Can Men Suffer From Postpartum Depression?

More evidence that having a baby may in fact
be extremely crappy! I stand by my theory that we should all opt for PUPPIES instead. Hello hello everyone, Laci Green here for
DNews. Our society tends to frame having a new baby as something that’s really exciting
and wonderful…and that’s probably true for most. But for some, it can bring an onslaught
of serious challenges. Postpartum Depression, or PPD, is a type of depression experienced
mostly by new moms that is very severe and can last several months or years. It goes
beyond mood swings and anxiety – which are common after-birth experiences. PPD interferes
with her ability to handle everyday tasks by causing severe mood swings, feelings of
shame and inadequacy, difficulty bonding with the infant, and perhaps even thoughts about
harming them. Up to 1 in 5 women may experience PPD after they’ve given birth. The main cause
is thought to be hormonal, brought on by the fact that estrogen and progesterone rapidly
drop after childbirth. But, it’s not all physical. It can also be brought on by the stress of
a new baby, lifestyle changes, a lack of support, sleep deprivation–which may be at the heart
of a new study published in the journal Pediatrics examining PPD in fathers. The study looked
at over 10,000 young fathers for about 20 years and found that between 5 and 10% of
them experienced clinical depression in their first 5 years of being a dad. This was only
true for guys who became dads in their 20s who lived with their children. The scientists
don’t know what’s causing the PPD in fathers, but since there are no physical changes, it’s
likely brought on by the lifestyle changes that come with a new baby. They noted that
the transition to fatherhood can be a challenging one — especially when you’re young; you know,
you might not have a stable job or have married life itself fully worked out yet. The mental health status of parents is obviously
really important, not just because their quality of life is at stake, but the baby’s as well.
The first few months after an infant is born is when parent-infant attachment happens.
It’s the basis for the baby’s relationship with their caregivers as well as the outside
world. Studies have found that mothers with PPD have a harder time being that mediator.
Her personal challenges can cause a baby to develop a more fearful and suspicious disposition
toward life and other people in the future. A mother with PPD has also been linked to
behavioral problems in children. Scientists are now examining how the infant’s attachment
to the FATHER plays a role when the father is afflicted with PPD. So heyyyyy, pretty grim stuff. But – it’s
a reality for a lot of people, and fortunately, there are many therapeutic and prescription
treatments available to help parents cope so they can feel like themselves again and
get on with their lives. YAAAAY THANKS SCIENCE FOR HELPING PEOPLE. And thank YOU for watching,
we’ll see you next time with more DNews updates!

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  1. It is not often spoken about but there is significant evidence for sufficient molecular exchange between husband and wife for the guy to suffer from morning sickness. Most suffers being in denial rarely seek medical assistance. ( Go research this one )

  2. This is non science, postpartum depression is caused by a hormonal imbalance that is left behind by the changes in a woman's body from transitioning out of pregnancy, and psychological ramifications there of. This means men lack the precursor hormonal change to onset postpartum depression. They might be depressed because they are immature and have to raise a child in this immature state, or because their expectations have not been met, but they are not physiologically depressed. There is a very big difference. 

  3. Ofcourse wether or not this is true, nobody really cares for the feelings of a man, aslong as the woman feels good, right?

  4. becoming a parent also mean growing up (becoming more mature) so the more immature a parent is the more PPD they will have (i'm guessing)

  5. Why the fuck are you discussing these dud topics for. Your topics are oscillating from depression to female insects having a penis wtf

  6. PPD seems like one of those fake illnesses. everyone knows being a parent is not easy, but there are always a few who will go to the doctor complaining…

  7. Couldn't the fathers also be depressed from being around a wife with postpartum depression? Ya know, empathy and all that jazz.

  8. do i think men suffer from postpartum depression? yes, i myself dont have kids, im 23, and i have a lot of friends who have kids…. from what i see its the whole "i didnt want to have a baby with that woman, this was an accident"…. sometimes its "the woman seemed so good back then, now she is fucking crazy and raising a baby is soooo god damn hard"…. and then there is a guy i used to call a friend who has a kid, and a wife, and he lives with his mom and dad, and doesnt work, and doesnt even bother looking for a job….. etc etc…. but from what i see it seems that men who are only 18 years old arent ready for an 18 year commitment, those i have talked to wish they could live as a single man again, and enjoy their 20's first, instead they now dread the thought of being with the woman they knocked up (most of them dont seem to really like their women) and staying with her for 18 years, trying to make it work for the baby… and they also fear that if they become single after the child is grown they will never be in the game enough to get it with any woman… they dont think that they will be able to compete with the 20 year olds when they are almost 40…. so i am going to just sit back, enjoy my young life, enjoy my vacations to Australia and peru, and a couple cruises, i will enjoy the college life and getting my degree, and i will enjoy my lonesome lifestyle…. side note, before any of you call me some rich fuck just know that the college and money is from the military, i served 4 years and spent a year in afghanistan… dont give me that im rich bs, i save money, and collect disability from being blown up 

  9. If you're wondering why today's youth is as fucked up as it is, it's because all the smart people had an abortion.

  10. well tht why im being smart get marry hav kids when im 30 becuz for a decade ill be having fun partying doin my own thing plus having a decent job hey being a parent is great only if you are actually ready bleehhhhhh

  11. I can't wait to have a kid or two!…. Many many many years from now. I got temporarily fixed for a reason people! -_- (I'm 23, so yea…. LONG TIME! I'm too selfish atm)

  12. early 20s, got a family now, i bet they depressed, life as they knew it is over.  also in his prime, bummer.  yay for the dogs idea. and do these boobs seem smaller today?

