Breath — five minutes can change your life | Stacey Schuerman | TEDxChapmanU

Translator: Tijana Mihajlović
Reviewer: Tiziana Soverino In our day-to-day lives,
we are constantly bombarded with an enormous amount
of sensory experiences that are beginning to overload
our sympathetic nervous system: loud noises, flashing lights,
crowds, advertisements, anything that’s trying
to gain our attention, which begins to activate
that fight-or-flight mechanism within our body, throwing us out of balance. But what if there is a tool
that you can tap into every single day, something that happens naturally? That we can use to reverse that, activate the parasympathetic
nervous system, come back to that rest-or-digest
mechanism within our bodies; restore balance; reduce blood pressure; slow down the breath, heart rate, before, during,
and after a stressful event. What if it was as simple
as just breathing? What if you took five minutes
out of your day just to focus on the breath? So you may think sitting in silence,
focusing on your breath for five to ten minutes a day seems really boring. You have too many things to do. It’s a daily indulgence
you can’t afford to do. You might be thinking,
“Ain’t nobody got time for that.” (Laughter) All right, I couldn’t resist. But what if it was
a crucial regiment for your health? What if by taking those five minutes a day would make a difference
in your life and your day? So, where do we start? Let’s begin here right now
with your breath. Take a moment wherever you are. Choose: you might stay seated,
you might stand up; whatever feels right for you. You might want
to stretch around a little bit. Just choose where you want to be. Then, once you make that decision, take a couple of moments
to even shift a little bit, get comfortable. Allow the eyes to softly close. I hear and sense the shifting. So, let yourselves settle. Let the eyes softly close. Take a moment as you’re here to feel the feet firmly planted
onto the ground, maybe feel the seat bones
dropping in if you’re seated. Start to feel the spine
lengthening up to the skies as you take a deep breath in. Start to feel the shoulders
softening down the back. Start to soften the muscles into the neck,
into the face, into the jaw. Take a moment here. Begin to allow yourself
permission to let go, to let go of everything
outside of this space. Let go of anything
that might have happened before this very moment. Let go of anything that you might
have to do afterwards. Let go of any judgments, any expectations
about yourself and of this practice. Allow the mind to settle
into the heart, into the body. Even begin to listen
to the beat of your heart. Welcome yourself as you are
at this very present moment: physically, emotionally, mentally. Begin to bring your awareness
to your breath, to the deep sensations of the breath. Notice the rise of your chest
as you inhale, notice the dropping
back down as you exhale. Notice the lengthening effect
as you inhale. The deepening effect as you exhale. Notice the natural spontaneous breath. Notice that without doing anything but just bringing
your awareness to your breath automatically lengthen on the inhale, automatically deepen on the exhale. Notice yourself maybe
sitting up a little taller or standing up taller on the inhale. Notice yourself rooting down
deeper on that exhale. Begin to bring in a sense of peace,
calmness, serenity on your inhale. Begin to let go tension,
fear, anxiety, exhale. Allow your internal vision
to move your breath throughout your body. Take five deep breaths in,
take five deep breaths out. After your personal fifth breath,
on that next inhale, count how many times it takes
to get to the very top of that inhale. To balance it out, count that same number
down on your exhale. You might be working
with the number of four, five, six, seven, eight, or higher. Whatever your number is, stay with it. For the next five breaths, count up,
all the way to your inhale. Count back down
all the way to your exhale. Five deep breaths in,
five deep breaths out. After your personal fifth cycle of breath, allow the count to drop away. Even allow the internal vision
of the breath to drop away. Allow your awareness to empty completely of any images, thoughts, sensations,
impressions, experiences. Take a moment here to notice
smoothness of the breath, quietness of the mind, even the stillness of the physical body. Begin to bring your awareness
back to the room, back to your physical body. Begin to draw a deeper breath
into the belly, into the chest. Slowly begin to blink
the eyes open and close as you transition back to this room. Notice within yourself,
just within a matter of minutes, is your mind more quiet,
is your breath more smooth? Do you feel a genuine sense of peace
and calmness within yourself? You’re more aware of this present moment, that everything seems
a little more vivid, a little more alive? Do you feel refreshed,
recharged, rejuvenated? Are you ready to take on
the rest of your day? Imagine if you did this every single day. Namaste. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. Ted talks are sooo extremely basic and tired. Its good for the masses that dont investigate themselves and just need to be fed what to do and how etc.

