Black Mental Health Isn’t the Same as White Mental Health

Michael Lindsey: When you look at the historical
experience of African Americans in the United States you’d have to start with the experience
of slavery and the vestiges of slavery in terms of the trauma associated with it. And
I think that blacks continue to experience trauma in certain ways and certainly with
respect to those who live in urban communities that are sort of infested with drugs or that
are particularly violent. Those are traumatic situations that they experience on a daily
basis. Certainly, as we’ve seen in recent events, interactions with the police can be,
again, particularly traumatic. So when you talk about mental illness in the black community
I think you have to begin with the experience of trauma and how trauma continues to abound
in their experiences in their daily lives. I think that what happens for a lot of individuals
is that they suffer in silence with respect to having a mental illness. And so what I
mean by that in the greater society there’s certainly a lot of stigma associated with
mental illness. It’s sort of antithetical to the American ethic, which is to be strong
and courageous; to pull yourself up by the bootstraps; to weather the storm, et cetera. I think the second part of that point is what’s
happening at the community level or the society level. And I think what happens is that within
the black community, I think that, again, that ethic about what it means to be strong
and courageous is particularly pronounced because of trying to combat those forces like
discrimination or racism and it just adds to the burden of sort of what it means to
survive. And so then the person who’s struggling with the mental illness is perhaps not embraced
or warmly accepted because of their struggles. I remember as a young person growing up I
used to hear about the person who was ” sent down south” and I used to wonder what that
meant. And it wasn’t until I got older that I became more knowledgeable of the fact that
that person was struggling with a mental illness or perhaps substance abuse. So from a historical perspective there’s been
a lot of emphasis in the black community particularly in black families on keeping your problems
close to the vest, in the home. You don’t share what’s going on with outsiders. No one
can treat you as best as your family can. You bring all your burdens and your problems
to your family. And if you do take it to any entity outside of your family it’s the black
church. The church is really important in the black
community. Make no mistake about it. It’s a source of sort of salvation and healing.
And there’s the whole collective support you get from your fellow churchgoers and that
sort of thing. But I think also what has historically happened is that the church has been defined
as the place to sort of relieve your symptoms or to address your burdens and so it stops
there. And what I think needs to happen is that first of all I think pastors and lay
ministers can be more trained in the signs and presentations of mental illness, but I
think that the church can be sort of a triage unit if you will such that it identifies those
who have needs and it’s that sort of first step in the sort of entrée into care, but
it shouldn’t stop there. I believe that culturally competent care is
critical to everything. If patients perceive that providers are inauthentic and do not
care about their unique circumstances then they’re likely to be turned off. At a baseline
providers should understand the history of their neighborhoods, for example, or the history
of the experience of African-Americans and Latinos such that they can put the clinical
presentation into context and understand what unique factors are in play with respect to
the clinical presentation and how that person is seeking to survive and live in the world
as an African-American or Latino. And so I think that the onus is on the provider to
understand that context and to understand what it means for that person to live in that

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  1. I don't really understand why people think this video is racist. It is a video that is focused on mental health in black communities, (which is an extremely relevant problem that is dangerously overlooked) and no where does it mention anything remotely racist. I would like to ask the people who found this video racist, what exactly did you find in it that hints towards racism? It is meant to educate people on the mental health problems that black people face, and how they can be overlooked because they do not look the same as they do in white people. And if you can't face that truth then you just straight up don't want to believe facts. Reminds me a lot of the difference in ADHD symptoms between men and women. A crazy amount of women who have ADHD go un diagnosed throughout their whole live because their symptoms look different from those of a male. Take a second and honestly think about it, how often do you really hear about women having ADHD or black people having mental illness?

  2. You know who else were slaves? Most European/Asian people prior to the 16th century. You know who doesn't perpetually blame slavery and whitey for why they can't get ahead? Asians. Get over yourself.

  3. To deal with past racism I don't think avoiding the issue is solving it. Tbh, I know some would dislike this opinion but I feel that as a society nowadays, mainly White people are trying to avoid the issue racism has caused. At the same time though, mainly Black people need to stop just seeing racism as a bad thing and need to try to understand that not every action is based on racism and understand mental health more. I actually think racism is natural like stereotyping, but when one acts on it it becomes a problem.

    Society would be better if more people listened and just saw society for what it is.

  4. Number one problem in black communities is there are no father's, and the son's are making the same mistakes as their father's.

  5. We are so far and we need to address it. It’s not slavery anywhere on the planet blacks act the same. The ability to reason and adapt. Blacks think were so bad we found them naked in a grass hut. Gave liter y medicine and our technology but it’s never enough

  6. When you define people by anything other then who they are you create segregation.
    Segregation creates discrimination.