  13. I am a woman who is suffering from PPD. My twin boys are almost 18 months old and I have suffered for A LONG TIME. It is not worse nor better then normal depression. I suffer from anxiety attacks constantly, I get mad, upset, crying, hysterical at the drop of the pin. My boyfriend has been so damn strong when all I've  wanted to was die. Medicine actually made it worse for awhile after the boys were born. So no, it's not bullshit. It's real. It's a living hell and it is NOT something to joke about or take lightly. At all. Ever. I'm still not better, don't know when i'll be better either.

  14. why would someone would have a baby in his early 20s. It is the time you have fun, and make as many friends as you can and built your career life. But Marrying stops all this fun, and puts in Pstpartum depression. Having baby= Big responsibility and it is better to have a child when you are early 30s in my opinion.But all this media and beautiful girls or women make me think "Fuck it" i wanna get a girl. i think it is not that easy

  15. "Did I might the right choice?" "Is this really my life now?" "Can I afford to take care of a family?" Yeah, I can see how a man might become depressed with these types of thoughts rolling around in his head.

  16. Is it more of a recent thing?  What with all these kids being brought up with 0 burdens or cares having a baby dropped on them would be quite a change.

  17. All I took from this video:
    "I'm totally killing it tonight on team death match"
    "Put down that fucking game and take care of this baby!"
    "I'm sad now"

  18. I grew up in a terrible household because my parents were young and not stable in anything including a job. I mad a decision very young that I would never put my children through that if I ever had any. And honestly I'd really live to adopt because why bring another kid into this already crowded world when there are so many parentless children.

  19. Hey can you do an episode about drug resistance to anti-depressants and how and why they don't work for certain kinds of people?

  20. Yeah, I don't want kids. I'm fine with just a puppy. Kids are too much, they're disrespectful, loud, annoying. I'm only 16 and I see 8 year olds with iPhones and 10 year olds wearing make up. Nah, I'm not dealing with that.

  21. being partially responsible for a walking sack of shit, piss, snot, tears, and vomit that wont shut up for 5 years… yeah i can see why you might get a little depressed

  22. Laci's face looks like she is still a five year old cute little girl but when she talks and starts to enlighten us with her scientific facts my facial expression is like 😲.

  23. The depression experienced from men after childbirth is generally a quality of life drop and the harsh realization that they're now trapped into an 18 year financial obligation enforceable by law.  

    Also, statistically, women are more dangerous to their kids than men yet family law almost exclusively favours women when placing children with divorcing parents.  How messed up is that? "Let's place the kids with the parent that is more likely to harm/kill them and impose legal slavery on the other parent (with imprisonment as a penalty if they cannot provide)." 

  24. I think dad's become depressed because baby's are a bitch. Some men take great pleasure in nurturing a child. While some other men would feel enslaved by it, and start thinking about what life would be like without children.

    I think Im more the second. But Im still young so thatll probably change.

  25. Ok, is anyone else wondering why Laci is the only Dnews anchor that consistently is sitting in her videos?

  26. I once saw a movie about this woman who just had a baby and she had ppd. Long story short;she accidently buried the baby alive thinking it was a doll that was slowly stealing her soul. Motherhood for the win!

  27. Funny how this video's description tells us why young men might want to wait to have children while one of the recommended/related videos at the end of this video links to their other video titled, "Men shouldn't wait to make babies."

  28. Did the study only focus on men who lived with their children or did it only show PPD in them? Seems to me that it's just as stressful and shaming to try to raise a child from outside the home.

  29. Keywords: you men in their 20's. Remember the episode about living together before marriage? The old study was found to be a load of crap because the other factors of young marriages, the only ones it studied, led to stress and divorce. Same case here? Men are often providers, when they can't fill that role it can lead to depression, lack of sexual performance, ect. Tell these researchers to catch up on their DNews!

  30. ProTip: Don't have a kid

    1. More money
    2. No attachments e.g. can go on holidays anywhere anytime
    3. Can focus on your career
    4. Spend more time with your partner developing the bond between you
    5. No crying poop machine that would wake you up each night

    There are more disadvantages of having a child so I don't really know why would anyone choose a kid over a puppy!

