Best Foods to Reduce Anxiousness

Hey guys.
How’s it going? This is coach Justin Lam here.
I’m here with Dr. Carrie Lam as well. Today we’re going to talk to you about foods that have an effect on your mood, and specifically have an effect on your anxiousness and on your nervousness inside your body. We’re going to go through five foods that are going to help calm your body down and help reduce that anxious feeling. Then we’re going to go through five foods that you should avoid because they can make you feel more anxious. All right, so now, food number one that helps really calm your body down. We have chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is so soothing. You usually see it in a lot of sleepy time teas. It’s because chamomile has been shown to really just calm your nerves down and calm your system down. So, if you wanted to try the tea
you just boil some of the flowers, the chamomile flowers. Or you can buy it from the store and just drink it right before you go to sleep, but just know that it can also make you go to the bathroom a little more at nighttime. So having a balance there is very important. I like chamomile tea a lot. One of the things I like to add into that as well are some essential oils that can really help calm your body down. I think you really like to use lavender? Yes, so, lavender is great for aromatherapy but also even just relaxing if you massage it into your neck, into your shoulders. That will kind of help calm your nervousness and your symptoms of doom or panic down. If you breathe it in through a diffuser
that would also be really good. So that’s number two, lavender. Number three also can be rosemary. Which is also just an herb that you can eat but also it’s a great essential oil that you can put in a diffuser. It also helps to calm you down. Put it in your pillow if it helps you sleep
and if it helps calm you down. I love the smell of rosemary. Actually putting it in the pillow,
I like that tip a lot. Okay, next up is eating more protein for your breakfast. So why does eating more protein in breakfast help calm your system down? When you wake up in the morning after going through a whole night of fasting, your body is just aching for some food. Instead of giving it a huge sugar spike like pancakes, waffles
which is like the typical American breakfast, eating protein helps balance so that you don’t have a big insulin spike. So eating protein with your carbs is very important to not have a sugar crash because sugar crashes can also make your cortisol levels go whack and cause your symptoms of feeling very anxious. Protein with all your meals– not only breakfast–
is very important. So any suggestions for like a good protein for breakfast? Oh, yes.
So, let’s say you eat a banana, you can have peanut butter or almond butter or some kind of nut butter with it. Or you can eat eggs with your breakfast.
That’s always good. I also like avocados.
Any good fat or good proteins or nuts is really good. All right, excellent.
You’re making me hungry. It’s yummy. All right the last one number five we have,
kind of bleeds into five foods to avoid as well is actually omega-3s and omega-6s. You want to talk a little bit more about that? Yes, so, the ratio of omega-3s to omega-6
is very important in inflammation. Omega-3s can be found like in good fish,
freshwater fish, fish oil, flaxseed oil, flax seeds, chia seeds. Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory so you want to have more of that. Versus omega-6s you want to have less of
and those can be found in meats or certain oils, and that ratio is very important,
so more omega-3s, less omega-6s. So, Omega-6s was one of our first foods to avoid. Moving on to our second one now is alcohol. Alcohol is very, very hard on your system. A lot of people, actually, they feel like it’s supposed to calm them down when they drink alcohol. Or you feel kind of jittery, when you drink alcohol it suppresses your nerves, but really,
your body has to metabolize all that alcohol in your liver. It actually makes you crash even more after you drink alcohol if you’re not used to it. So that is definitely a food to avoid, alcohol. What do you think about coffee and caffeine? Caffeine can be hidden… It’s definitely in coffee
but it can also be in soda sometimes chocolate, teas. So caffeine definitely can ramp someone up, right.=? A lot of people drink that cup in the morning to get more energy. The downside to getting more energy is that you have to come down from having that energy, and it really just builds up the nervousness and the jitteriness. So, try to avoid caffeine. Yes, definitely.
Now, just a word of caution. If you have been drinking coffee for a while,
your body kind of gets used to the caffeine. So don’t try and stop abruptly. You can get withdrawals if you stop taking caffeine too quickly into your system. It’s wise to wean off. Now, food number four to avoid is simple carbs and sugars. We kind of touched on that when we talked about protein because the simple carbs, the sugars that you’re putting into you,
you burn real quick. It gives you the instant energy rush, but with that instant energy rush it also comes with the feelings of anxiety and the insulin spike. So, in order to prevent that from happening, eat it with protein or have less simple carbs and more complex carbs. Like more vegetables and fibrous foods. Finally coming down to number five on our foods to avoid for anxiousness and panic and nervousness is food additives. Nowadays everything has lots and lots of additives
whether it’s the pesticides, whether it’s dyes or preservatives. Those additives get built up in your body and sometimes they become toxic and you can’t clear them out. So when you have all these toxins and you can’t clear out
you just feel very congested. You feel not clean and that’s why you might have these feelings of anxiety and nervousness and jitteriness. When you keep taking in those types of foods or even additional supplements, you aren’t able to process them and that’s where your feelings might come in. So, eat organic. Eat natural as much as you can and plant based. That’s also very good in order to not get those preservatives and additives into you. All right.
Well, thanks for watching guys.

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  2. 👍 Camomile tea, Lavender, Rosemary, extra protein at breakfast, Omega 3.
    👎 Alchahol, caffeine, simple carbs + sugars, food additives.

  3. Besides fish I dont find I absorb omega 3 fish oils. I don't feel it does anything.

    By the way, is plant based omega 3 more or less superrior to animal omega 3s??

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