    The USA aid very good and pigeon holing people.

  7. This chimp has trump on the brain as soon as he was trying to blame trama on something trump just came spewing out of his boot lipped peanut head

  8. With iqs of 60 to 80 being the majority of shwoogies mental capacity they r too retarded to have any extra brain power to dedicate to being depressed .

  9. I'm white and lived in St, Louis all my life…I been diagnosed with depression from trauma,from being robbed and jump by blacks several come nobody cries about blacks beating and bullying of whites do to racism?

  10. I can't think of a nation ever that wasn't at some point exposed to slavery or had been occupied or abused by invading forces, their women raped, the villages pillaged. I don't really understand why everyone else seems to be able to forget it and move on, but black people can't for some reason.

  11. i talk with many blacks and they are really ignorant, racist and think they know everything…
    also the great majority of blacks blame every one for their faults, lieve in white men county yet they hate white men is a gettomentality and they belive they are victims when they have crime rates over the roof comapre with all other social grupos and races.

  12. Slavery was a choice… Hey if Kanye says it, it must be true… So people can no longer even mention the word slavery anymore. Lets call it 'self captivism'
    Just kidding. Kanyes stupidity is a choice. He should choose to shut the F up!

  13. I know our black people have went through alot still is; but God made us all, if we find out something about our culture,that's good.At the same time don't stoop to anyone being negative.Yah will open our eyes up,to this mystery culture.He knows everything rely on The Most High.

  14. Big Think ; Sober minded people can see right through you !!!!!!!!! One more stupid progressive liberal bunch of junk . Where was Anita Thomas on Newsy when Obama attacked Christianity all during his stay in the White House .

  15. I see where Black people contend that the Jews in Israel are fakes, so… Then they must claim they are white folk and since that holocaust happened way after slavery was abolished then White people certainly have as much or more right to claim mental problems. Personally, I believe feeling trodden down because of this or that occurred in history is a hog-wash ideal. Ah… Then there was the Spanish Inquisition 1470's to 1850's? (Almost 400 years) and it does not stop there. Even the American Indians were still oppressed after slavery was abolished. And… WHY if the American White man was the main characters in slavery as the Black man contends… Were Indians not turned into slaves? Somehow, I think Black people capturing Black people and enslaving them, then selling them as slaves has been utterly overlooked. The reason perhaps, is because the Black man wants $$$ and he knows the Black people that did this, does not have the deepest pockets and the Arabs that also did, (and still does this), would simply kill them. Hmmm… so its all about the Benjamin's and nothing about truth.

  16. Only white people have depression (i dont know why). Only white people commit suicide ( i dont know why).

  17. Stop denying the reality that the black so called American ppl who are descendants of slavery are a result of evil and traumatic situations and events. An unnatural unintended human behaviour and vile practice of enslavement, usery abuse and degredation!!! IT'S DISGUSTING FOR MANKIND TO HAVE DONE OR ALLOWED THIS TO OCCUR. ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM is a devil. My bloodline is free my parents freely chose to explore leaps and bounds and other countries and cultures and to love freely. What a terrible world I see to know these things about others 🙁

  18. The church? 😂 Worst place to go for 'healing.' Some of the biggest hypocritical, judgemental, and entitled people go there.

  19. The basic complaint of the whites in the comment section is this: "Black people are different from us when its convenient for our argument only!!!"

  20. White people: " tailoring health care to a communities needs so as best to assist them? Racist"


  21. "The fundamental problem is that American black culture has evolved into an unfixable and crime ridden mess. They do not want to change their culture or society, and expect others to tolerate their violence and amoral behavior. They have become socially incompatible with other races by their own design, not because of the racism of others – but by their own hatred of non-blacks." — Valmeng

  22. This is not true you will find the facts is white people suffer more from paranoia schizophrenia and mental health issues just the media like to focus on black men especially in London which has the highest amount of black people and black men in the UK as London is more diverse than any other city and black men are unlikely to get a good job and high prospects because of racial bias , when you go to other cities like Birmingham and Manchester you will find white males with mental issues who are aggressive and are drug dependent in their city which has a lot of racism and poverty and lots of white males who have mental health issues the issue is many suppress their feelings by using drugs , black males will stand up for themselves and speak out.

  23. Being African American is one strike against you in society at any economic level. Suppose the person on the opposite end of the chest board (majority counterparts) told you what moves they were going to make before they made them. Honesty is not the policy with normalcy or colorlessness. Chess is guess, if that makes sense, but the proof is in the pudding. Kinda cliche.


