Boxing for Stress Management

Healthy habits not only
help us stay in shape, but also provide a
mental health boost. In today’s Healthy
You, I meet a man who says boxing knocked out his stress and made
him feel great. (upbeat music) The best way to pick
up a healthy habit is to find out what
works for others. – Hi, my name is Roy, I’m a
licensed barber from Chicago. My healthy habit is
boxing, I do it because it helps me stay in
shape, and it’s fun. – OK, Roy, boxing is a healthy
habit that I know and I love. What got you so
excited about boxing? – Well, I always watched
it when I was a kid. I was like, one day I wanna
do that, just try it out. I just like the sport, that’s
my favorite sport to watch. – Ton of physical benefits
when you’re boxing. You say that it’s
changed your life. – Yeah, actually I
lost about 20 pounds and seven inches in
my waist doin’ it. My cardio has increased,
my endurance went up a lot, I have more energy, I
just have fun doin’ it. – And you know what,
when you have fun doing a healthy habit, you wanna go back and do it more and more. A lot of people do it because
it lowers your stress. What kind of mental
benefits do you feel? – Well, I just feel more
relaxed, more serene. And then I do it
early in the mornin’, so it helps me with my day. Choosing boxing as my healthy
habit, it gets me out of bed, ’cause it’s something
that I wanna do. – And you’re a busy guy,
you’re working 60 hours a week makin’ sure
people look good. How do you fit time
into your schedule to make sure you look good? – So, the way I do it is I
get up real early to do it. And I get it before work,
and it help me feel great when I’m at work, ’cause
it’s somethin’ I wanna do and wanna get better at,
I get up to go do it. It’s a good start to my day. – [Jane] And you
go in every day? – Five days a week.
– Perfect, I love boxing, so are you ready to show
me some of your moves? – Oh yeah, oh yeah. (grunts) Don’t beat me up too much.
– I’m sorry. – Boom, boom, boom, boom. – I love it. All right, if you
have a healthy habit you wanna show us, tell
us on Facebook or Twitter, or tag us on Instagram
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