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Hello lovely people, welcome to my channel My name is Ryan Today I’m gonna be sharing some of my underwear And a story about underwear Before I get started, I just want to give a huge thank you to Underwear Expert for spoiling me and giving me the best of the best every time Honestly my tush has never been more pampered I can tell you that So, today’s video is going to explain what what trans men may want to consider and look for when they’re shopping for some new underwear and since Christmas is coming along it is December now I believe it is a really good gift idea for the trans man in your life, just any man in your life I really, really wish I had known about this company when I was first transitioning because there are so many good things about how this works and how it would have benefited me then even more so than it does now I would like to show you my box from this month All black discreet, there’s no product labels about it It’s just the shipping label So how is a black box great for a trans man? Well When I was trying to buy my first pair of men’s underwear I was trying to do it discreetly I didn’t want anyone to know, I didn’t want my family to know I just wanted it for myself, and it actually an important part of my transition Although I didn’t know that back then I just knew that it was something I really wanted and that I felt would help with my dysphoria You know, some people wouldn’t really think that the right kind of underwear makes a difference and I was one of those people But now, I am a changed man I’ve been exposed to the world of quality underwear Let me tell you my story of my struggle when I was trying to buy my first pair of underwear So I was in high school, fifteen years old and I decided to get my first pair or, a pack of boxer briefs I went by myself I was trying to get back home before anyone else was there and they could see what I bought so it was supposed to be a really quick trip just in and out go back home but it didn’t happen that way so I was really anxious in the men’s underwear isle, trying to figure out what size I was just eyeballing it and it’s hard to figure out what size you’re going to be without trying it on, you can’t really know for sure So I didn’t know what size I was. I was thinking that I would be an extra small I couldn’t find any in the section I couldn’t find extra smalls My next best bet, I thought, was the boys section I go into the boys section and I just decide to grab it was either a medium or a large and I got the heck out of there went back home and tried them on They didn’t fit. The ones I got were too small. they were like literally cutting off my circulation on my thigh and they were really squeezing my hips which created more dysphoria even though the point of it was to try to make it less So not only did I waste the money It just was all bad Things are different now. If you’re new to the transition if you’re trying to buy your first pair of men’s underwear this is definitely a really good beginning because I wouldn’t have had to go and try to find my size because they send you the underwear to your door in a discreet box where no one will know it’s underwear You see? You see why it’s so great now? If you’re not out yet it’s a good idea to get Now I’m going to show you what I got this time There’s the logo. In the boxes, I’ve been getting underwear tips. So this is underwear tip number 33 If you start getting too sweaty down there it’s a little damp stay away from classic cotton and go for a more lightweight fabric with moisture wicking properties Thanks for the tip Bum bum buuu and three pairs of underwear, I get three pairs in each box that I get you can choose 1 – 3 pairs every 1 – 3 months, up to you – on the website Each pair is individually wrapped Code 22 This one is Marco Marco Aye And that’s it, my three pairs for today Two pairs of boxer briefs because those tend to be my preference those are the most comfortable for me love wearing them pretty much at any time And then I got one pair of trunks What’s the difference between boxer briefs and trunks? I wondered when I was a young trans boy Military trunks here’s the front and the back moisture wicking so this is definitely something to wear when I’m working out, I already know So trunks are shorter on the thighs – on the leg and then boxer briefs are longer on the leg and this is great because it protects against chafing so here is my Marco Marco pair, love the color stretch, the design on the waistband is cool and it’s thick. Again, preventing rolling and there’s also a little bit of space here on the pouch The last one These are the best quality underwear that I have classic just black, simple, minimalistic but great quality look how stretchy that is Like, can you tell how comfortable these are going to be? It’s microfiber material. Has a little pouch here for contour and for added support for a packer The length, I love the length. Much longer, much more comfortable for me So I have on the black boxer briefs that I got So soft. So comfortable These are going to be a new favorite Oh, also – I don’t have a packer in right now, just letting you know See? I love the way it just hugs so amazingly Thick waistband No rolling, you see how it makes my hips look more straight? It’s a more masculine fit and that also affects how shirts fall And because of the length here it protects against any riding up or chafing right there I put on the military trunks and I’m going to show you the difference in length Say I’m wearing like a little bit baggier pants that’s when my thighs would tend to rub against the extra fabric and it hurts, it’s not fun I like this design, I don’t have anything like this, like – All of the underwear I get I never have anything of they’re all so diverse, there’s so much variety Now I have on the last pair of boxer briefs I got what was great about these in particular was that there was no tag in the back you know so it’s not like scratchy? You know scratching your back or anything like that. Again these were super comfortable super soft they fit around all my curves and they don’t draw attention to my hips Underwear Expert is very helpful because all you have to do is give them your waist size and they do the rest. You don’t have to worry about choosing from small, medium or large. So for me I know that my waist is 28 in inches So I just tell them that on the website and they send me all the underwear that’s going to fit me High quality stuff. Like I said I think this would be a really great Christmas present I think it’s cool, I get happy every time I see that little black box And if you are interested in getting a box for yourself or someone else guess what, I have a coupon code for you for 55% off your first month your first box. That will be on the screen somewhere You can choose your style preferences any designs that you like – if you like more colorful things or if you just like simple colors, you can get a variety There’s the briefs, there’s the boxer briefs trunks, jockstraps, and thongs totally up to you. I’m also going to leave a link to the website in the description easy access for you to go ahead and choose your own. There’s an option at the end for if you want to choose exactly which pairs you’re going to get Or, if you want to be surprised I like being in control, I like knowing what I’m going to get so that’s why I usually choose my own By this point, I know what kind of underwear I like, I know I like the boxer briefs the most so that’s why in this box I got two That’s going to be it for this video everyone thanks so much for watching. If you liked anything that you heard If you found any of these tips helpful for choosing your own underwear, please give a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already More content is coming, I promise. Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

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  1. I just go to Walmart to the men’s section yeah people stare at me but I don’t care I’m comfortable in men’s Boxers you say I can breathe better down there way better

  2. Especially when you can pretend that you’re buying them for either your brother or your grandfather but I actually have to go and buy my grandfather some underwear so I brought myself a pair too

  3. Love my "" pairs of underwear. Not just solid colors but many patterns and even glow in the dark. Their prices are better than UE's. Trans guy Lee, Richmond, VA

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