body uses things and reacts.

  7. I was prescribed this shit drug for cervical stenosis nerve pain.
    It caused more problems than the one it was supposed to be treating.
    Fluid retention, weight gain, visual disturbances, and has caused an auto immune reaction with my thyroid.
    I weened myself off of them. It felt like what I think heroin addicts must feel.
    2 weeks of hell.
    I will never take this shit again.
    I'm happier suffering pain. Go figure.

  8. Какой прикол в лирике?
    Бомбил лирику на перекумарах месяцами потом просто переставал и всё. Кайфа ноль.

  9. Give the man some speed, send him off to a job interview, and film it….. I swear I've seen this man somewhere before.

  10. Lyrica as soon as it’s ingested doesn’t create addiction. That’s inaccurate and is coming from the mind of someone who suffers from addiction, has emotional trauma or even possibly is on the spectrum of autism in wanting to feel good constantly to be able to socialize. Those are always factors to look at when helping people who suffer the way these guys do. I take my Lyrica as prescribed as well as other additives such as narcotics to help my pains, and they work really well. It’s unfortunate that there are people who use these medications in a way that is harmful to them. But there are usually deep rooted issues/trauma that causes this and it’s not the drug itself. Making a documentary about their experiences-there’s nothing wrong with that. But for them to advise people not to take something based off their struggles isn’t right either. It gets people worked up/worried about the consequences they may face by taking medications that can help them. Not everyone in the world is prone to addiction the way these fellows are so I hope people can keep that in mind.
    On a side note: I hope they legalize medical marijuana where these guys are if they haven’t already, because that can be very helpful and a lot more safe.

  11. Sad. This guy's a mess. He has no hope or nothing to look forward to. Nothing but his drugs to make him feel better about his life. He needs Jesus!

  12. Seems like these people don't have enough to do. Do they have jobs? Something to keep them busy? Too much free time is not a good thing

  13. I was prescribed pregabalin by my doctor, it doesn’t affect your state of mind or how you feel at all. At most, I nearly walked out of a shop without my debit card the day my dose was increased. But after a few days your body is completely used to it.

  14. Is the kid's name Porridge, or what?
    I honestly can't tell if these dudes are fucked up or just Irish half the time… I'm guessing it's safe to assume both.

  15. Lyrica is definitely the most underrated drug In America. It's highly euphoric very similar to pure crystal mdma to me. Mixed with benzos.

  16. I don't know if it is a regional thing, but I have never heard of pregabalin being prescribed for anxiety before and certainly not as an "emergency dose". It can take hours to take effect, which doesn't make sense in the treatment of acute anxiety. If taken correctly for long term care (started on a very low dose such as 25mg and dosed up month to month) rarely will someone get "high" from it. That's part of the problem right there and it only makes it more difficult for chronically ill patients to get it.

  17. My small town in Scotland has had 3 deaths in the last 4 weeks from pre gablin and diazepam overdoses. The diazepam actually contains no diazepam. They consist of fentanyl, warfarin and a benzo that is 4x stronger than diazepam.

  18. Pregabalin is a shitty drug to put people on for anxiety and it is as addictive as this fella says it is in the video. I think a lot of gps are staying very quiet when challenged by patients who are hooked. i was told you could totally withdrawal of it from taking over 1000mg a day of it down to nothing in a week. if someone did that they would possibly die from having a fit. Its garbage this drug. Take diazepam instead if you have anxiety

  19. I was on Lyrica for diabetic neuropathy and for chronic pain from Fibromyalgia. I never ever took it outside what was prescribed. I also have taken morphine for 2 years for this and osteoarthritis. I weaned myself off of this after 2 years… many wishes for those who could not…I take health supplements to replace these Dr had doubts that I could do this but my life is more important..and he was shocked that I could do this..I now know why..

  20. Why cant these downies from UK/ireland learn how to speak american? we not understand your mongolid language thx

  21. This documentary is complete bull crap. Just as addictive as heroin? Miles apart and that’s from experience with both. Pregabalin is not addictive 😂 and to compare it to heroin is laughable.

  22. Fellows addicts please listen to me I am clean just had a baby girl and I have never been happier I'm a year clean and I will help u if u reach out to me PLEASE GET HELP ITS SO MUCH BETTER BEING SOBER!

  23. Did pregabalin 2 grams a day for 4 month, stopping felt even worse than smoking opium daily for 2 years. Pregabalin and gabapentin are ok drugs if you use them Few times a month, then they can give very euphoric state like methaqualone. But never take over 5 days row, not even medically, I would never take this drug for nerve pain or any other that doctor would give it to you. You can easily take xanax for 2 weeks daily but not getting any serious after-effects maybe little insomnsia and anxiety, but with pregabalin you get serious withdrawal, almost like opioid wd's.

  24. The only crime is of companies who produce and doctors who prescribe it.. Drugs like that can never help on long term and are dangerous especially to people who are instable.. But who cares as long as you can make good money

  25. I've taken 300mg of pregabalin before and I'm sorry that is not a decent high AT ALL. There is a bottle full of them I've had for months. Percs, Xans, Vicodin those are good highs. I know it's not prescribed for anxiety in the US. I wonder how effective it is for that. I also didn't know pregabalin was that addictive 3:00 I mean he is proper fiending right here.

