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Hey everybody, today I want to talk with you about Bipolar I disorder. I know before I talked about Bipolar II but today we’re talking about Bipolar I, how it differs from II and how it’s diagnosed. So stay tuned! So like I said, today I want to talk with you about Bipolar I disorder. What is it? How is it different? If you haven’t checked out my initial bipolar video I did a long time ago, where I had white board if you remember and I had made little squiggles to show you the difference between Bipolar I and Bipolar II which I really think is the best way to learn it so you can see it sometimes it helps me to see it versus just hear it so hop on over, click here, hop on over there and watch that and then come back and watch this one. So, Bipolar I disorder, how is it different? The main key thing is that you have mania. Full blown mania. I know in the Bipolar II disorder video I talked about hypomania and that is a lower grade of a lot of the same symptoms. And that’s why often times things are missed and misdiagnosed and people may be diagnosed with one when they should be the other but this is just to help you better understand how they differentiate from each other so that when you go see your doctor you know when they tell you you have a certain diagnosis you kind of know where it falls. So I’m looking down because I have my DSM and also my handy dandy notes about what a manic episode is. Now, a manic episode must last for at least one week and be present most days. And a manic episode, much like a hypomanic episode you have and inflated sense of self esteem or grandiosity, very same, feeling very good about yourself, decreased need for sleep, you’re much more talkative. I call it, um, it’s almost like a verbal diarrhea when you run into someone who’s full, who has full blown mania, and is in a manic episode, you can’t get a word in edgewise. There’s no pause and any kind of sentence that flows all the way together into another thought and they’ll just keep running in circles and stories and there’s no where for you to butt in and say like, “hey hey hey hey” you know you have to stop them because there’s just pressured speech is just coming out like crazy. Um, distractibility, flight of ideas, all of these things are very similar to a hypomanic episode. The difference is the number of days that it has to be present. If you remember, hypomania only has to be present for four days, mania has to be present for a week. But it’s also, um, mania is just a higher level. It’s more intense version. I know that that’s really difficult to conceptualize and to completely understand, but that’s why it’s so important that you see a professional because they’ll have certain scales and assessments that they give you to assure that you get the proper diagnosis. And, any good doctor or therapist or psychiatrist, anybody that you’re seeing will assess you repeatedly, it won’t be something that is just done the first time they see you, often times we do check-ups and once a year we’ll have an assessment done or I’ll send off my clients to do, have them get some testing done to make sure that we did properly diagnose first and we are treating with what they really have. Okay? So that’s the difference between Bipolar I and Bipolar II. Bipolar I has full blown mania. And, I made some notes here so that I don’t forget, but a manic episode can often be followed by a hypomanic episode, they can kind of come out of it, slowly. I know a lot of people assume that it’s like mania, or no mania but often times the mood it can be really labile it can kind of go in and out, they can have mania, hypomania, and then even go into depression, and then come back out. But the main reason, the main reason we diagnose Bipolar I is if they’ve had full blown mania at least once in a lifetime. Just once. It’s all that’s gotta happen, Okay? And if you’ve never had that, then you’d be Bipolar II. Are you getting how it’s different? And how we, you know, break things apart? Now also many of you have asked, and I hope you’re still following me, this is why I’m making these in separate videos, is cyclothymic disorder, which is part of the bipolar family, you just never meet criteria for mania or Major Depressive episode. You move between dysthymia and hypomania, which can be just as hard on your life, just as hard on your relationships but you kind of float in between the two if you remember my old video, and so you never quite make the cri- meet the criteria for mania or major depressive episode. Okay? That’s how that differs. I had a note that said someone had asked about that. And so, most people with Bipolar I not only have a manic episode but also have a major depressive episode in their lifetime. Many people forget that. They think that they never have a depressive episode, that Bipolar I is only mania. No! A lot of them spent a lot of time, months on end in a depressive episode and that’s usually, in my experience when people actually reach out for help. When we have Bipolar I, we can have a very labile mood. During the day we can feel, you know, really quickly depressed and then up and happy and it can go up and down, we can go from feeling good and feeling bad very rapidly. And if you’re struggling with this, if you find this happening, please reach out to a professional, because having that labile mood can sometimes find us in what’s called a mixed episode, and that is something where we kind of feel partially depressed, but we’re very agitated. It’s when we have kind of the mania creeping in and we have the depression, when we’re coming back in and it can feel very uncomfortable, and that, to be honest, to get real with you, is when suicide rates go up, because we feel like shit. But we have all this energy, and it can be really uncomfortable. It makes us very sssshaaa like we want to crawl out of our skin. So if you feel any of those symptoms, please please call your doctor, take yourself to the hospital, make sure you keep yourself safe. Now there are many treatment options for Bipolar I. The most common, to be honest, is medication because for a lot of people they need a mood stabilizer because the mania can be very detrimental to their life, it can have horrific consequences. And so we want to keep ourselves, our mood stabilized. So please reach out to a doctor, get properly assessed and then therapy can really help. Just like I said in the Bipolar II video, group therapy, individual therapy, can really help us better understand our disorder, and our disease and better manage it. And so we can work on rebuilding those relationships we may have struggled with when we were depressed, or manic, and we can grow as a person and better manage our disorder overall. Please share this, please give it a thumbs up if you think informations like this is important because the more we know together, the stronger our community grows and the better we’re able to help. Cause we have to have hypomania, and a… Subtitles by the community

