Carpet Tuxedo Firing Squad ft. Link’s Kids

-Cats wearing clothes.
-And me wearing carpet. Let’s talk about that! ♪(Theme music)♪ -Good Mythical Morning!
-Remember today is the last day that you can vote for us for show of the year
at the Streamys. You do that by tweeting “I vote for #goodmythicalmorning for show
of the year at the #streamys” You can do that 100 times today! Please help
us out, thank you! Yes it is Thursday and you know what that
means right? Like an owl, hooting in the night, looking for prey, we hunt down your questions
like scurrying mice and we snatch them up with our beaks and swallow them whole
(swallowing noises) and then once we adequately process those
mice questions, we regurgitate them (gagging noise) in the form of digested answer pellets
for you to dissect in your 4th period science class. Wow, uh, yeah and we asked – oh the owls still going
(Link making owl sound) We asked you guys to ask us arts and crafts
questions and we have some (gagging)
answer pellets for you. -Starting with a question from Sammi Y. Why Sammi?
-I don’t know why! How to make your cat outfits cool and
appreciated by your cat? Hm, good question. Now we decided to answer
this question pictorially and listen guys. We put a ton of work scouring the internet
in order to find clothed pictures of cats. -It was not easy!
-No there’s not a lot of them out there. But we finally gathered enough of them to
answer your question. As you can tell, this is the Cat in the Hat. It is a totally
cool outfit, and the cat is really -appreciating it.
-Very much so. This is a cat wearing a tarzan leopard print costume, which is ironic and
therefore cool. And as you can see from the look on this cat’s face, he clearly
appreciates the irony. She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow
polka dot bikini, and she loved it! Cause she doesn’t have hair. I love the pose here
cause its like she’s taking a mirror selfie… -It’s like a Kardashian selfie.
-…to show off her butt, or something. -You know we need to Photoshop…
-We don’t need to Photoshop anything. -…a cellphone in her hand…
-We dont need to do anything. -…like a mirror selfie
-There’s no edits. (Rhett) I’m guessing that this cat spends
most of his time at the jersey shore in his custom Ed Hardy tank, which he and all the
other lady cats clearly appreciate. -Why are his front arms so short?
-He’s ripped. He’s swole. This cat is swole. -Speaking of swole, check out this cat.
– (laughing) I have a hard time believing that’s all cat inside those overalls, gotta be something
else in there. (Link) “I’ll get up in a minute, I’ll get up soon.
Maybe in a few hours.” (Rhett) “I gotta lay here and appreciate these overalls.” (Link) “Just tell em to come to me if
they need me.” Alright and for the more conservative cat
in your life, who still wants to look cool, you can dress him up like your grandparents
during the Great Depression. My grandmother always wore a watermelon
top in the Great Depression. (Rhett) (chuckling) Yeah, yeah, who didn’t?
You can see the remnants of other animals that this cat has vanquished, all around
him, most likely because they didn’t appreciate his outfit, that is very cool. (Link) Turns out that you can turn the cat cone
of shame into a cool fashion statement -just by adding a onesie.
-Yeah looks like its working for him. It also turns out that batman finally
caught the joker but for some reason, doesn’t really
care too much. (Rhett) “Draw me like one of your french
cats Jack.” So Sammi, I think the point is, you can’t go
wrong with any cat outfit. It is going to look cool and your cats are guaranteed to
appreciate it, they always do. While on the topic of cool clothing choices,
you guys remember a couple of months back Home Depot came to us with a stain-resistant
carpet, a carpet that’s essentially life-proof and asked us to test it out. We said sure,
if we can devise a test ourselves. So I donned a carpet suit and my sons soiled
that suit. Now I promised my kids that they would get
their turn, you remember that, so now it’s time for us to put the stain-resistant ‘Life
Proof’ carpet to the ultimate Neal kids test. Here I am in my carpet tuxedo. ♪(triumphant electronic fanfare)♪ And here are two of my offspring, Lily and
Lincoln. ♪(triumphant electronic fanfare)♪ They are gonna do their worst to stain
this tuxedo. You guys ready? (Both) Yeah! ♪ (Intense dubstep music) ♪ Good job guys, now let’s go undo what
you just did. ♪ (Cool jazzy funk music) ♪ You know what, let’s stop with half, I
think this looks pretty cool. No! Alright, that was a blast, literally. The coffee
grind blasters were, I mean that was intense. -That was pretty genius.
-It was like being in a sand storm of coffee, which I think you could turn that into a
spa treatment. We could charge for people to show up and my kids, they could get in
a bathtub and — I think that would violate some child
labor laws. — my kids would then spray them with
coffee grounds and like you say it like “Cold brewed spa!”and my kids
would love it cause they keep asking if -they can blast me with coffee grinds again.
-We’ll let that be a Neal family project. -That’s a Neal family project, go for it.
-Yeah, you don’t get any of those profits. Alright let’s move on to another craft question
GameFaceMax asked: How do you tell the difference between an art and a craft? Well a craft is an art that’s not good.
Next question. Karen Douglas asks: How do I carry around
my craft supplies for on the go crafting? You know I don’t think we’re necessarily the
most qualified people to answer this question but I think this is something that our sister
