BTB Episode 1- How I overcame my University Depression

hello ladies and gentleman let me just move this so I could watch you all a little better
hello ladies and gentlemen wassup its ya boy Jon and I just come here to talk
to you about my first song “Story of Jon Part 1” so if y’all wanna see more music
like that and see more videos like this with me going through these songs make sure and hit subscribe button and now let us get straight into it so you know before I
even go into this song I just wanna shout out some people who you know
personally messaged me and saying like this song like meant something to them
I like you feel it because like I’m just genuinely happy that you all liked this
song for the for the people that did message me know so big up to Reshawn, Denis and Simran, Cherise Aunty Sandra my Mum and Dad
and like my whole family like my whole family been getting people in like the Netherlands and India like America telling me like they like this song so
you know it’s just and my Uncle to so big up Uncle Vin if you watching this and so yeah it’s just like so genuinely nice to see people relate into this song
because like it came from a genuine place you know like when the song started with me in um university like when I first came it was like
everything was just hitting me left right left right you know like a boxer
just knock me out so I like it knocked me out so bad even in some points yeah even in
some points it was like I wasn’t feeling good like I used to just sleep in my bed
I was knocked out in my bed and like when the sun would rise or when my alarm
would ring so to come out the class I was just stay in bed
because I wasn’t feeling it I wasn’t happy I wasn’t happy at all
um just one cut yeah a lot of the things made me unhappy like
so the first thing was like living in the past and comparing all my present
experiences to what my past was like And my present wasn’t
living up to the past I was like that made me unhappy expectations
expectations was a big one too like I set too many high expectations of what
university was supposed to be like and what it was actually like so that
contrast is the next thing that built me up so high with my expectations but when
a reality hit me just topple over and like a general sense of unfulfillment
like it’s not how I wasn’t enjoying my class or anything like my studies was
okay but it just like it just feel to me like I had something else I was meant to
be doing and like I didn’t really have a reason to just get outta bed and to to
do that back in the day so you could feel like this sombre tone of the whole song but its only down in the end when if you listen to
the whole thing and if you haven’t I would leave a link for you all is only when
you listen to the whole thing you really see like how how I start up build back
up momentum I come back to like this person who I am here today it’s like
it’s like so it’s three things that mainly had me down and then three things
that build me back up so the first thing that I like grounded me was meditation
like meditation helped bring me back to the present and really stop living
in the present i mean the past sorry or the future because I would either like worry too
much about my past mistakes on like what I said to somebody
or I would worry too much about the future which made me anxious you know
like you can’t control the future right I’m thinking about it like what could go
wrong all these things used to weigh in on me so meditation what meditation does
is it helps you to stay any present like it should you should look it up or try
to practice it I really do recommend it and and then the next thing that helped
me was trading my like my friend Anton he he showed me the saying which said to
trade expectations for appreciation and when you trade expectations and you
don’t expect things from life anymore Then you startto appreciate it so you
appreciate the little things You appreciate the things that do
actually happen so for instance myself I would expect to have the same level of
friends that I did back home when I came to uni I didn’t want to give it time I
just wanted to have it like that and I expected to meet those type of people
one time so I wasn’t appreciating the current friends that I did have in Leeds
but y’all are fabulous people so big up your whole self if you’re watching
this I really do appreciate appreciate you all know like I I just was in a
place where I was comparing everything to the past I was just expecting too
much without giving it time and you really need to like learn to get slowly
get rid of your expectations of life because sometimes when they not fulfilled
then you would just be left feeling very sad as I did and then the next thing
that helped me was like introspection And genuinely searching inside myself to
find out what I like to do and what I wanted what I think my purpose in this
earth is because right now I think is the like bring some entertainment to people
you know uplift them hopefully inspire them and I like to do that through like some
of my music so I thought like after searching in myself and introspecting many of my thoughts I thought that that was my purpose that I’m here for so that’s what
I’m doing it and you see when when you find out what your purpose is it could
be anything because not everyone likes the same things and when you find out
what that is you Jgenuinely you get like a vision for your life or how you want
your life to turn out and then when you get that vision you set goals for
yourself and when you set those goals you start working towards those goals so
like for instance now I’m setting goals towards like YouTube videos and making
music and when it when you set those goals and I start working towards those
goals every day like you genuinely feel a sense of fulfillment
like you genuinely feel fulfilled I know I I don’t like to waste too much time in
my bed like I’m happy to get up any morning and and go I finally find like I
have a zest for life again like I didn’t have a zest for life before I was just
trudging through it day in day out like with with no real feeling like it was kind of bad but I could genuinely say no that I feel fulfilled
and I hope like anybody who who felt like that before
could try some of these practices that I just you know said there and you know
feel better to this does all I want so if y’all feeling a type of way feel free
to message me on Instagram That’s all linked below in my channel too and
yeah look out this Saturday for the new song we dopping “Where is the love TNT” been working on it for the past 4-5 months to get I’m a bit of a perfectionist so
yeah I just wanted to get perfect so we dropping that Saturday so look out for it in
the meantime have a great time of your life and yea love yall bye ya guys so any
comments like let me know what y’all think about introspection and meditation
like y’all ever try before like I would like to hear your views on what on these
practices Thanks

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