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  1. #KatiFAQ  How do you deal with friends or family having psychosis? My brother has recently gotten psychosis and I'm not really sure how to deal with it anymore. I hope you can help me out a bit. (I think that's how I'm supposed to ask a question, I'm pretty new to this haha)

  2. My brother was diagnosed when he was 17 with bipolar not sure 1 or 2 but he look himself off the meds becuz he didn't like the way they made him feel. He was very violent towards me. He would push me and broke my nose once. He eventually got on drugs and alcohol. He is 31 now and has a stable job and has quite the drugs. My question is can he still have it..or does someone grow out of it? He does still stay up very late. I believe he rarely sleeps. Haha. So not sure if that's a symptom.

  3. Can you talk about what to do if your family can't afford therapy? I've tried the ones on our health insurance but they don't seem to be too great. Would love some tips 🙂

  4. My ex had bi polar and only got checked out years after we broke up after our 4 year relationship.

    Him not being aware of having it seriously destroyed me and the relationship!! I haven't met anyone like it since

  5. Quick question! If you only purge sometimes, like. Once or twice a week sometimes only once every other week, do u have an eating disorder?

  6. Can you make a video about selective eating disorder ive just found it online and im a bit worried i have it (Im 14), and talk about if you can have that and another eating disorder like anorexia because for example for over half a year ive been like am i anorexic no im not but what if i am, and now i just find out about selective eating disorder and i wonder if i can have both,even though im not saying that i am 100% sure that im anorexic because maybe im not and just making things up in my head, even though its been a long time the same goes with depression and OCD(which my dad suffers from, becuase ive always since i was little had compulsions like tics, for example ill have too move or mostly touch something severel times till it just feels right) ps no one knows

  7. In your graph of the different types of bipolar, does aggression and anger occur in the mania portion of the graph or the depressive episode of the graph? Or is aggressive outbursts just something completely different than being bipolar?

  8. @Kati Morton damn i always miss you for your reply time! 🙁 anyway, i have prom the day after tomorrow and im starting to be afraid to go outside without any parent sipervision or a friend and im 15! I do get panic attacks once or twice a week. i got a new bike to day and went for a ride around the block and i started having a panic attck on my bike! when i came inside i started shaking with no control and crying abit. i dont know why? can please help?! xox love your videos 🙂

  9. #katifaq  kati is it ok to take long periods of time out for myself? although now school is out, i had to take alot of time off from school due to my mental health reasons and i cant help but feel guilty and as if im letting my anxiety win :s but if i dont take time off i will explode! help. love your videos by the way xxx

  10. I would like to hear about bipolar and cutting. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 1 and I have struggled with cutting for years. How do the two connect? Or is there any connection at all? Am I just an odd case? Thanks.

