Cattle Transportation – Reducing Bruises and Stress

Except for weather extremes, riding in a truck is one of the most stressful events in
the life of cattle Cattle that are stressed are difficult to handle and the quality
of their beef can be affected they can produce what is known as dark
cutting beef or DCB. DCB has a lower sales value because it appears dark, firm, and dry. Its colors purplish black its shelf life is shorter and it may have an off flavor this should be avoided. When cattle are handled in a rough matter they may receive bruises caused by impact with the protruding object these can be found on gates, ramps, or in trucks just jostling on a truck can cause a bruise bruises can reduce the value of a carcass and average of 4 dollars and 3 cents Based on bruise percentage this loss could be much greater Therefore well designed equipment and good working order is very important in addition to handling animals calmly

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