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  1. I'm getting bouts of agoraphobia because i live in a foreign country where taking a walk to get milk means i will have to get stared at, no smiles. I don't know how to convince myself that it's fine that i look weird

  2. I want to bring something up. Two things help me feel less nervous when i leave my house. I put on the expression of a resentful and annoyed person, and i hold something. If i look like i hate what is happening around me and like i'm very bored and unamused by it, i find i can talk to whoever i want and say things very freely, and that's the only way i can successfully talk to people. I look unapproachable, but i feel more welcomed than ever.

  3. A chaotic thought process comes from a mind that finds no rest because of their sin. If you do what is abominable to God, you damage your mind and your soul because you are operating against your created purpose opposed to the will of God. You can train the mind to silence itself like you can train it to do just about anything, but true peace that never fails comes only from the creator. The source of all peace.

    When one confesses the Lordship of Jesus the Christ, becomes baptized and sets forth to submit their will to his and obey him, to be perfect as he is perfect, then you find peace. The spilled blood of Christ frees you both from condemnation and ones sinful nature. Sin is more than an act against God. It is a wasting disease of the soul. When one becomes free of sin, walking in the spirit of God, this degenerative disease ceases to have a foothold on the soul. Peace, stillness of heart, calmness of spirit, clarity of the mind and joy in all circumstances takes root in the spirit. The one who walks with the Father will never suffer to the point of despair, but instead will rejoice even in affliction.

    All of these things are promised. Man has a way that he thinks is right, but without the presence of the Holy Spirit within ones very being, everything becomes filtered through this degenerative disease called sin, and all truths that man carries with it come into question. When the possibility of falsehood is mixed in with the perceived truths of man, the line between truth and lie becomes muddled. Christ Jesus is the fullness of truth, and it is only in him that one can find rest in what he knows to be true as the lies he believes in is cast into the abyss.

    Therefore, the cure to anxiety is not the suppression of the uncertain mind, but the fullness of truth that brings ultimate rest which is found in Christ Jesus.

    Seek him and you will find him

  4. The main goal is not to ‘end’ suffering. It’s a realization there is suffering, reasons for it, and opportunities for cessation via threefold path and practices. Anyway, great video 😉

  5. Clean your DIET! Breath work, cold showers, exercise, mediate, set goals, achieve goals, love yourself and stay in tune with your needs and occasionally just say a big fat fuck it! Anxiety can be crippling. I still suffer from it but I know that by keeping consistent daily routines I can remain in the light and keep anxiety in the dark.

  6. what about the time when we know we can do something, but are not able to do at the present moment. how to deal with that kind of anxiety?

  7. I have fear of eat in crowds .
    it is one form of anxiety , i managed it , but I don't know how to get rid of it .
    thinking about by responsibility gives me more anxiety for examples jobs , marriage etc…

    anyone plz suggest me some practices to get rid of my anxiety. .

  8. How can Buddhism help wen u r stuck due to depression stress anxiety n negative thoughts n lack of motivation please help thank you

  9. Buddhism, meditation, yoga they all work along with the ancient Indian Ginseng herb Ashwaganda which is great for anxiety/depression and supports the nervous system! Hasn't been around for 5000 years for nothing! What seems new isn't! Ancient medicine works! Much better than Prozac and other drugs with their lethal side effects! Peace, love and namaste~

  10. Food for thought! True story! The famous French chef/writer/traveler Eric Ripert is a practicing Buddhist and in a video on YouTube he is cooking with the late chef/writer/traveler Anthony Bourdain who was one of his best friends. Bourdain suffered from anxiety/depression, suicidal ideation, alcoholism and had done drugs in the past. Eric suggests that Bourdain practice meditation which Eric does everyday as he also has a very hectic schedule running the top 5 star Michelin restaurant in NYC. Bourdain refused and look what happened! Eric was the one who found Anthony's body after he committed suicide. "When the student is ready, the teacher appears"! Too bad Bourdain wasn't ready for the teacher! Maybe if he had embraced meditation/Buddhism though one doesn't have to be a Buddhist to meditate, he'd be alive today. Thanks for sharing another great video~

  11. First of all there is no such thing called Buddhism. There is only Dharma in sanskrit and dhamma in pali.This is just a tiny potion of Shakyamuni Buddha's thought.What Shakyamuni taught was dhamma.Dhamma is your body and your body functions with your senses and the senses reacts towards klesha( graspings or clingings).Your goal is to avoid all the senses created by the klesha such as anger,jealousy,hatred,attachment,anxiety etc etc,Dhamma is oceans of wisdom.One can only understand the dhamma if you study the dhamma.It is not an easy practice.You need tools to understand dhamma such as meditation and there are many types of meditation taught in dhamma.

  12. Always wanted to make a story animation got an idea for a dioloug

    *1 You got to help us (big bad ) is (insert thing here )