  11. I just had a mixed episode said my doctor and it was horrible like most times they had to change my
    Medication so I can better manage my disorders

  12. I was curious, in your professional opinion regarding bipolar 1 disorder–which type of therapy do you find to be most effective (considering appropriate meds are taking effect)? I have only been introduced and using CBT. I am not sure why but I feel like I am needing more "intense" therapy ( for lack of a better word). I have my suspicions that I am co-dependent and possibly co-morbid bpd. Thanks, Kati!

  13. Can you talk about NOS diagnoses? I have been diagnosed with anxiety NOS and I'm a little confused about what that means.

  14. #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, Can too many distractions be a good thing or a bad thing, especially when you are not coping well to deal with your depression and anxiety, is there a limit to what you can do before everything gets out of hand?

  15. Hey Kati, I have been diagnosed with Bipolar type 2 but I disagree with my diagnosis as I feel like I don't experience hyper mania.
    How should I bring this up with my treatment team, I've tried to before but they seem to be very persistent because of my family history of bipolar… Thanks so much! Love your videos so much. Xoxox

  16. #journaltopic Keys from the past unlock the doors to the future.
    What does that mean to you, which Keys unlocked which doors and why etc. 🙂

  17. #KatiFAQ
    Hi Kati! First thank you so much for posting this. It cleared a few things up for me. So I have a question. I live in an area with very poor services and I was previously going to a clinic that aside from anxiety disorders, refused to diagnose anything else outside of the NOS. So I've been "officially" diagnosed with mood disorder now. The problem is I am textbook bipolar 1. My sister has it, my grandmother has it, my cousin has it. I think you get the picture. But when I was going to the other clinic(I switched) they kept going back and forth between a bipolar diagnosis or borderline personality. They didn't put a diagnosis on record until I left.

    Can you make a video about the difference between bipolar and borderline? I have recently(thanks to being in the grips of a horrible manic episode) started tracking my moods on a calendar to take to my new therapist.

  18. Thank you Katy! I have an eating disorder, and I'm pretty sure I have Bipolar disorder too 🙁 but I'm to ashamed to ask for help, because my family thinks I'm over my eating disorder and telling them that I'm getting worse and that now I think I have Bipolar aswell scares me so much. Love you xx

  19. A lot to learn on this subject. I barely hit the surface. I know a little more than before but I'll need to learn more. Your videos do help me out learning. Got to start somewhere. To me knowledge is power. The more you know and all that jazz. I wrote a poem on Fathers Day that I want to share with you. I don't remember if I shared the previous one from a few weeks before. This past year and a half I have really changed. Learning new things. Getting help in my life and online has helped tremendously. I'm on a new path and I can't wait to see where it takes me. Hope you like this. Either way is fine. Can't wait to see your panel next month. 
    The sun shines bright upon me      By this sparkling lake is where I want to be 
    The daughter I never saw in my mind      Her mother very lovely and kind
    Living in the past is no longer a path to follow      All it did was make me feel hollow
    The paths are long and hard      Either way I look I still have to choose a card
    What lies ahead will be worth the time      If I did nothing it would be a waste and a crime
    As I follow what lays ahead      I know that they'll always be in my heart and I won't feel dread
    Either path I choose will take me to new places    Where I will see many new faces 
    My destination I shall find         As I grow body, soul and mind
    Have a remarkable weekend. See you later.

  20. Your videos are really helpful. I don't think I'm bipolar but my dad is (don't know which one cause he left me when I was 15 and it was king of then mom told me about it) but the thing is , I always look for new information about it. Cause even if he left I still want to understand him and so on. 
    I have done so much essays about it in school just to try to understand why he was the way he was. 

