Can exercise really help with depression?

Can exercise really help with
depression stay tuned to find out some answers I want to start by telling you a
story once upon a time there was a man who was
so depressed and had such a low mood that he couldn’t even get out of bed in
the morning so some of his friends one day decided to try and help him and
suggest that maybe he come along with them to go for a walk sort of a hill and
get some aerobic exercise get his heart pumping to see if it made a difference
but he had no energy or motivation to do so so he refused and his friends didn’t
give up day after day they come knocking at his door until eventually the man
said that he would go with them so each day they would do the same thing knock
on his door and ask if he would go with him and he did and every day they they
walked for a little bit longer and the man was quite happy to go along with him
and eventually it came to the stage where he actually quite enjoyed meeting
up with them and found that without him even knowing it or thinking about it
very much his mood was lifting and he came out of his cloud of depression to
the point where actually he would get up in the morning before they arrived and
make a pot of coffee for them all to enjoy the further into their walk so I
tell you that story just because it to demonstrate the power of exercise
exercise has been shown in many trials to help people to lift their moods and
overcome depression it can it can even prevent the onset of depression and then
help people to stop them going back into depression once they had it so it has
got some very powerful effects but like with most things it doesn’t work for
everyone but the trials that have been conducted and you know anecdotal
evidence suggests that it does work for most people
but how do you get into exercise when you’re feeling depressed it’s it’s
difficult because you don’t have the motivation you don’t want to get out of
bed so you need to take baby steps even if it’s just getting out of bread and
walking around the house for example or walking up and down the garden depending
on where you live if you’ve got a dog that that’s a great thing because the
dog will probably help you to get up and take it from was it it needs that or
once that I find that I’ve got two dogs and one of them is particularly
demanding and looks at me sort of if he hasn’t had a walk it just so started
whining and that gets me out and tasted to take him for a walk and as I’ve told
you before I suffer from depression as well on and I had done on and off for
many years and a strategy that I always found to help me has been to exercise
and I’ve noticed that when I stopped doing now my mood can dip quite quickly
at the moment I tend to go for walks twice a day with the dogs and I’m a
member at the gym I don’t do it religiously I should do it more often
but I find that working as I do sort of freelance and having children i I don’t
stick to a routine which I’m trying to work towards and hopefully that will
happen but if you can do that that’s the optimum and going back to trying to get
motivated to go and exercise it often helps if you have someone to do it with
as we said in the story at the beginning this man had some really good friends he
would knock on his door and get him to go walking with him with them and if you
can find a friend that you go to the gym with or just for a walk even if you go
just for a coffee and walk to the place where you’re going to have a coffee that
would be a great stop so little steps and once you start to do it you’ll
notice the difference and hopefully you can increase the distance and and the
form of exercise and it doesn’t always have to be exercise it gets your heart
pumping your non aerobic activity is also shown to help depression whether it
be used to weight lifting or even sort of climbing up and down the stairs it’s
just worth doing something and moving around and if you’re in a position where
you can’t use your legs and there aren’t other exercises that you can can have
you know weight from sitting down so there are options for that too and how
much exercise are we supposed to have well in the UK there are some guidelines
that say that we should do 150 minutes per week that’s if you’re an adult
ranging from the ages of I think it’s 19 to 64 something like that and
you can do that in installments of say 30 minutes a day or it depends how you
want how what fits in with your lifestyle but it’s 150 minutes a week is
the suggestion and that’s more if you’re younger as well you’re supposed to be
doing an hour a day but going back to what you can manage it’s more about what
works for you even if it’s sort of ten minutes a day it doesn’t matter you just
you know just a little bit of exercise will help maybe doing the maximum is
going to be the best but it doesn’t really matter just get started and then
increase it gradually and see how you feel and also if you don’t feel
confident exercising and you haven’t done it for a long time you can go to in
the UK you can go to your doctor and gag so size on prescription isn’t that great
so you can potentially get some exercise for free so why does exercise help us to
feel better and lift our mood well by exercising we do release endorphins and
other neurotransmitters in the brain which help to lift our mood serotonin
and dopamine are quite well-known for doing that and also endorphins help with
pain and stress and of course the other added benefit of exercising is that
makes us tired so then we sleep better and having sleep issues can be a problem
with depression so I hope that’s helped and I hope it’s motivated you in some
way to to try exercise I say take it one step at a time
leave own comments here and let us know how you get on and what’s helped you to
get exercising if you weren’t exercising before and if you’re exercising how it
helps you and how much you do all these answers to these questions would be
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take care bye my dog she loves you interrupt my train of thought

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