  25. All I hear is: Blah, Blah, Blah… KaChing! KaChing! We is Black and WE want $$$! Gimme, Gimme, KaChing! KaChing! And what other reason is there? Suffering is NOT a Skin Tone thingy… MY Ancestors Fought and Cried, Bled and Died that Slavery could be abolished… Not just the Slavery of Black Folk, but all Slavery in USA. And, after examination in many videos concerning the plight of Black Folk seeking KaChing $$$ KaChing! I have yet to see a single Black Person acknowledge the selfless acts of the Civil War Heros That gave their all so you are Free. Your ungratefulness displays Your Soul and Your Heart for all to see. And why you reason that ignoring those heroes of your freedom, only makes some sense when it is considered that you directives are designed by your goal for $$$!
    Because of this reality, I am becoming immune to your distain. . NOW, You want me to believe your hubristic moans are real because you all are suffering vicariously the pains of Your Ancestors? Can ANY OF YOU prove that as a Slave your ancestor(s) lived a horrid life? Next, how many of you can PROVE your ancestors were Slaves? There were Black Folk in USA that were NOT Slaves and there were Black Folk in USA that OWNED Slaves and THEY also adopted names aligned with White Folk. I agree some did, but I remain dubious that many or all did. Plus… 85% of White Americans NEVER OWNED SLAVES SO, Since only 15% of Americans owned Slaves… Why are y'all ATTACKING 100% OF White Folk? You are even including and attacking all White Folk who were also Slaves. Irish people were also Slaves in America, do you provide them an exclusion to the Wrath you want imposed on all White Americans? Most of the oppressions claimed by Black Folk in America today are done by Black Folk in America today. Sadly, because of this it makes it rather difficult to recognize and stop any residual oppressions done today by some White Folk to Black Folk today.
    . Now that you read my rantings… Understand this… It is my sincere hopes that these horrible behaviors would utterly cease and an individual would be solely judged by their own merits. How can YOU contribute to achieving a society where the word Slavery and Oppression no longer resides in a dictionary, a society where the people do not understand what those words mean? AND… PLEASE DISCARD all of your hate, contempt and anguish toward your fellow man Because Jesus is coming soon and Justice will be delivered through Judgment. Stay the Course because I wish to walk the streets of Glory with you!

  26. Its a culture thing. All those things of history the present etc. become our culture. We as health care professionals are not to disregard culture and the various aspects within a group that create that "culture". Different groups do not live life the same.

  27. When he talks about the "trauma" of blacks he is refering to the concept of "generational curses" or "barring your fathers load". Example: My mom os poor so I grow up poor and am mpre likely to be poor. I have to face the traumas my mother went through which moves her as a person. In my example it is being poor. Other concepts in reality are very complex, from slavery-freedom under poverty and subhuman rights-to poorness and increase rights but still holding the stigmas of the past and carrying it forward along with the remaining prejudices- and so on. This however is considering only the social econimoc aspects that effect mental health, disease, genetics and poor health further effect mental health and is brought from generation to generation. If your conditions do not chAnge significantly enough the next generation will carry that load too. Think again abusive parents can at time beget a child whom becomes bitter and carries on that trauma to their child and it continues on and on.

  28. Buddy, very few whites owned slaves over 160 years ago. That black dude is full of racist bs. There were blacks who indeed owned black slaves. Nobody alive today in the US has ever experienced slavery. Talk about the blacks that still own black slaves in other countries.

  29. no they dont experiance any mental issues from slavery, thats bullshit, how come they managed very well in jim crow era, when that would be much nearer the slave days, no it is not slavery, its other things, like drugs, low morals, etc, and violent music.

  30. BULLSHIT. Stop with the victim mentality, I understand you can be affected by the history of slavery, but you haven't experienced it, you can't just say "oh slavery this" and "oh slavery that" because the majority of african Americans can't even name one of their own ancestor who lived through slavery. A lot of black people in America aren't actually of african descent either, some are Jamaican, Dominican, carribean etc. What people aren't talking about is slavery does exist in many forms still today, for example, the capitalist system keeps the working man down and prevents him from earning more, they are restricted to days off and holiday, which isn't freedom, just stuck in an elite system based on corporations and money. Other examples include kidnapping or breeding children women and adults and forcing them into sex rings and paedophiles rings, paedophiles rings are a HUGE problem and it's not restricted to one race, please research the Australian Pedophile ring that is slowly getting exposed in the media. We also have slavery in the middle East of manly white and black but also middle eastern people aswell. There's so many examples, so when I see comments like this it makes me question the creator of the video because mental health isn't based on skin colour it's your mind, you don't have control over your mind, I'm classed as mentally ill. And this is kinder a slap in the face to ALL mentally ill people, because we don't compare them to one another it's not a competition, we support and encourage one another to have better coping mechanisms and find ways to better understand our health so we don't end up either hurting ourselves or others. EDUCATE YOURSELF AND STUDY BEFORE INFLUENCING ALOT OF PEOPLE. Thanks.