    But I think u made me understand on a diffrent level. I dont really know. Thank you Kati. You are amazing.

  21. Thanks for this video. Confirmed my suspicions that I have bipolar 1. Having issues with meds right now & switching to lithium.

  22. @Kati Morton I was diagnosed with BP I when I was 16; I am now 34. I never indulged in drinking or doing drugs, but even though I stay away from all substances it is a struggle for me to stay well. I am in school doing my best to finish my BA and then hopefully go on to graduate school. I almost flunked out of 2 semesters and this is coming from someone who is a straight A student. I can't decide if I want to do research or become a clinician, but that will sort itself out. I will get a Ph.D. I told all my friends and my professors that will will get my Ph.D. because I know I'm smart enough to get it.

    The main thing I have to emphasize with everyone, including myself is to never abuse drugs or alcohol as a means of medication.  When I see my friends drinking wine or having a few drinks at parties, it is so tempting to grab a beer or two. My brain is already a mess and I shouldn't add to it's instability by allowing toxic chemicals to the mix. I know the only reason why I have a chance to get a degree is because I stay clean and sober. I just have to not kill myself, but I'll make it happen somehow.

  23. Where is the talker from? (or if you know the area where people talk with such accent) Please answer someone! Thanks

  24. I was diagnosed bipolar 1 with psychotic features (I hate the way that sounds, is there a "nicer" way to say that?) paranoia, & anxiety. I used to be on tons of meds, but the side effects damaged my liver and pancreas to an extreme so I had to stop (and I ended up having surgery) .. Therapy helped for a while but we couldn't keep it up. Then my symptoms went away for a few years (like 3 or so). But now they are coming back. I put myself back into counseling but I'm worried because my body can't handle meds, and I don't know the extent of how the relapse is going to hit. But I notice my symptoms. And I'm worried.

  25. I think someone in my family has it really bad bc they refuse to take medicine and you cant get a word in talking to them and this person has diarrhea of the mouth like u said. Im not the only one that thinks it in my family.

  26. you talked about multiple assessments, i only got assessed for everything once about 5 or 6 years ago and i never got assessed again. i got assessed for progress on getting better but thats it.

  27. I was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar 1 disorder with psychotic features. I seem to experience depression, hypomania, and mixed episodes way more than full blown mania alone. I hate being depressed, but sometimes hypomania feels good. I think the WORST parts of my bipolar would be mixed episodes and the anxiety & paranoid delusions I sometimes get while manic. They can get so bad so fast and it's pretty scary.

  28. Hey Kati I am very close to finishing my masters degree for professional counseling. I enjoy your videos and I often refer to them for my course work.

  29. I'm bipolar. Starting 2 years ago I discovered Adderall. I take it when I'm losing my manic phase so I'm always up. Life is good.

  30. I've was diagnosed at 20 with bipolar 1. I'm on lithium, 1 in the morning & 2 at night. I've had 3 manic episodes in a 10 year period. I was treated right away, had typical symptoms. I never experience depression though, is that normal? (I'm glad I don't) I just haven't met or read anywhere of someone like me with this diagnoses. I do not struggle with my moods, great long relationships/friendships, able to preform well at work, just those 3 episodes. Thank you for your thoughts on this and I really enjoyed the video.

  31. I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder but i think i am bipolar 2. i never had mania experiences, so i dont understand why they say bipolar 1. i am not a hyper/talkative happy person. i mostly have depressive days, but will ome out of it and maybe have a couple great days, then back down again. always angry and irritable….


  33. My dad forced me to go to a psychiatrist bc he thinks I am bipolar and then i had to take a blood test to check for other physical issues. They said I have most of the symptoms for bipolar 1 but I still don't know. Btw I'm 14

  34. This have cleared so much for me. I always thought when people commit suicide they are deep in depression. A few days ago I attempted suicide. I have bipolar 1. I was moody and agitated but not full blown depressed. I end up in the hospital and the dr here are talking to me like I'm so depressed and I keep telling them I'm not but it feels like they don't believe me. I keep telling them I felt mad and that's why I did it.

