Catherine of Aragon || What is my sadness? (The Tudors)

What is my sadness? It is that I … poor woman, and a stranger, born out of your dominion. I have no friend here and little counsel. Cardinal Wolsey dismissed my Spanish confessor and most of my Spanish ladies, in case they were spies. I have loved all those whom you have loved, for your sake whether or not I had cause, whether they be my friends Our gracious suffering lady Sir Thomas or enemies. All this time, all these years, I have wondered at your high pride and your vain glory. I have abhorred your voluptuous life and had no regard at all for your presumptuous power and your tyranny! I cannot give the king a living son. My lady I pray you… give me a child… A son to fill my empty womb. My baby my darling daughter By me you have had many children, although it has pleased God to call them from this world. I gave birth to a baby boy once. Sweet boy. Precious boy. But he died in my arms… after just four weeks of life. The king blames me, I know it. He thinks it all my fault. He does not know how much I suffer, how much I pray. I am my father’s daughter… You are my wife! Henry! As far as I’m concerned, our marriage is at an end. The Queen! The Queen! Has the king sent any message or sign that he might visit me tonight? No,my lady. No… I call God and all the world to witness that I have been to you a true, humble and obedient wife ever comfortable to your will and pleasure. I had a dream. In my dream,you came to me again, and held me in your arms, and you whispered that all would be well and all manner of things would be well. Henry. Sweetheart. Husband. by all the angels I was intact when I came to your bed. Alright!So You were a fucking virgin! That’s not the point! My lady. You’re so heartless. So full of hatred. I can’t persuade myself any longer that you love me. I do love you. I’ve never ceased to love you. You know that. I don’t know it. How can you say these things to me? After all this time. After all that we have meant to each other.

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  1. My absolute favorite figure of strength and faith. She will forever go down in history as a beloved and dignified Queen.

  2. Maria Doyle Kennedy did an amazing job as Catherine of Aragon. She had me crying all through the series. Even after the character died, every time someone mentioned her name i would weep. This is beautiful, the real Catherine really deserved better. As far as I know Henry was just a big a-whole, he didn't deserve the love of any of those women.

  3. I felt emotional watching this. I love Catherine. She was an amazing Queen, a dignified woman, loving mother, and and loyal wife.

  4. I don't know why some people like AB better than KOA. Just because KOA didn't bear a son for her husband, no other woman were supposed to seduce his husband to dismiss KOA. Wonder if that ever happen to you or your own blood.

  5. Ive just finished season 1&2 of The Tudors for the first time. Loved the last episode of season 2
    I saw an interview 2 days ago of Henry Cavill talking about all is love/nude scenes he had to do in Toudors. I was like SOLD! I wasn't a fan of the show and never watched. Well those days are over. Primarily because of Queen Catherine's brilliantly crafted storyline and so well acted.
    I keep watching because I wanted justice for her and her daughter.

    I'm a card caring member of The First Wives Club! Not sure how close to history her story is in the show but I loved her and hated her plight! She's one of the few women on the show who truly deserved better! The daughter went through hell as well. If not for women caring the man's seed, letting it grow inside of you for 9mon, and giving painful birth for hours sometimes days! No human race. Yet women were treated like property, livestock or prostitutes.

    If I'd lived during those times I'd be dead before opening credits started rolling! Equal rights and indoor plumbing please! Also, a good doctor or OB/GYN would've been helpful back then, great show.

  6. Does someone understand what she says at 0:34 after saying "all this time, all these years" because I cannot understand her words…

  7. So what hurt the king was the Katherine did not love him, it was not that she was a virgin. She only loved his brother.

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