  2. This is what indian sages used to do 1000s yrs ago than the Buddhists follow suit, it works that's y it's still being practiced 🙏

  3. Absolutely!! Breath focus is an amazing way to improve health and quality of life! One tip, Stacey, locking your knees will begin to wear you down as well. Just a slight bend in your knees can help the flow of chi to energize you.

  4. 03:13 @ 05:08 i like the girl with her eyes open. seems like a real individualist who does not conform like sheep. btw what's the difference between this and any other type of meditation? she speaks as if she's the one who invented meditation while all this is not that original and doesn't require/deserve a ted talk, imho.

  5. She is talking to Loud, too Fast and stress fully contrary to Yoga Practice; SO, Reduce Speed from Normal to 0.75 or even .)50 to get the good result

  6. dfghfdsskjfssssskgsdhkjsasdghjkjfsasssdfzkkhfssgkjfdssassgkklkjgsssdghjhjjgrdsdfgujjdkjgfsaaaasdfgghhfddddddsddkjggddsdgjdsdfhfssdzukljhgfdaaasdtrzhfsaasghjjgshaasfkkooaaassdffggjjkkkfssdgggkkhggggggggtttthh

  7. This is actually a smaller dose of Meditation which eventually generates a proven theory of improving cognative health.

  8. Ты хоть обдышись , подсознание чуть вышло из тени , посмотрело на все это нововведение , зевнуло от скуки и пошло доваривать ваш обед .

  9. I felt calm and relaxed after watching this video. And then… I started reading through the comments section and I had quite an opposite effect

  10. Oh man I just want to fill up the gap between her legs, it would help me forget all the problems in my life 😜

  11. is it normal the beat of the heart goes faster while breathing in and slower when breathing out ? it used to drive me nuts..

  12. Meditation is antidote to religious epidemic (which was created by nature to desteoy humanity)….Om shanti ….

  13. Just be conscious about everything you do. …Self-conscious. Then you won't have to think about it, and it comes naturally.

  14. so can I take this video is guided towards Meditation process? i have started meditating since last december , kept switching from audio to audio but yea found peace Thankfully but I never knew meditation is all about breathing ,I usually while meditating Visualize the things and everything I want in my life after certain number of inhaling exhaling , Correct me if I'm doing anything wrong

  15. Are you supposed to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth or both from the mouth or it doesn’t matter?

  16. Buteyko Breathing can heal almost everything and you can become super human. It really helped me. All glory to Jesus

  17. Yes, yes…. advertisements (especially billboards) send me into a panic mode… I'd actually rather be chased by a pack of pit bulls, than to have to endure one more flashing light or advertisement!!!!!! GOD HELP US!!!!!

  18. I wish people would simply go look at statistical studies on this… Let me help anyone out there that's willing to listen to real science…. There is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that focusing on your breathing is any more beneficial than simply sitting down and relaxing… Closing your eyes is a wonderful way to shut out visual stimulus that is distracting… but there is no real data that proves that focusing on your breath will do anything for you… Here's something WAYYYYY BETTER (much more pleasant and far easier) than "focusing on your breath" …. Go somewhere quiet, close your eyes, yes, take a deep breath, but instead, create your own mental imagery…. Think in pictures, not in linear, verbal "word thoughts"…. Close your eyes and think of that sunset that you saw whilst on that cruiser on the Atlantic ocean… or make a mental image of your precious dogs running around your back yard as you've come home to let them out to play… visualize your pet's happiness that you're finally home to be with them…. The possibilities are infinite and will vary from person to person, but hopefully you get the idea…. Just think of what makes you happy… Pleasant thoughts induce serotonin and endorphins… This is a FAR MORE pleasant way to meditate than focusing on your breath. And YES!! FAR LESS BORING !!!

  19. I’ve been doing this as a routine more regularly. It helps me so much with dealing with anything that’s stressing me

  20. I've been following good conscious breathing on most days recently for a month and it works. I highly recommend watching the TED talk 'how to be brilliant everyday' which helped immensely. Cheers

  21. why is she at Ted talk? What's the different in what she is trying to say and ALL the meditation of the world??? She didn't bring any unknown input…

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