  35. I know there's something wrong w me. I believe it may be a magnesium deficiency and depression or mood disorder. I started taking magnesium when i feel irritable and it totally works. I no longer feel up and down. Please get help people. Peace and love ✌️

  36. My mother finally agreed to take me to a psychiatrist. I don't know if I have bipolar I or II but we're gonna find out. I'm so nervous what if there's nothing wrong with me and it's not bad enough to be diagnosed,what if I don't have bipolar at all.

  37. If you have a family member who has bipolar disorder are you more prone of also being bipolar? Another one of my questions is would going from talking to a friend for days to no longer wanting them as a friend, getting bored of them, or just purposely ignoring them for a week be a symptom of this disorder?

  38. Is it normal with Bipolar 1 Disorder to have very long periods of depression? I have far more depression symptoms than manic one, although I have had very extreme manic episodes as well! Have I been misdiagnosed?

  39. I really love your channel ❤
    very useful information
    I'm studying psychology and I've learnt a lot from you ..

  40. Great video. I'm bipolar 1 and all you've said relates to what I've experienced for years before getting proper therapy.

  41. I'm bipolar type 1 with rapid cycling and mixed features and I go in and out of episodes throughout the year then I get into one bigger depression near the beginning of fall. I was diagnosed last November and I'm on depakote and risperdal. It's so nice seeing accurate information being put out about one of my disorders.

  42. what are some good ways to ensure you have a great therapist for bipolar disorder? someone who truly is educated in the disorder.

  43. Is it hard to diagnose this disorder in teens? Sometimes I wonder if I'm bipolar or if it's part of puberty. I'm almost 18 now. When is it safe to distinguish between those two?

  44. As I am listening I am ADHD ADD and ODD ADHD is a genetic trait DRD4-7R, the rockstar gene I'm 29. The H never dropped and the oppositional defiance disorder, did not fade to ASPD, it's very confusing.

  45. I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 with psychotic features and mood disorder. I had a hard time accepting it at first because for a long time I would lie about or hide my symptoms because I didn't want to believe I was bipolar. But I accept it now as part of who I am and I am ok with it

  46. How does Bipolar (1) effects your life if you only have the manic episode once in your entire live? I'm such a confused mess right now :/

  47. Bipolar people are selfish narcasistic assholes. They are toxic and are only happy when they can hold their family hostage and bringing everyone down.

  48. What does it come from? What are the causes? Is it just genetics, a bad childhood and not your fault at all, or is it some sort of "wrong lifestyle" that got you there, like it does with burn out syndrome or OCD?

  49. Kati … One of my many difficulties is that when I am 'manic' and I am overtalking (and talking over) others, and not able to listen properly, is that I sabotage myself because I find that I am monopolizing in my conversations. I always feel so badly when I discover that I have done this. I cannot, at times, hit the right balance between going into complete solitude and then socializing appropriately when I get out and into social situations. Despite working at trying to get it right my whole life. I don't know if I'm more afraid of other people or of myself. Anyway … just letting that weird thing out. Thanks for your great videos!

  50. This was NOTHING about bipolar 1. She is just talking about every type and isn’t even focusing on type 1 for more than 10secs before getting off track.

  51. I’ve been diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar type 1 mixed and it sucks. I have to tell my doctor about my moods. I cycle in and out of dysthymia major depressive episodes, full blown mania where I lose touch with reality, then like you have talked about I slowly would go out of mania into the hypomanic episodes which still look unusual but when I reach full blown mania and I can tell when I do when I appear so rediculous so I start asking friends if they’re the ruler of the universe or if they are God! Or I’ll start thinking that I have my own solar system that I’ve created or I have thought in the past that I was an angelic being, celestial what have you?

