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Hello students today we are starting with a new chapter the name of the chapter is bending stresses strength of materials may whose chapter name is Bending stresses we are starting with Bending stresses of the bending stresses Tensile stress we have seen what is compressive stress and we have even seen what is shear stress okay now we are dealing with another term called as Bending stresses now what is the meaning of this see here suppose if I have a horizontal section if I have a horizontal member ticket obvious member kuma support car down on you can say two columns or support fine Abby gauge your horizontal member head I am saying that it is supported at a and it is supported at be taken now if I consider the length between them a and B the length is L okay now see if I am keeping a load on this horizontal section yes your horizontal section hey a Girma Ischia per load apply Garza who like this you can see this if I am putting the load on this that is the W the load which is applied on this horizontal section a b JC he may either load up like or down what I can see that if the load is there okay yellow horizontal section hey it will go down by some amount okay it will move down is that clear no and if I can show you this it will be in such a form okay I am drawing this diagram you can just see you can see this diagram take it a B is the section which is original section take it just K open hum Logan a load applied Jessie up load W applied Garza ho yeh jo a be hair it will try to bend in the form of a curve it will try to bend in the form of a curve okay now this beam a B is bent in such a way take it now this bending action this bending of the beam causes bending stress to be developed in this material ticket Abby humbug is horizontal section cabal sucked ahead that it is a beam the name of this section is it is a beam a horizontal section beam hand ticket yeah beam GCV section goes at that means under my scar cross section they go it can be rectangular cross section it can be circular although circular I Section C section anything ticket both of em cut restriction ova but here I am saying that L is the length of beam which is supported between a and B or JC you see overload at Karenga whose beam yo / vo– beam a Kafka for my bento Jaya it will be bending in this form take it now because of this building bending stresses are developed in the beam okay bending stresses are developed and we know what is stress stress is the internal resistance to external force means yeh jo w load hey this load will cause bending action this load causes bending action take it Janan Jobim bend over ayah what W key measure say here okay on beam Kaju material is W go resist Karenga that internal resistance we will say that it is the bending stress taken so what are bending stresses I can write the definition bending stresses are the bending stresses are the internal internal resistance resistance to external to external force to external force which causes which causes bending of a member which causes bending of a member ticket is gamma the bending stresses are the internal resistance to external force which cause bending of a member means it s opposed joki member cobi Liguria okay now member can be anything you happy home irelia member it is a beam fine toufic AESA force Joe beam Co Bend Garriga or fourth key verges a beam made Joe internal resistance develop oka that would be called as bending stress taken that would be called as bending stress fine next agar aapke bending stress submerge here see here we can write that it is denoted by means bending stress is denoted by Sigma suffix b sigma hamada notation has stress scale here if I write Sigma suffix V it means it is bending stress taken Orozco unit hoja its unit will be Newton per mm square Y on a bending stress Kazuyo unit head it is same as the unit of stress is that okay now you can see this again Anubis beam Co a joke carved potion him see because bending causes the beam to be in a curved form again I consider like this pen to be a beam or the ski operator bending load act karai so this beam will Bend in such a way it will be bending in such a way ticket is scheduled top portion rahega they would be in compression they would be in compression or the bottom portion Riga it would be in tension take it so this is the bending action of a beam fine beam been learning about coach is salicylic agar like this bend pen okay so now we have seen what is bending okay and the unit also it will be in terms of Newton per mm square taken now in this chapter we will consider only bending stresses means other up deco Gaius beam Co closely here we are dealing with all only bending stresses so only bending stresses are to be considered are to be considered okay or abbie algar up is beaming a section go take again here there are two possibilities s avi whose are trying cage sa a load W act Karenga so here beam Bend nahi hota way she raja means there is one more possibility like this the beam can split into two parts okay it can break in this form mclubbe yeh Amara a this is B if the centre of this beam I can say that this is C so AC and bc j jobim hi it would be it would be shearing it will be breaking in two parts okay so this is the shearing action mclubbe yellowed WQ burgess a beam joey Bashir be Rosa die means for breakage agra into two half and the other possibility is bending or qk a chapter here of bending stresses here we would be considering only bending stresses Hamlisch yoga concept you hapana he digging okay even though the beam will be sharing we will not be seeing this year condition we are only interested in bending of a beam okay now after this section let me explain it to you bending of simply supported and cantilever beams it is bending of simply supported and cantilever beams okay now what is the meaning of bending of simply supported and cantilever beam spelling hello yes MJ a simply supported beam Kyodai or shall cantilever beam job okay now here I draw a horizontal beam again it is supported at its extreme ends you do not enter supported head okay and the length between them is L ticket now this kind of beam which is supported at the ends yawning at a or at B at the extreme supports this is called as simply supported beam this is called as simply supported beam ticket next see you simply supported beam Kohala gonna support here at a and B cantilever beam is supported at only one end mclubbe a esse beam Joseph egg and pay fix a or doosra and pay free head that would be called as cantilever beam it would be called as cantilever beam

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  4. Help me with this doubt

    A steel beam is replaced by a corresponding aluminium beam of same cross-sectional shape and dimensions, and is subjected to same loading. The maximum bending stress will
    (a) be unaltered
    (b) increase
    (c) decrease
    (d) vary in proportion to their modulus of elasticity

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  7. a simply supported beam of span 10m carries a u.d.l. of 100KN/m over its entire span. calculate the modulus of section required , if its bending stress is not exceed 190Mpa.

  8. A rolled steel joist of i section has top and bottom flanges 150mm * 25mm and the web Thickness 12mm . overall depth of section is i used as simply supported beam over a span of 4m to carry an UDL of 80kN/m over its entire span . Determine bending stresses and shearing stresses across a section at 1/4th of span .Also draw bending and shearing stresses across that section

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