  31. The more I hear the crap that blks come up with I just think man blks cant get any stupider. And u whites just rule over and take it. Grow a pair and not care if u are called a racist just by defending ur self. Dont worry the world is waking up to the crap most blks spit out. We know they are no victims a anymore not for a very long time. We see how blks have more privileges when you whites do anymore. They can call whites anything and say it's not racist cause blks cant be racist. I just laugh at the thing they come up with. Blk will soon be replaced by Mexicans and they will be at the bottom. I feel bad only for the smart thinking blks who dont play this and act like they are victims a d use the race card every chance they get.

  32. Nigro's unfortunately are the most negative species I've ever examined & observed. They live in complete past, in slavery to their fear, hate, past, weakness's, inabilities. I never ever have any problems with any color i'm color blind accept I am able to distinguish the heart and it's attitude and I HAVE TO SAY NEGROS YOUR HEART SUCKS! IT COMPLETELY IS WEAK CAN YOU GET YOURSELF TOGETHER! STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE PAST IT'S NOT YOUR COLOR THAT YOU'RE FIGHTING WITH IT'S YOUR ATTITUDE YOUR ATTITUDE COMPLETELY SUCKS AGAINST OTHER RACES!

  33. blacks not mental they had problems in d na for thousands of years they don't realize what they do don't think before they do it whites do

  34. NO colored person alive today in the USA has went through slavery. You can not say that you went through it when you were not alive.

  35. This guy claims to know mental health yet speaks like someone who suffers from the symptoms of a retarded person.

  36. as much as i hate libtard sjws, depression and mental health is the one area where i actually see white privilege
    if the media depicts a white person suffering from depression everyone is all kinds of sympathetic but if any other skin colour is depicted everyone goes victim blaming and is like 'they should have seeked help'

  37. 1999 my family was butchered by Serbian soldiers in Kosovo 45 of them in my village
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    They killed woman children and elder people
    Pregnant woman
    And i know that black people don’t give shit about that
    No black persons will cry his tears about death pregnant white woman who got shot by
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    They want cry if they see white woman almost split in half by ak-47
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    They will talk about something what happened 300 years ago
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    Black just hate white and they are unhappy because they live in white people country
    That is fact and fuck you all who think otherwise
    If we let usa to be Black Country
    We will have new africa here
    New haiti

  38. Seriously? What the guy is trying to say is that how slavery, diversity and oppression under European reign has shaped the black society. The man simply as possible said the black communities seek church instead of real treatment. This man is not trying to come up with a bullshit reason on why blacks are still victims. He is just trying to come up with a solution to help the black community. Reading these comments are horrible and it’s clear that white American mental health is also a issue.

  39. Black communities biggest problem is 70 IQs, 6x the crime of whites, and 15% more testosterone. Genetics, but it feels better if we just blame whitie! Kill whitie!!

  40. Resentment of white mentally ill people makes them take it out on each other. All the staff that bullied me at the hospital were black, they favored the black patients unless they were gay or trans.

  41. Black people experience trauma because they cause problems they are lazy and animals why pretend to like them they are lazy and that’s why the kkk exists it’s a self defense team

  42. The trauma blacks experience is living in a society they can no function in. people are not robots that can be reprogrammed for any task or any environment. There is only so far you bend human nature (genetics, behaviors).

  43. Really, YOU think only blacks deal with trauma?! You think that they had more problems?! SEARCH THE UNLUCKIEST PERSON EVER. THEY. WERE. WHITE. UNDERSTAND?! IM TIRED OF BEING DISCRIMINATED JUST BECAUSE OF HOW I LOOK.

  44. As a black man in America I’ve been traumatized far more by other black people than by white cops. In fact most of my experiences with white police officers have been very pleasant. I honestly have to say that my biggest issues in life has been with dealing with hostile black people… not white people.

  45. Many of you missed the point. Stop being "outraged" about what you don't understand and make an effort to learn. There's nothing to be offended by in this video. Get over yourselves.