  52. Thanks, Kati. Just watched this video. I'm not sure if I have bipolar one, but I experienced a major depressive episode in January this year and I couldn't stop crying and feeling irritated during that time. Now I feel like I'm delusional and I have become addicted to sexual imaginations with hot strangers (and I know it's very wrong as I've been in a caring and supportive relationship). But, as of now, I feel kinda lost and I feel like I couldn't bring my old happy me back. I feel like this depression makes me feel guilty all the time and I'm irritated when it comes to bad smell or ugly things. What makes it worse, it makes me feel like I've fallen out of love with my boyfriend because I've become very selfish and don't want him to touch me. I don't want to make any huge decision right now while I'm curious about what I'm currently dealing with and deep down I know this isn't me anymore. Can you guide me through?

  53. Please do a video on unspecified bipolar disorder. I was recently diagnosed with unspecified bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety and it's been very hard for me to find more information on my diagnosis or people who have the same diagnosis.

  54. Hi, Kati. Thanks so much for making these videos. I'm wondering if you could touch upon whether or not a manic/psychotic episode poissibly induced by drugs would be material for diagnosis in bipolar? Does this indicate bipolar 1 or 2 in one previously diagnosed?

  55. Any tips for helping a friend who refuses medication / therapy because they love feeling manic? It's so frustrating to watch. Reminds me of dealing with friends who have addictions.

  56. I hate doctors I think they are wrong about 20% of the time. When their patients look like zombies I doubt their treatment is working.

  57. It took years for me to ask for mental help; it has a very negative stigma. Before I was diagnosed with it when I was a kid but when I became a adult I stopped telling them I suffered from it and over the years it was getting worse; I would travel across the States on a spur of the moment idea and snap out of a manic episode days later; long story short I am currently on medication for my stage 1 bipolar, for the longest time I just thought I was a spontaneous person.

  58. I have Bipolar 1 with schizophrenic attendances. Got off all my meds a year ago and treat it naturally. I have not had one episode (that’s what I call them) and feel so alive. I love my holistic dr. We are healing my gut (your gut plays a HUGE role in mental illness) and use THC Free CBD oil (THC isn’t legal in my state). We are also working on getting rid of all those stupid side effects and retraining my brain to go to sleep on its own. (I was on so much meds since I was 14 that my brain legit can’t fall asleep without a pill to do its job)
    I also do therapy once a week for a hour. I do yoga and meditation.
    I also have a 2 year old daughter and I have never lost my cool with her off meds (like frustration). I haven’t had a blackout moment since I got off the pills. I got sick of masking my issues and letting pills run my life and still having mental breakdowns and dealing with tons of side effects. Now I am on the path of a healthy life. I think everyone should always consider another route. Remember, when you have side effects from pills, it is your body telling you it is being poisoned.

    Edit: Should note I also have Chronic depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

  59. She explains this so well. I’m in a mixed state I would say 80% of my entire life up to this point and the way she explains this is so true in my experience with this.

  60. I’ve always known the basics of bipolar disorder because of shows and youtube obviously and just out of curiosity, and I’ve never had the thought that I may be bipolar because I’ve just been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. But while I was watching this video I’m getting kind of freaked out because when your explaining the labile mood and your describing the depression and agitation I feel like your talking about me. I confuse myself because I’ll go from feeling amazing and I feel like I can’t sit still and I feel so great to the next hour or so feeling like I can’t do anything, like I don’t care about anyone or anything. I get agitated so easily and I feel like such an awful person. Thank you so much for making this video I just thought I was insane

