#Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)- Uses & Benefits for Memory, Anxiety, Insomnia, ADHD, and More

Hello viewers! Today, I am going to give you information about a wonderful herb which is known as Brahmi. I have really great clinical experience with Brahmi, which is also named as Bacopa monnieri. In south India there is an herb named as Centella asiatica which they call Brahmi whereas in north Bacopa monnieri is known as Brahmi. So both the herbs can be considered as sisters because both have same medicinal uses for brain functioning. Brahmi is such a miraculous herb for brain which cannot be explained in words. Whenever I have recommended Brahmi to any of my patient.. They always give good feedback by saying that they are not having depression, stress, and any sleeping disorder, better concentration and memory power.. so Brahmi have these kind of qualities.. Brahmi helps in keeping you calm.. people who feels racing thoughts, remain confused.. Feels anxiety.. Those who are suffering from depression and consumes anti-depressants… so it’s better that you should take Brahmi rather than anti-depressants.. it don’t have any kind of side effects.. You can also give Brahmi to students who are studying.. You can even give juice of the Brahmi plant.. about 5ml morning and evening… Generally, you can find this plant in any nursery.. if you are not able to find in nursery then you can definitely find it in any medicinal nurseries.. Brahmi is of cool potency.. So it can also be used in treating acidity.. Because normally if a person is not calm that too causes acidity… So this herb will calm down the acidity and your mind both as it is of cool potency… when women’s go through hormonal imbalance and they feel anxiety, fear, neurosis, etc. we call panic attacks.. Females have a tendency of getting panicked too soon.. And the menstrual cycle gets disturbed so they can take Brahmi at that time too.. there is a combination named as Brahmi Rasayan and you can use it as an anti-aging… and I am already using Brahmi capsules in my clinical practices.. there is an another combination which is called Brahmi-vati with gold which is proved to be a bit costly.. The best preparations of Brahmi which you can use are Swaras.. we have made these Brahmi capsules with the extracts of Brahmi.. there is an disorder attention deficit disorder in children.. Sometimes children don’t listen to their parents or hyperactive, they roam here and there.. they don’t answer properly.. they are happy in their own company.. some faces difficulty in learning.. have lower memory power.. Getting low marks.. If you will give them Brahmi they can improve their learning capability… people at old age who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease.. or someone is facing memory loss.. So you can give them Brahmi swaras.. 2 teaspoonful morning and evening.. or you can give them Brahmi capsules too.. You can also buy these capsules online.. Some patients come with the complain that they feel anxiety, racing heart rate.. They cannot tolerate any kind of stressed situation… In these cases also you can take Brahmi capsules… There is one more medicinal use of Brahmi.. if you are using Brahmi on regular basis then it helps in lowering blood pressure.. those who faces fluctuating blood pressure then they can use Brahmi for better results.. One who is having sleeping disorder, feels anxiety.. Brahmi is very useful in treating Insomnia.. Use it regularly. This will improve the sleep quality… Whenever I have given this product to someone, especially to women.. then their husbands says that whenever she is consuming Brahmi till that time he can notice the changes and when the dosage is completed then it is easily noticeable.. So this means that Brahmi is really beneficial in keeping a person calm and kind.. this is noticed by the spouses.. on the same way when I recommend it to males then their better half says that “I think Brahmi dosages are over”. so Brahmi is very useful.. and children told their mothers to eat Brahmi “Mummy! Mummy! Brahmi is very Yummy and you should eat it daily”.. So Brahmi is very useful and I recommend everyone to take it.. the sister herb of Brahmi i.e. Gotukola (Centella asiatica) which I was talking about earlier. which is known as mandukparni. The structure of the leaves of this herb resembles to frog legs.. This increases the micro-circulation.. if someone is having any skin problem.. Moreover it is useful in increasing memory as well as it is useful in treating skin problems.. this is of more cool potency so it is beneficial in treating vascular disorders, blood disorders.. so you can use in these cases also.. As I have told you that you can use both the herbs Brahmi and Gotukola on daily basis.. So it will be very beneficial for you.. and I hope that this information will prove to be beneficial for you.. Thank you so much..

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