Causes For HEADACHES During & After MEDITATION. Third Eye Pineal Gland Activation & Cleansing

Headaches After Meditation, Pineal Gland Third
Eye Activation & Body Cleansing It’s normal to experience some discomfort
or physical pain when you start to meditate for the first time. Some individuals, not all, experience physical
pain or emotional turmoil when they first achieve silence of the mind and open the gateway
to cosmic energy. Much cleansing occurs within both your physical
body complex and subtle spirit body. Some stored-up negative energies are dislodging
and beginning to clear, causing some physical symptoms to occur. Headaches are common, especially at the top
of the head or the forehead due to the pineal gland, or third eye, getting a work-out that
it’s not used to. When you close your eyes the darkness activates
the pineal gland, which then secretes melatonin into your cerebral fluid which starts the
process of sleep. You are conscious however during meditation,
but the same effect is felt � meditation is conscious sleep. Turn out the lights, the pineal gland activates
and the gateway to intelligent infinity opens. You use your pineal gland during sleep and
at certain points of the day while subconsciously sending and receiving energies and communications
to and from the spirit world. However, the process of meditation gives your
pineal gland a more strenuous workout than usual. If you rarely used your left arm and had to
lift a heavy weight, it’d be hard work right? It might even hurt at the time or ache after. The same is true for the pineal gland. You need to exercise this organ and increase
blood flow by using it. It will become stronger as a result. During the first week or two you may experience
headaches straight after meditation. The headache can last for several hours. There are two possible causes for the headache
– the new strenuous workout as already mentioned, plus the clearing of negative energies from
the pineal gland and the head area itself. Imagine that many years of stress, anxiety,
and negative energies have built up in this area before your spiritual awakening and urge
to meditate began. The process of dislodging and expelling these
negative energies causes pain and discomfort in the affected regions of the body. As few as five to ten, half-hour long meditation
sessions could clear these blockages, but meditation should be continued to keep them
clear. Pain can be felt throughout the body. One reason is that you may not be used to
sitting in your meditative position, such as the lotus position. This may be resulting in some backache. Set down some cushions and give yourself a
back rest to lean against. Your body should adjust and get used to your
new positioning over time. Pain can also be felt throughout your physical
body, or in different areas of the body due to accumulation of negative energies. Daily stresses, worries and negative emotions
are stored in several parts of your body, but each person tends to have a main area
where these energies build up. Some people experience upper back pain, others
digestive discomfort, others headaches, and so on. Have you ever noticed that during times of
intense stress, your usual physical ailments flair up? You are collecting and storing your negative
energies in the usual place in your body. Once your area of concentrated negative energy
accumulation is targeted by healing energies, a great deal of pain can be experienced in
that area. You’re being healed however and you will feel
better soon. When you first start to meditate, you open
the gateway to intelligent infinity and cleansing healing energies. These enter through the top of the head, through
the pineal gland and trickle down through your body. Your subtle (or spirit) body is cleansed and
your physical body in turn is cleansed. Your chakras are being unblocked so that energy
is free to flow in balanced amounts, your sub energy centers and energy pathways too
are cleared and energized. Negative energy is ousted and removed. The mind is also rejuvenated by the in-pouring
of healing energies. The process of cleansing the mind, and the
unblocking and balancing of the chakras, can cause emotional flare-ups and turmoil. You may find yourself thinking ‘why am I acting
like this?’ You could become quite bi-polar in your emotions,
that is for instance, angry for a time and then very happy soon after. Stored up negative thought forms and emotional
energies are being dislodged and cleared. This outpouring of negative energies can cause
emotional and erratic behavior on it’s way out. While physical pain and emotional flare-ups
only occur for some people when they start to meditate for the first time, it should
not discourage anyone from meditating. More and more meditation will clear your physical
complaints and fully activate your energy centers, cleansing the physical and subtle
body over time. Know that the benefits both physically and
mentally will have a big impact on your life.

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  1. Plus emotional pour outs of which I feel overwhelmed, must be the heart chakra being cleansed. I also believe this is linked to astrology, I am a cancer sun and cancer rising, this relates to cancer ruling the heart and being one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac

  2. guided meditations where i havta visualize alot things for longer than 20 mins always leave my forehead throbbin, & sore .  Hopefully it means my 3rd is gettn a workout   I was worried i was jus tryin too hard 

  3. hello madam my question is how many days it takes.i am doing from last week still the mine headache is not cure 

  4. Can anyone help me how to get rid of the headache? It started when I start meditating. The pain pain have been more than a month. Most of the time the pain is around my forehead. Seldom, either my right or left side of the head (or is it my brain?).

  5. I am starting yo become a psychic vampire. However, Im not sure I want to keep it open all the time. Is there a way I can close it?

