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hello my name is Paulo I’m in Brasilia
and I live in são Paulo city well I’d be suffering from the pressure for a
long time I took antidepressant drugs such as
Prozac lexapro and wellbutrin I had tried everything here in Brazil such
as conventional therapies and to the present various treatments hyper
knowledge self-knowledge process self-help techniques religions counsel
coach and the knowing of that work I was the presence to I was very sad and we
need to do nothing without any willpower life for me was no longer graceful what
Nelson method to me that’s part of any everything I ask a god to abbreviate
myself in home so exceeded I decided to try my last chance I’m eating like my
last bullet my last hope for the recommendation was a friend of mine in
the United States and he came aware of the treatment baby by BioLight laser
technology and I met Dr. Steve Ventola a professional chiropractor and in bioenergetic experience uses BioLight laser technology and treating it like my
treatment for depression stress and anxiety so after having a conversation
he lay out several questionnaires about me and about health and saintly some
blood tests I decided to very quickly come to Atlanta to all the best
decision we have made in my life I had finally found the solution to my
brother’s the cure for my ailments after about two weeks of starting treatment I
also read starting with the magazines my new Power had her turn it I no longer
had negative and destructive thoughts about me and about life
my enthusiasm appeared my life had changed nowadays I’m a different person
I don’t take antidepressants anymore I went back to physical exercise I had
new and great professional points and they had a huge real to real life I am
very grateful to people who have made it this possible do any my friend in the
United States who presented me the great opportunity the doctor stimulate power for the beautiful pure and serious words because he didn t treatment only but
also making is realizing the other side a better and much more present life to
my ear my coach a meteorologist who helped me change my eating habits and BioLight Technologies who managed to transform reality and laser device that
incorporates the most advanced technology in favor of the health
healing and well-being of people to our few my eternal gratitude and thank you
very much

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