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Welcome to the RAM ADVANTAGE Quick Set where
in one minute we teach you tips that will increase your performance, health, and elevate
your lifestyle. Today we are going to find out if light boxes
do any more than just a placebo effect. Brandon DiNovi, CEO RAM ADVANTAGE, now when
winter comes we have a lot of awesome things to look forward to we have the holidays we
have parties and get togethers with friends and family and we have winter sports which
means lots of football. However, in addition to that we also have
longer nights and shorter days that means our motivation can take a hit. A lot of times we feel more motivated to stay
in bed then to get up and head off to the gym in addition to that a lot of people are
affected by this low light time of year, they get what is called seasonal affective disorder
and that is exactly what brings us to these little light boxes. The makers of light boxes state that if you
sit in front of them you can actually offset seasonal affective disorder, it sounds too
good to be true, let’s find out what the research says. As usual we are going to do this all in one
minute. The timer is ready, let’s do this. In 2009 a group of MDs got together and investigated
the impact of sitting in front of a light box would have with people regularly have
seasonal affective disorder, what they found that it exposed these people to a light box
which emitted 10,000 lux and lux is a measurement of light intensity for only 20 for 40 minutes
these people had a significant and immediate reduction in depression scores. Absolutely amazing, what the researchers then
concluded was that sitting in front of a light box for as little as one hour was significant
enough to have an impact upon our moods. It looks like these things can have a pretty
big effect, maybe they should be a part of our morning routines on those dark and cloudy
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