  6. Please give me some guidance for clearing ones mind through meditation, I often find myself returning to my thoughts and feel I'm not doing things right. Any useful information to help me achieve this

  7. I feel the pain on my back head, localized, I meditate better laid down. Is there some explanation different from what u say on the video? How can i help this ? It could get very hard some times causing me to stop the meditation, this is even worst when im in deep meditation state, where i can only feel the anchor on the back of my head and the pain there. Thanks for you help.

  8. Before, when I tried to focus on my meditation my forehead down to the back hurts a lot that I feel like I'm spinning and when this happens I can neither concentrate and continue my meditation. Why is that?

    Now, the pain may occur during my meditation but it's not that painful anymore, I only ask help to God and to his Angels that whenever I will do meditating I hope my head will not hurt this much anymore <3

    Namaste~ Just sharing.

  9. My God I had a terrible headache after meditation! Almost felt like a hangover even.  I know it was from meditating because I did not have a headache before I started.  After meditating, my vision was blurry.  I also heard some noise during it like a ringing and perhaps even frogs.  Undoubtedly a sensation around my forehead.  Very curious as to whether my headache was from bad energy clearing or straining my pineal gland though.

  10. I wondered why that happened and asked a lot of people. I tried meditation and went into deep meditation. Afterwards I felt horrible emotionally. So I never did it again.

  11. but with me it's different…i've been meditating for almost 4 years and i never experienced headache after meditation in my first 2 years of doing it..the headache's started during and after my third year of meditation and they are still present..what's the explanation for that?!..and also today i meditated and afterwards i started feeling pain in the front of my head between my eyebrows, now six to seven hours later in the afternoon and i'm still feeling this pressure at the front of my head!

  12. love u all…i been having bad headaches for days should i stop for a wild or keep goin on with my goals…of life and is it normal being sleepy after…medetation…ttnk u

  13. i can do this thing with my pineal gland and after about 10-20 minutes of doing this i feel a tingling feeling at the center of my forehead and at the top of my head. is this a good thing cause i can do this while just sitting their looking out of a window or just staring at nothing, so is this a good thing? and what does it mean?

  14. Ive had a mild headache all day after meditation but felt very calm in my mild also all day… something is healing…

  15. I'm 9 an my mum is a tarot reader she is really cool she also helped me open my shacras it was only once tho so maybe my third eye is how me an Ollie talk (Ollie is my ghost friend I'm sure he is not my imagination Ollie is awesome ) maybe my third eye is how me an Ollie talk I have been very sensitive spiritually evan when I was 7 an 6 please get back to me an tell me your experience with ghosts good an bad my mum says there are good an bad people an it's the same with ghosts 🙂

  16. Thank you Nicky. I get annoying headaches before and after meditation. The pain, which isn't too bad, thank goodness, is centered in my temples and runs down into my jaws. I grind my teeth at night, so I imagine I'm getting rid of some of that negativity. BTW, before watching your video I was reading some websites and they all had various theories as to what causes the headaches, and yours makes more sense to me than any one else's.

  17. Thanks SO much for your vid! Right when I opened my pineal gland, I felt a spinning in my forehead, followed by a metallic grinding in my left ear, then I had a piercing pain behind my eyes. The pain, and other symptoms went as quickly as they had come on. I had a near OOB experience before all that came on–what a 'ride'!

  18. I've meditated since I was 14 and never had pain but last night after I meditated I have the most servere headache right in the middle of my forehead when I woke up. it seemed to get worse as the day went on. and my forehead seems like it's sunk in abit 😣 great video thanks

  19. my third eye was Ringling little ago. after a bit, it gave me a headache. I didn't meditate though. when I do, I lay down.

  20. I get really bad headaches, mood swings, anxiety and feel a bit depress. most of my meditations I see a lot of faces from people I don't know , someone told me to ask what they want but I have never got an answer. I've seen and heard other things during meditation too. fist started seen faces then I saw one face I don't know what it was alien or the Santa muerte, the back ground was black, it had a black cloak and the face look like and alien or skull can't really explain but it was blue beautiful shiny blue no features it was all plain and only had Wye sockets deep black it came from the cake of my mind all the way to the front. I hear dates like June 19 and December 17 and today I saw a head of a white rooster (I have a fovia against chickens, hens and rooster, but this rooster didn't scare me)… I wish someone can help me and tell me what is the meaning of this pls.

  21. intense increase in heartbeat.. It is happening after every hour without any workout after regular meditation. why it happen how can i decrease this.

  22. The pain in between my eye brows is horrible. Almost on migraine status. Ive only just started meditation about 4 days ago and this is how i woke up today. Any ideas on how I can get the pain to come down a bit. I have a job to get to.

