Candida & Depression: Help Please

Greetings! Eric Bakker from New Zealand, the naturopath. Thanks for coming back. I’ve got another question here from a lady
subscriber on my YouTube Channel and she’s from France. This lady is called Cecile Farrou. I was going to say “good morning” in French
but I forgot how to say that, so I’m sorry about that. Okay, so Cecile. I’ll just get my laptop here. “I’m French, but your channel really helped
me to learn about candida more than any other website. I’m really hoping that you could answer my
question. I was suffering all kinds of symptoms like
bloating, tiredness after eating, belly and back pain, no energy, cravings for sugar. I’ve got very poor quality of life now, but
the worst is the depression. Actually, I don’t know if candida is the cause
of this depression or if it’s a result. I’ve got a protocol for my candida, but I
can’t follow it for long because of the lack of motivation and the cravings are just too
strong. Without motivation or a strong belief that
we’re gonna heal, how is it possible to keep on going? I don’t know who will talk to me here in France
because nobody really knows about candida. Thanks for reading.” Okay, Cecile, so that’s an interesting question. You’ve got lots of digestive symptoms here. I’m reading here the tiredness and you’ve
got the bloating, you’ve got the sugar cravings. So, it sounds like a lot of GI dysfunction. So, my reply to your question would be for
you to do a comprehensive stool test to determine what level of bacteria you’re at: the good
bacteria, the imbalance bacteria, and the bad bacteria. Many cases of people with anxiety and depression
now, what I’m seeing, is very low levels of beneficial bacteria. First, you have to know what is in the gut. Have you got bad guys and, if you do, what
number of bad guys do you have? Once you’ve done a bit of analysis and you’ve
found something, it’s time now to act on that information. I can understand about the lack of motivation. When you’ve got, 50, 60 symptoms and you’re
feeling really bad, it’s easy not to want to do much. It’s like walking through a minefield. Every time you take a step there’s a possibility
for an explosion to go off, so you’re frozen in one spot. You don’t want to move. This is not unusual for a person who’s very
sick with candida to experience this, a lot of anxiety, a lot of fear, and a lot of depression. But what I’ve noticed with many, many patients,
the last 12 months in particular, is the link between anxiety and depression and beneficial
bacteria, particularly the lactobacillus species and the bifidobacteria species. Now I’m no scientist, I’m no research guru
or anything, I’ve just noticed the link between these two things through seeing many, many
patients over time. So, you really want to do some testing, do
some analysis there, and then fix what needs fixing. Often when you repair things that need repairing
things start to work a lot better. That’s my take on it. It is possible to keep on going, but first
you need some concrete answers to what is happening inside your digestive system. Watch out for being in France for all that
gateaux and all that bread and wine and stuff like that. But I’m sure you’re not eating or drinking
any of those things. France is a beautiful country. I remember quite well, when I was a child
I used to travel there with my parents. It is possible to do something about your
situation. I’ve worked with patients same situation as
you, and even a lot worse, and seeing them come back to full health again. Let’s just recap. Identify what the problem is internally, repair
what needs repairing, stand back and watch what happens to your health, make a reassessment
maybe in three, four or five months, and then tidy up what needs fixing up. I’m positive that you can get a good outcome
here, but you need to do a bit of work. I hope that answers your questions, Cecile. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks a lot for all your uploads. I was suffering for candida for such a long time. I followed very strict candida cleanses for so many times, but every time my candida came back. When I read your book, it was an eye-opener that I was allowed to eat some fruits and have a cup of coffee everyday. As well as eating gluten free grains. It made the diet so much easier and sustainable on the long term. Besides that, the stress of eating 'bad' foods like green apples and berries was gone. On top of my candida diet, I did a stool test and it turned out the levels of good bacterias in my intestines were very low. So started to work on that too.
    It's like I'm a completely different person: no more depressions, ibs, headaches, tiredness!! So again; thanks a lot!

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