    *2 why should I ?
    *1 I dunno (insert long list of bad here) and not to menchion (thing here)
    *2 ok but what happens if I do help ?
    *1 happy ending we get to finaly live without them resolution and stuff
    *2 ok but what happens after? What are you gonna do once (big bad ) is gone?
    *1 I dunno get a job open a store or somthing ?
    *2 ok and what happens if another jerk rises and takes there place ?
    *1 we go and stop them
    *2 ok and what if you can’t
    *1 we have to
    *2 ok and why is that ?
    *1 it’s the right thing to do
    *2 all right let me guess same answer if I said another rose up and you won and another and another and more untill the point where your old and frail enough to fail or you die outright and then who’s left ? Let me guess you’ll raise an army or cult call it an academy ect ect but eventually your message will fade be warped or just lost outright the organization falls what next there are survivors the scattered fade the message is even more defused and the end up turning on one another over who’s right there warped incarnation of your intentions remain as a tomb as the through subterfuge ether succeed in gaining power again and become corrupted in your eyes or they fail and are erased . Your a ghost you can only watch at most . Evry thing you do will be erased in time no matter how strong the empire how benevolent or evil all is erased in time so why worry ?
    *1 cus some one has to do something !
    *2 don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you can’t take what I said and flip on on the idea of (big bad ) just cus it’s all futile does not mean it has no effect it’s just that effect is going to fade I like guitars been a good 2000 years since I started makeing them still a shame when one breaks even if it’s a favorited one of mine eventually after a few hundred replacements it’s another guitar in it’s spitting image but it still plays generally the same it’s just different from the original basically I have seen this play out many times so go ahead ether way I’ll be here strumming the same tune I’m sorry .
    *1 storms off
    : mayby having a scenario where the big bad annialating the farm of *2 and haveing that as the point where they go and off em
    I’m not generally a good wrighter and I think I’m a bit off for the scenario for what I want to convey but ultimately message I’m trying to convey is .it will all be gone in the end so do what makes ya happy with out worry all you build or work on will crumble but you enjoy building or doing the activity then why not keep going ? : worry is nice but kinda pointless to worry about somthing ya can’t effect mayby ? Sigh I need time to think it’s hard to articulate a bit basically all will crumble but what you do has an effect ….
    Your actions are but a drop in the ocean but enough drops may be come a ripple than echoes through time until it fades
    mayby idk best I got

  13. I also go for cleaning and putting things in order. 2nd, I spent time in my garden and keep looking after it. It gives me tremendous peacefulness

  14. TM, Buddhist mediation, Hindu mediation, Mindful Mediation, Yoga and all the derivatives thereof are very seductive to an internally pained individual There is an ecstatic feeling of bliss, so exhilarating the individual feels as though he is becoming God – by merging with Universe. The deluded meditator – is actually merging with the lower self as Self inflates and feels Godlike. He is now psychically primed and receiving philosophical narrative from a spiritual guide or guru who implants the idea that God is the universe. Soon to this person, they feel as though they have unified with the universe becoming One with God and all of creation. It is intoxicating, easily becoming an obsessive, self-centered pursuit as the meditator seeks to replicate this “high” experience as often as he can.

  15. While breathing exercises incorporated into meditation is common practice among some well-meaning but misguided meditation teachers, you need to know this is merely a physiological ploy.

    Deliberated breathing creates a physical phenomenon producing a temporary state of well-being which mimics spiritual serenity.

    This false serenity is like a drug. It's an addictive, narcotic. Once indulged, we must keep returning to whatever or whoever induces the feeling of well-being and peace. We become a slave to that source.

    It isn’t a truly inspired spiritual state. It’s a trick, comparable to taking a mild happy pill, later associating the resulting euphoria with the meditation. Or worse, with the teacher providing guidance. If you fall for this whatever troubles you already will increase.
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  16. Buddhism is an atheist philosophy. So yes Buddhists do have a kind of faith – it is faith in themselves as God.

    Also worth noting is that Buddhist principles align with pantheism, a non-duality philosophy which supposes that man IS God.

    What we today call, "Judeo-Christianity" tenets of faith which Bill Wilson subscribed to and out of which he derived the 12 steps are 180 degrees opposite Buddhism, since the Step principles embrace the understanding that man is not God, and for man to play God is to run afoul of His will.

    Buddhism and the 12 Step spiritual principals (Judeo-Christian) are incompatible by their natures and are impossible to reconcile.
    The meditation practices of Buddhists are highly dependent upon visualization techniques to place the practitioner into a suggestive mental state. It also suggests meditation as a form of relaxation.

    Also, many proponents of Buddhism end up venerating the Dali Lama as a higher power. This idea of venerating another human being would be abhorred to the vast majority of AA’s who have picked up the Judeo-Christian spiritual toolkit of the Twelve Step recovery spiritual path.

    This is revamping of spiritual outlook that contrast greatly with the perspective of the co-founders of AA and Judeo-Christian principals out of which the 12 steps derive. They totally screw up the minds and eventually bodies of folks trying to ride horses that run in opposite directions.
    Just a heads up:

    “Mindful” is code for Buddhism. In what is typically billed as “Mindful” Meditation, a facilitator uses hypnotic devices to crack open the psyche and then fill it (mind-fill) with nonduality religious philosophy.

    It’s an induction trick to turn folks who're troubled into a Buddhists. It works especially well with Christians who do not realize they are being converted.

    Very effective hypnotic anesthetics are used. I am quite familiar with the technique and consequences.

  17. Old Black Prisoner in a documentary quote, " I never want to get too close to anything that I cannot run away from!"

  18. wanna cure anxiety resolve the trauma that is causing anxiety in you . Trust me i used to have panic attacks and use to worry a lot now i dont when i resolved the underlying root cause .

  19. Why suffering ? Suffering of what ? Grow up and move on , enjoying life the way each one of us like it. Forget about bad vibes or things that doesn't concern whoever we are . HELLO

  20. What if you can find out the solution to the problem if you keep thinking or worrying? You could say it cannot be solved but you might need to think more about it.

  21. If I have lost any control over the thoughts I have, only get shit at when I wanna talk about it and slowly sink into self-pity and resentment…
    Dafuq am I supposed to do?

  22. When the author of the video says that you shouldn't believe your mind, who's is that "I" that is different from them mind?

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