  61. I love your videos, i'm currently awaiting my assessment appointment later this month. I was in a trial for people at risk of bipolar (who experience mania and depression), received some cbt and new found knowledge on what I was dealing with which has tided me over the past few years. But now it's out of control again. the hypomania and mania I find I can deal with, but the irritability and rage and low moods make it unbearable. I have psychosis as well, most often when my anxiety or mania are being experienced also. Sometimes I will have hypomania or mania for days on end, to weeks, then a depressive episode for weeks or months, with maybe the odd hypomania break inbetween. But then I also get weeks to months where I seem to have rapid cycles of both mania, depression, and the mixed mood /irritability. It can change a few times very extremely throughout the day for periods of time. This is when I most find myself struggling because the constant switching further emphasises how extreme the lows are as you constantly have the contrast being experienced and further shown. Because I am very psychologically aware and intellectual, it pains me more because I have learned how to be more self aware (During mania its more so after I come down from it, whereas occasionally with mania but mostly depression/anxiety/psychosis episodes I now am better aware in), I now see how much of a struggle and constant challenge I am for others to be around and be close to. For years before my mania and depression was assessed, I was reffered to as a walking contradiction. I felt as if I was being 'posessed' or 'controlled' when severe manic episodes took hold, unable to pause or control this ride I was on, and not recognising the person in the mirror. I didn't know who I was, what was wrong with me. only that there were multiple types of me, all that were so real but so different it was beyond belief. At one point I genuinely wondered if I was possibly dealing with a personality disorder, although I also knew I didn't fit that diagnostic criteria either.

    I am now trying to get help away from just a trial therapy, where I will be properly diagnosed with a disorder, rather than just it's main symptoms. I have always struggled to understand the differences between bipolar 1 and 2 until now. am I right in assuming that people who endure even this rapid cycling, but of the extremes, are likely to fall under type 1?

    When I see the psychologist for the assessment I am just going to let them know I have showed in the past I have manic and depressive symptoms and episodes, but would like to get assessed by them to see what i'm dealing with for sure and get help no matter whether it still ends up being the bipolar end or something else. My mum was the same and also experienced the symptoms I did, but was only diagnosed with depression before she died.

  62. im diganosed with bi polar disorder and i have trouble sleeping.. im pregnant and i cant take mood stabilizer. how can i deal with it??

  63. I'm a classic manic depressive (Bipolar 1). I've stayed up for 8 days. Went psychotic from my behavior at that time. Very dangerous. Then the irritability…sucks. Then in bed dysphoric and catatonic for 3 days. I maxed out a 2,000 dollar Discover card in a manic phase. Paid it off but still. I'm more manic. Hypomanic then straight to mania. I love my normal states. Lithium works the best, that and klonopin. On thorazine & lamictal help too. Like the weather; sunny one day when the door opens, then cloudy and eerie dark skies and misery is the first thing from the air you breathe in.

  64. I don't know if my Risperdal is working…
    I have two kids, I'm afraid that my bipolar is effectively screwing them up..
    I'm only sleeping 4hours a night. (That's if I sleep) I'm taking advantage of this online Psychiatry program but I never get the same doctor. Which leads to a bunch of different bull.
    I'm manic right now, and afraid that I'm going to do something weird in front of my kids.
    I'm barely scraping by money wise, no insurance, do you have any suggestions???

  65. also wanna add that bipolar type 1 can also combine with schitzo-affective disorder with full blown hallucinations

  66. I haven’t been diagnosed with BP just depression anxiety but damn this sounds like me like I go through long periods of deep depression and other times I’m just all over the place hanging out with friends doing drugs having sex and all the psych quizzes said I am but I don’t know how to find out I’m seeing my therapist in less than an hour though

  67. i know someone with bi polar her episodes are pretty bad shes mean to me then she apologizes i have depression so what she says can be hurtful she keeps arguing with me and getter madder at me then will block me and apologize the next day its a cycle and its annoying and when shes excited and happy she is really nice but when shes negative it hurts so much because she says stuff like " no one cares about your depression" "who raised your stupid ass" "you're fake and you're using me" she smokes alot of weed too which is a problem and i think she needs professional help but she wont listen its just a cycle and its so annoying and i deal with it day to day which i think shes very toxic she also told me recently that she finds me attractive and she has a thing for me but now i think shes making it up anyway idk if this is a normal bipolar thing but eh

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