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Hey this is Omar. Today I am North of San Diego, California,
in a town called Carilsbad. Here there is a mall. It is an outlet mall so you have all these
name brand shops selling stuff at discount prices. So I have been shopping all day. There is actually a lot of stuff. I have been here all day shopping. I want to talk to you about depression and
shopping because a lot of time when we are depressed we might go out and go shopping. But we are actually shopping for stuff we
do not need. We are just going out to shop to feel good
about ourselves and also because we have been conditioned to just buy stuff. The thing is that when you go out and buy
stuff that you do not need and you are just putting stuff on your credit card, you are
not actually solving anything about the depressions or problems, okay? You are just feeling good about yourself for
a moment and then at the end of the month you get the bill and boom, what happens? You have to pay it and now you have more debt. How do you get rid of the depression? You have got to deal with the root cause,
not just the surface stuff. Shopping is just bandaid solution. You feel good for the moment but then the
novelty wears off. The three part formula that I have come up
with that has helped me get over my depression is: Desire, Discover and Do. You have got to have the desire to get over
your depression which means there are all kinds of blocks that come up for you. So you have to have the desire to push through
and have that willpower to really push through that stuff. And then discover what the root cause is. What is causing those automatic negative thoughts
in your mind? What is causing those emotional addictions
that are causing you to stay in that emotional state? What is causing that physiology of depression? It is not just your mind. It is your mind. It is your body and it is your emotions. Shopping itself is not going to get rid of
those things. You have to really discover what those are
and then do. Do something different. Take some kind of action that will help you
get over those issues. Usually it is childhood issues, childhood
conditioning, childhood beliefs that you have gotten ingrained in your body, in your mind
and in your emotions. So just going out and shopping for stuff is
not going to help. If you do want to go shopping, buy some running
shoes. Buy some exercise shoes so you can go to the
gym and move your body, or buy some shoes that you can go dancing with and meet some
person that you can have a relationship with. But just going out and indiscriminately buying
stuff that you do not need is not going to make a big difference for you. Maybe you will for a day or two but then the
novelty would wear off. So if you want to have more information and
tips about depression and how to get over depression, how to beat depression, learning
stuff that I have learned that has helped me beat depression, then go to
and there are all kinds of more videos there and I look forward to helping you beat your
depression and help you become the hero of your life. So this is Omar and I will see you there. Take care.

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  1. Your shopping mall area is so beautiful. I have always wished i lived in such a place with beautiful weather. although I might miss snow a tiny bit. This is probably good for people who haven't looked into why they shop, I have definitely thought that out a long time ago! I have learned that I feel better with less stuff around me. It helps me feel better when my place doesn't have extra clutter or stuff ­čÖé off to check out your other vids!

  2. I actually watched a movie called Confessions of a Shopaholic. Your message in this video is elaborated in that movie where all shopaholics we're in a sort of therapy to get over their addiction. Yes, they are depressed and indeed shopping is just like a Band-Aid. It may temporarily relieve us of whatever we're trying to forget or run away, but in the end, we still need to face whatever it is. Desire, discover and do to become the hero of your life is a very good advice.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Melissa! I also find that I am happier with less "stuff".
    Hope you like my other videos and stay tuned for more to come.

  4. Hi Melissa, I just released a new YT vid. Please check it out /watch?v=xiHSaFTu9TI and let me know what you think! Thanks, Omar

  5. Get it Omar… I've had depression for 30 years! I loved the video man! Funny how I am employing some of your methods. You are Right On! Check out my channel Omar. ECOHEALTHLAB on youtube. I just did a 12 part series on depression. Hope you like it.

  6. Hi Bill, Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your feedback and am glad my tips are helping. I will check out your channel.

    All my best,

  7. DepressopnHero is right. The trick to shopping to help with depression comes back to feeling good about yourself and life. If you can't find a way to feel good about yourself it won't help you. However, if you do feel good about yourself and life you can pick yourself up from a bad mood. My blog covers how to find the best deals

  8. Alright there! Have you tried Depzap Total Depression Domination (just google it)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy managed to cure depression once and for all.

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