Botox migraine behandeling

Frodo: Hello, I’m doctor Frodo Gaymans and in this short video we will discuss the topic botox migraine. A lot of people don’t know that botox can be used to treat migraine. Before the treatment we look at the focus of the migraine, so where the migraine starts, in this focus area we give rest to the muscles by injecting botox. Sometimes the focus lies in the neck; this can be treated as well. The severity of the attacks and the frequency in which they occur decrease. If you are interested in this treatment we recommend you to find out whether your health insurance covers the costs or not. If so it is mostly on a refund basis. After you are treated you will receive an invoice whereupon you can request reimbursement. When approved you receive the money or a part of it. But once again please look up this information on the website of your health insurance. Would you like to have more information about the botox migraine treatment? Please visit our website or watch one of our other videos.

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