  46. Mental Health is White doctors generalizing people to push there drugs. Fictional terminology. It's called Spiritual Health. "Lack of" sheez

  47. Depends on which blacks… All Asians are not Korean. Bible says, watch out for false brethren, which only means watch out for fake ni99as

  48. This video is right on. I really agree with having church's become the organization that the "Black" community could turn to for Trauma healing from society. In my own family and in my own "Black" community of Moors in Wilmington Delaware, there was and still is societal abandonment, drug abuse, terror, poverty, worthlessness, starvation, neglect, hopelessness, sabotage of community infrastructure, simple and animalistic representation in media, Complete loss of cultural identity and hate from European American society. If this video offends anyone or creates a feeling of confusion, it's not for you. That's ok, y' know?… It's for a largely ignored and notoriously hated ethnic group of people through the history of mankind. If you're not identifying with this group, collect a little pat on the head for being competently ignorant to what goes on outside of your imaginary "terrarium" of reality, with a dropping population.

    Reading the comments section of videos addressing cultural issues that can be solved by reconstructing the minds of "Black" people in this Nation is always taken as a threat to the people not being addressed. My Father's family are Moors. My Mother's family are Celts but she had been adopted by an English Family instead. Grama is an English American who taught me growing up that her "White" people had colonized my father's people in the past because they were doing them a favor – bringing them to a civilized state of consciousness with God. "White" people don't mean to be, but they are widely ignorant of other people's perspectives and embarrassed to admit that they themselves as a collective culture, are Savage.

  49. Mental health for a subjugated class is different. Not all black ethnicities are oppressed and not all white ethnicity are in power. Depends on the nation. For example a Igbo Nigerian would have no insight into s black from inner city since Igbo are the oppressive class in Nigeria

  50. Historical til present day. Black's circumstances are vastly varied. What is a reality in black's lives are not a reality in white's lives. What we have the monopoly on? 400 years of non stop hate, that world wide HATE. Slavery! Pulling ourselves up from the boot straps? What if you didn't have boots or straps? Yes….we stand out and nobody comes close.

  51. Fuck white and black I'm Asian and I'm proud , see still white and black making video about there own life and how it goes making foundation and all of that , u are disease human being who are fucked up by its self. Untill today u people see as as workers and do ur life till today , lived in ur country Arab India Europe Africa America's

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  54. I struggle with mental health issues myself. Trauma is a factor, it other things are as well to blame.
    Do not try to say that it’s “different” to make your community seem special, no matter what community you are in.

  55. It appears that the vast majority of Whites commenting don't know what the heck they are talking about. when it comes to "race."

    Most have NEVER even read a book about racism….but believe they are experts on the subject.
    They don't do that when the subject is about, for example, mathematics, astrophysics, epistemology, etc.

  56. There are some blacks families who generations never healed from the post traumatic slavery disorder. Many still deal with the mental, emotional, and spiritual residual effects of slavery. Genetically, due to the breeding of the African American slaves, a lot of negative characteristics and traits are still present. Examples, incest, rape, alcohol consumption pimping (the selling of black woman and girls, domestic violence,etc.

  57. What about the white slaves? Their were all races as slaves. Black slave owners, in the U. S. I hate the media promoting this victim mentality. They are only hurting their own race. On outside it looks like they care & trying to help…. Really you are being caught in a victim trap so they can get everyone dependant on government. EVERYONE. we are going backwards as society. 20 yrs ago you didn't hear all this black/wht shit. That's exactly what it is…. SHIT. The Nazis are still in control. Crypto Jews are involved in Nazis.

  58. With a background in Psychology, can't a person step out of there economic situation and improve him or herself with education, hard work, and bowing down to the Lord? One in America can seize the day and make his or her life. That means not making excuses, whining, or complaining, but making an honest and sincere attempt with effort to succeed by stepping away from the misconception of oppression. Turn away from prejudice people and keep going. YOU make your life. So throw the crutches away and get going by committing your life and well-being to God. Everything falls on you, so make it happen.

  59. slavery stop the bullshit. Plain lazy, no account garbage. Only the blacks that were brought here are the only blacks on the planet that are severly mentally handicapped. A small amount of these moon crickets came here compared to south america. All excuse bullshit
    Other blacks around the world even express the american blacks are weak minded this them saying this. Slavery still going on in africa not 1 black from the USA says anything, cannibalism among black yribes on agricabstill goes on. Stop the bullshit and grow up lifetime losers lazy shits. Low IQ shits

  60. You didn't mention white mental health at all, so how do you know they're all that different. Black people like to keep their problems quiet and go to the family. Hmm…what the fuck do you think white people do?

    This video should've just been simply an explanation of black mental health. You didn't prove at all that it's much different from white.

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