  26. I remember mabe 5/6 years ago gabba's (pree's) hit the street and I was like what's that and they would say it's for nerve damage,, then everyone had nerve damage …. why do the doctors give out these addictive drugs to people who can't help them self 😡also I new someone who really needed them and the doctor refused because his back pain was not nerve pain , the poor man suffered

  27. I was prescribed these for chronic back pain and they didn’t do a thing, it was like I was taking Panadol, I felt no physical or mental affects at all. Now on Palexia, much much better. Unfortunately there are people that will abuse any form of medication, they just need help to slay their demons.

  28. Wait! I have been taking Lyrcia for fibromyalgia for yrs and it barely helps with the pain how the hell or who the hell thought of sniffing or snorting it. This is insane

  29. the addiction of Lyrica is better than addiction to benzo or tramadol and i know what i am talking about, perhaps when the people in this show were babies i was taking rivotril so now i am better off with lyrica at least i can manage and keep a life

  30. The joke of society now days we should be ashamed of the state of our country the best of people died for this country and for nothing literally nothing again nothing literally doctors are meant to heal not harm hope the system changes as they want to help people not damage them further I would advise a small circle no drugs at all unless vital in the moment along with plenty of excercise and good food!!

  31. Unfortunately we all know somebody with a problem. It might not be pregabalin but people are scared too ask for help. Instead of calling people names for their fucked up choices lend them a hand you never know how helpful just one friendly face is.

  32. hey everyone – I was on 600mg of pregabalin per day and it really hurt me. I detoxed from this poison about 2 months ago and feel great now. message me if anyone wants some information about how to do this in the most comfortable way

  33. Lol he calls that area of Ireland the Bronx 😂😩😂😩😂😩 that place is A LOT nicer than any area of the Bronx….

  34. Here in US this drug is mainly abused with methadone and suboxone on clinics. People mix Lyrica or Norontin which is similar with opioids . Doctors used to over prescribe it till it became a narcotic recently, andbharder to get.

  35. But no, let's fight against cannabis while all these legal drugs are being prescribed by people who are supposed to be helping you.

    I've been saying this forever; there's no money in a cure. If these "cure" something, they are bound to cause another problem, which requires another medication, which requires another, etc.

  36. The u.k looks really bad…
    Ever since around 2005 I've associated drugs with the UK. Probably because I watched a lot of Skins.

  37. Taking drugs and being addicted is suicide. You take your drugs and forget. Fall back. Disappear.. Youre playing dead. It's very sad….. and I know this from experience. Anybody struggling I pray for you. Stay strong and stay sober. It's a real struggle..

  38. This has not long become a controlled drug in England atleast. I've been on it years for anxiety it's fairly simple to taper off and the buzz is great after a while just end up taking them to avoid withdrawals. But as I say it's fairly easy to taper off

  39. Why are doctors prescribing this drug or other highly addictive drugs willy nilly? They have a responsibility of care to these people!

  40. this guy is on something else as well as pregab. The pregab isn't doing that to him. The other illegal shit he's not telling you about is!

  41. I've been on pregabalin for years now. Take 300MG daily and feel it doesn't do much to me, I can not take it for days and it wouldn't give me no problems..I'm also on oxycodone liquid and shit cant live without that

  42. pregablin dont do very much i can tell yoiu its not even that great for anxeity is the dude just trying to be a trainspotting copy cat ? it looks that way to me total overplay and i been on a lot of shit over the yrs /////

  43. How can you can get hooked a on shite drug like this? The second day I took 300mg or so it did absolutely nothing to me. It has no recreational effect. Switch to opiates, or benzos, and then you'll see what addiction is.

  44. just flat out don't take drugs it's not hard to see the effects ahead of time so kind of hard to feel anything for them.

  45. Instead of teaching kids about drugs just show them this documentary and seeing these balloons would put anyone off

  46. 600mg per day?? I take 1200mg 3-4x per day and I am not puking or passing out. I stop them every month for a week to lower my tolerance without any issues. Not sure what these rookies are crying about.

  47. You gotta take a lot of that stuff to feel it, and as a medical professional and recovering addict I don't know how it could be physically addictive. I mean this isn't an opiate.

  48. Dennis seems to have an untreated anxiety disorder. Pregabalin treats the symptoms but there are way better medicines for his treatment.

  49. Lyrica?? These kids sure do like taking junk medications, someone would have to pay me to take those worthless pills.

  50. I take lyrica because I am quadriplegic and have massive nerve pain but I never knew about this side of the story. It's a sad world we live in.

  51. I'm 16 and live in Greece, I used to go to the pharmacy to buy pregabalin, no perscription no ID or nothing.They just sell it to you.

  52. Some of the most addictive drugs come from the chemists and too often they are over prescribed, cheap easy profit – often messed up lives. Not many if any want these lives. The first three kids on here were just kids taking their first steps into who knows what, or where. Complimented by the 'illegal' with their own 'effects'.
    Don't bother, might be fun for five but mire than often just ruins you or kills you or both. True. Old industrial areas seem to suffer most with drugs moving in where jobs used to be combined with zero stimulation for younger people in these areas, not a good mix.

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