Canada and Communism During the Great Depression

Have you ever wondered what happened to Canada
during the Great Depression? Of course you haven’t! Here’s a video about it! “Well hello, sunshine. Do you have an appointment?” “No. I’ve just been really depressed.” “Well you’ll have to hold in there honey,
all these people are waiting as well.” “My currency is worthless!” “The economy is in shambles!” “I’m considering dropping the Gold Standard.” “And I told France that I needed to keep
trading…” “One more stock market crash and I will
literally kill myself.” What is up bachelor pigeons… Wait, I grabbed the wrong script… When most people think of Canada in the 1920’s
and 30’s they think about… actually, nobody has ever thought about Canada in the 1920’s
or 30’s. But here’s a quick recap. The year is 1929 and Canada is in a bit of
a weird situation. The Flag? Whack. The climate? Whack. Non-hockey sports teams? Whack. But the economy? It was dope as f… *cut to static* Canada was having a great time extracting
its hella natural resources and exporting them to the British Commonwealth and the United
States. After the First World War, farming especially
was booming and the prairie provinces were producing record levels of grain. Europe was buying, America was buying, everyone
was happy. The stock market was doing great and everything
was fine and dandy for the rest of time. Psych! The stock market crashed and the world was
plunged into an economic dark age that even Canada couldn’t escape. You see, the problem with having your entire
economy rely on other people buying stuff you dig out of the ground or wack out of the
forest is that what if they say “ehhh. I don’t want that stuff.” or in this case: “Sell, sell, sell everything! Don’t buy anything! Pull out of every trade deal! Why am I yelling?” So long story short, the Canadian economy
collapsed because no one could afford to buy their maple syrup or timber or whatever. The Great Depression hit Canada like puberty
hit Josh Peck. To prove my vague point, here are some depressing
stats to make you feel better about your life: By 1933, 27% of Canadians were unemployed. In that same period, income fell by 50%, imports
by 55%, exports by 25%, business investments dropped by 79% and private capital expenditure
declined by 70%. The agricultural sector of the economy was
hit even harder due to their habit of over-producing prior to the crisis and an inconvenient drought
that lasted 7 years in some parts of the country. Additionally, the price of wheat fell from
$2 a bushel in 1929 to 35¢ in 1932 which ruined farmers and led to an even bigger mess. Speaking of a big mess…. At the beginning of the Great Depression,
the Prime Minister of Canada was Mackenzie King. His approach to the economic crisis was basically
just to ignore it. The only thing he did do was to increase tariffs
on imports which just made everyone else mad at Canada which is a feat no other Canadian
has ever accomplished. This approach was obviously not popular with
the average Canadian citizen who after watching their income get slashed in half and failing
to pay rent for the 3rd month in a row didn’t really care for the government’s “It’s
only a crisis if we call it a crisis” rhetoric. They were all like: “Dude! The economy has gone down the toilet and you’re
not helping at all!” “First of all, you will address me as Mr.
Prime Minister not ‘dude.’ Second of all I’m in charge and there’s
nothing you can do about it!” “Wait.” In the 1930 elections, Mackenzie King was
defeated by R.B. Bennett from the Conservative Party. His whole campaign had basically been him
saying: “Vote for me and I will do something to
fix the economy. Maybe.” However, for all his talk about the economy,
Bennett was far more concerned with another issue. “Welcome to Canada’s favorite game show:
‘Catch that Commie!’ The rules are simple, just guess who is the
communist and you’ll….” “It’s him isn’t it?” “What? No that’s the other contestant…” “It’s him. He’s a commie.” “No. Not him either…” “Him!” “No…” “Found you!” “Let’s not get carried away..” “Where are you hiding the means of production?!?!” Bennett cracked down on any Communist activity
within the country. Anyone who was suspected of being a dirty
commie was held in prison and many perceived troublemakers were randomly arrested or deported
back to Europe. Bennett also established work camps to employ
single, young men who had nothing better to do. Nowadays we call that GameStop, but back then
they were called the Royal 20 Centers and the men were put to work for 20¢ a day. That wage was terrible even back then when
you could probably get a college education for like a nickel. These camps served a practical purpose by
employing a ton of stinky homeless guys, but also served as a way for the government to
keep an eye on the poor men who were most likely to become commie scum. In 1935, a bunch of these would-be Communists
went on strike and organized a march to Ottawa so that they could yell at the government. However, Bennett saw that this was obviously
a communist ploy to seize control of the country, so he sent in the police to crush the protest
in Regina. Good thing you figured that one out buddy. That was a close call. To be fair, towards the end of his term in
1935, Bennett introduced some reforms based on the American New Deal, but most Canadians
saw it as too little, too late. So when Mackenzie King left the hockey rink
and ran against Bennett, there wasn’t much of a contest Now that King was back in power, he immediately
got rid of all of Bennett’s stuff and started bailing out all the broke provinces. He also luckily happened to come back in to
power just as the economy was starting to show signs of natural improvement. It wouldn’t fully recover though until some
angry German guy invaded his weaker Slavic neighbor, but that’s a whole ‘nother video.

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  2. Heads up: I’ll be going to France for two weeks so the next video isn’t gonna be out until the middle of April.

  3. No one can afford to buy their maple syrup even today. I mean, have you seen how expensive that stuff is?? Whack.

    Another great video man! Of a topic I never thought of, as any human being, and never will think about as any human being.

  4. So far you were able to hook me up, no matter the topic, and you managed to succeed once again. With Canadian history of all things!

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  6. You should do a video on the iberian union. I cant find many videos on it and the idea of spain a Portugal uniting sounds cool

  7. you really skipped on alot like a shit tonne Happened in Regina, like the birth of what would become Canada Universal health care 30 years later. You barley touched Communism, all you did talk about is a former prime minister's fear of Communists.

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