  31. My mother suffered from PPD after I and my twin were born. My twin sister died 4days after. This brought on the PPD more strongly. She never got treatment for it and for years it mixed with her already Bipolar Disorder which made living with her worse. She became abusive towards me, but not my brother who was schizo. She was mental, emotional, verbal and physically abusive. My cooping tactics were daydreaming, dancing, listening to music, drawing, painting, reading and writing my own stories. Now that I live with my parents again, and hope to get out soon, my mother has the beginnings of Alzimer's, too. She still does the mental, emotional and verbal abuse just like she used to back then. I wish she got treatment back then. Even my father regrets not helping her well enough and not keeping her away from me enough.

  32. Heh. 'Younger fathers are more at risk of PPD' right next to an ad for an episode prompting men to not wait when it comes to having kids. Just what are you trying to do, DNews?

  33. Yes because unlike women, men have no choice to not want a kid because of the Justice system forcing men to pay for kids they don't want

  34. Hmm, I am a single father have been rasing a son since I was 23 and he is almost 8. It was hard for a few. But its like second nature now. I would not change it for the world. He has made me a better man. I struggle with making enough money to pay bills but we have made it this long. I look forwards to some day maybe meeting a good woman and getting hitched. If it never happens then as my son gets older I will make more money and we will go on vacations and I will make sure he becomes a great man for his kids. I stopped the cycle of jacked up parents and focused on kindness patience and love.

  35. if men dont want a kid…. dont f#@% anyone or wrap that s*%& up. simple.

    plus i dont believe most males under the age of 25 or 30 are capable of raising another human being effectively and this phenomenon supports that.

    spot on with the attachment and psych theory explination. cheers!

  36. I'm 22 right now, my parents got married at 19 and had me when they were 21. I will only get married if i intend to have children simply because i do not want to father a bastard, children deserve parents who are legally bound, also if i do ever have kids it wont be until i'm at least in my 30's and i'm making enough money that i wouldn't be financially struggling to support my kids, i want to be the type of parent who would easily put 30 or 40k to the side to pay for my children's education and buy them a car and set them up for life. There are a lot of people in my college class who struggle with the course mainly because they have kids, it must be extremely difficult to balance a life of education, hold a job, keep a house and look after kids, but that's what happens if you don't achieve your own goals first, but if that sort of life makes them happy, who am i to say anything.

  37. How about, you people with unprocessed abusive/neglected childhoods, not have any children until you get some damn therapy. Otherwise, you'll just transfer your dysfunction into your kids, perpetuating the cycle of dysfunction and violence.

  38. testosterone drops in men after birth
    but…who cares right

    i love how shit like this is considered normal behavior in the animal kingdom
    but to us…nope

    men get depression
    all kinds
    just like men can get eating disorders too

    this video is just bullshit

  39. So, people with new babies suffer the physiological and emotional problems associated with sleep deprivation?  Nooooooo shit!

  40. My ideal world would include a more fool-proof family planning strategy. I wish there was a way for everyone to develop properly and come into sexual maturity without the burden of reproduction. There should be a way to turn off the ability to reproduce as babies, then have a doctor turn it back on in 20 or 30 or even 40 or 50 years when parents are actually able to support a child. And COUNSELING should be MANDATORY before, during, and years after pregnancy because I believe every child deserves to have mentally stable and mature parents that can handle the stress of child-rearing. Prospective parents should be screened and allowed the ability to have a child in the first place. Things would be so much easier! No dead-beat dads, no men being trapped into a relationship or shotgun weddings, no more accidental pregnancy or abortion! No more fucking periods unless you want them! Until then, young people can just fuck indiscriminately until they choose to settle down…or not! Although, that can only happen once all STD's and STI's are eradicated…then no more condoms or barriers! all sex all the time! no worries 😀

  41. Just eat the placenta. That's what I do. We have it encapsulated into pill form and take it when the "lows" hit.

  42. I can't even stand to be in the same restaurant with a crying baby.. :/ 00:17 made me cringe, you'll never see one of those things attached to me. Condoms: Never Forget. I concur with the puppy theory..

  43. I honestly believe that Postpartum Depression affects the father too.
    Especially postpartum involving a lost child.
    My sort of ex and I lost our son Declan in December 2013, and I still have depression from losing my son. Also losing my son practically killed my relationship with my girlfriend who believed for awhile that there was something wrong with her and that she was worried that she would never be able to make me happy by providing me with a child.

    The extra effort I had to go through in order to get her to fall asleep without crying every night affected me as well not just the death of our son which hit me like train but also having to cope with the aftereffects that hurt both of us.

    It's only now six months later that Leah and I are beginning to cope with losing our son and our relationship is slowly starting to heal.
    PPD for fathers is definitely a real thing, I have felt it, and know it is a real thing.

    For a long time after my son died I had difficulties believing I was worth anything at all, I felt hopeless and useless like there was something wrong with me and that I was the reason my son died.

    I remember the day we lost our son, December 11th, 2013 and I remember spending the night at the hospital and the majority of the time Leah and myself cried ourselves to sleep in each others arms. I have only cried like that twice before in my lifetime(I'm 25 now).

  44. I'm just never going to have kids. Never. One, I plan to be transgender, and two, I hate little kids. They're so annoying

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