show, Good Mythical Moms, would be all over. -It’s time to get crafting and get going.
-Let’s mom about that! ♪ (Theme music) ♪ -Good Mythical Moms!
-Thank you girls for joining us today I am so excited that we have a hit show
on our hands, and we are receiving all -types of…
-We appreceiate all of you. -…social medias, where you guys are
mediating questions to us, such as -“How do I craft on the go?”
-And I can’t tell you, I can, I will tell you -how many times we’ve thought about that, a lot.
-Well you’re not allowed to tell em that because that’s too many, and it’d be
embarrassing and they’d take our show away. Well we’ve thought about it quite a bit and
this is something near and dear to our hearts. All it takes is a jacket, and we have em,
we’ve made them. What we have done is we have crafted a
craft jacket that we call: -The Craft Kit…Craft. Kit.
-The Craftket…Craftket -Not a craft it, we crafted the Craft Kit.
-Right and let me just tell you that I’m -wearing it right now.
-Could you tell I got mine on too? And um, so it can be black or it can be
blue or it can be whatever will suit you. Look at what I’ve got in here. I’ve got,
woah, first of all — -Goodness gracious!
-I’ve got hips in here! -Have you lost weight?
-No, I think I’ve gained it actually. -Me too.
-I’m shaped like a Christmas tree. (laughing) -Sometimes I notice that.
-Embrace your shape girl! -Hey I’m a pear shape and I’m not ashamed of it.
-Your Christmas tree shaped, but that’s ok, the holidays will come around again.
Show me something you’ve got. Well you can probably already see, I got a
bedazzler. I have something that I would like to bedazzle, or maybe a stranger
would like to bedazzle, and they just put it in this area and I’m like (noise). I’m
like a crocodile. -What’s that above the dazzler?
-That is pipe cleaners, here’s one. -Oh good, I need to clean pipes. Shall I
show you my lapel?
-Yeah! Here we go, ok. If we look up here, I’ve
got origami papers, which you can line your scrapbooks with whenever you’re in line at
the DMV. You said “scatbooks”, is that something
different than scrapbooks? It’s exactly different because it’s proprietary,
I sell them. Is that when you use bird poop to make things? -I don’t, I don’t know.
-Cause I’ve seen you do that. -Don’t embarrass me, okay.
-Okay. And then I’ve got some glitter cannons and
matter of fact, I got a special little thing right here in my armpit. Glitter dispenser.
Check it out (noises). Well, what’s going on? I’m going to touch
your side boob, just to — It looks like you’re a fairy godmother
leaking something out of her armpit, which I don’t mind that at all really! -Is it working?
-Well it’s done something. -There’s no spot that glitter can’t got.
-So there’s that. Now check out what I’ve got over here. Down
here I’ve got a staple gun. As you can see sometimes things get a little floppy and you
might wanna — (staples)
(Rhett yells in pain) -You might just wanna get the craftket back.
-I like things that hurt a little bit. Oh speaking of hurt a little bit, have you
ever found yourself in a public restroom and you thought “I just wish that I could
whip up a, a toilet cover seat before I sit my tush down on this thing.” Well, I got a
solution, just step on back. -Just for safety purposes.
-Oh my goodness, you didn’t tell me about this. Have you ever seen Wolverine? Well, he can
eat my shorts. Look at that y’all. -I got two knitting needles shoved up my
-W’oh my — And I’m knitting me a toilet
seat for the public gas station restroom. Well I don’t have a trick up my sleeve but
I’ve got a trick that you may have seen peeking out from behind my head this whole
time. I have noticed that. You know sometimes you’re just out and
you’re like “You know what this outfit could use a patch or two.”
-I have thought that. -It could use a decal.
-What’s about to happen? -Goodness look at that!
-Look at that, I’m like a bunny rabbit, but a bunny rabbit that’s got an ironing board.
-That’s an ironing board y’all! Well, we want to say you’re welcome for all
of the help that we gave today. (Link) Now it’s your turn girls. Put down that big box of franzia and pick up
your very own craftket. Alright make sure you post anything you
make with your Craft Kit, or any Craft Kits that you create, on the internet. Make sure
you use #GMMoms. And thanks to Home Depot for sponsoring
this episode and thanks to you for liking, -commenting and subscribing.
-You know what time it is! -Hi, I’m Sarah.
-And I’m Rachelle. (Both) And we’re from
St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. (Both) And it’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality. Life Proof Carpet is available exclusively
at Home Depot. Visit your local Home Depot or shop online at Click through to Good Mythical More, where
we open your mail, including fan generated Good Mythical Morning card game
that we’ll play with Jen. (Wheel stops) Grandmas on a roller coaster. (Grandma voice) Oh we’re gonna play grandmas. -Ok just lean back Ethel. Click, click
click, see we’re going up. I don’t think I should have done this. I
read the sign, it said people with -conditions shouldn’t ride.
-It also says keep your hands in the car so put them up high Ethel. Maybe you’ll
lose them, and can file… -We’re coming to the top…
-…file for health insurance, or something. -3, 2, 1.
– (Screaming) (Screaming) (Clicking) Well Ethel, that was pretty good wasn’t it?
Ethel? Ethel?

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    Good Mythical Moms will always be one of my characters that Rhett and Link have done 😂😂👍

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