  23. I respect you and your work but it's sad to see that you are reading a promoter and not showering us with your independent knowledge

  24. People be saying 3rd eye and meditation is demonic and that you are inviting demons into your body like wtf noo

  25. Thank you soooooooo much. I thought I am the only one suffering and doing something wrong. God bless you lady.

  26. My temples specifically hurt. And sometimes, I feel an overwhelming happiness amd begin to almost cry everytime.;-;

  27. Thank you. I knew I was getting head aches now which connected with my new Yoga Nidra Practice. This makes so much sense to me. Thank you.

  28. I was wondering why I was getting headaches and abdominal pains but at least now I know I this won't last…

  29. Yesterday I feel my forehead are extremely headache after meditate kundalini, and my right ears sounds buzzing a really noise until now

  30. I just finished meditating to help my third eye and had a horrible headache and found this video. shortly after I saw 11:11 approximately 3 minutes after the video ended. I have opened my third eye before and I am still waiting to see with it but I am sure it has been activated already if you can help me understand how to see with it please reply Ali I am your new subscriber.

  31. How about anxiety… so people with anxiety are actually on a higher dimension and can't stand reality then?

  32. I experienced a really bad headache for the 1st time today and I felt extremely faint afterwards while driving. I'm new to meditating so I hope I didn't damage anything. Will these headaches continue to happen? It's painful 😫

  33. Meditated again for the first time after a few months and got a terrible headache after. Thanks for the video. I thought I was doing something wrong.

  34. I thought it was the acid I took that made my body react like this because I’ve been up all night trying to mediate but at first my soul was fighting it and questioning everything in life, I was asking god questions but then I tried to master my meditation but I ended up getting the whole feeling of deep meditation but my ego made me think that”oh okay god if I try more I’ll get more power” or some type of logic like this I don’t really remember but it was like I was telling god to give me the powers of my mind by trying to do better and I was next to my sleeping brother but he started laughing in his sleep… it tripped me out so much and made me realize that I shouldn’t think I should be rewarded by discovering this journey of meditation but it made me humble myself and Learn that this is a blessing that god gave all of us and I kid you not my brother stopped laughing and said “hmmmm” like if god was reading my mind this is so unreal… that first I was fighting it so much I stop. I am Christian but the thing is I realize I didn’t have a really really strong believe but then I got close to my dog trying to hold him and he started to choke like he was dying and my whole body dropped I cried to please stop god and my whole trust went to god and I asked him to please help me understanding better meaning, so then my brother rolled to the other side not facing me and I went to my side of the room again and I started to try to medicate but this time my believe in god was even stronger and my ego on thinking I deserve things went away and my mind off acid stopped letting thoughts control my mind so I started to meditate and it fucking works I felt so much energy in any other sober way like I really got the conception of meditation BUT i am still learning every day but it’s the morning now my parents were gonna wake me up to go to church w them but my brother told my parents to let me sleep that I couldn’t sleep through the night but I saw he was in deep sleep and I attracted my energy towards him or idk what happened but it’s like the universe is on my side and my parents stopped trying to wake me up bc I didn’t want them to see my pupils. I read deeper on how lsd and meditation you just get even more sensation and it really did I just had to let go of my ego and made my believe in god stronger but my head is hurting like hell… when I was meditating my third eye awakening made my eyebrows keep on shaking and this sensation by my third eye but I learned how to work on my breathing and not letting thoughts distract me while my body or soul was going into deep meditation and feeling these sensations. God really is an artist of life and we just have to go out there and try to take advantage of this blessing he left us with

  35. I did some reiki on a course my head was pulsating for a few days. it really hurt my head . I had to take some tablets lol. I have been practicing meditation for ages this was weird. I thought it as me connecting to the universe or a spirit guide lol. I noticed my eye was hurting as well. on the same side of my head. The next day I felt alright, but then started to feel the pulses again but not as strong so I did some self reiki for a bit. it calmed it down. I took to some tablets to make sure

  36. I meditated earlier and I feel like crap my head hurts and my stomach hurts but on the inside I couldn’t feel happier

  37. When I try2 meditate.
    Then…..I feel so pain in my forehead…and headache..
    I don't know.. what to do…even 4 a 1 min really painful

  38. i don't normally get headaches any time. i don't always get headaches after my attempts to meditate.
    actually feeling kind of nauseous tonight … that's a first. don't like it at all! maybe because when i started i was so pissed, even though i calmed down …

  39. I can't take this seriously. White people aren't spiritual people and this is not their tradition or culture. Nothing but culture vultures….

  40. Today was the first time I meditated, I tried it for 20+ min but actually almost fell asleep, I just couldn't be awake so I stopped. I've been very tired for hours now, but in the most relaxing way, like everything is sooo soft. But the headache, right in my third eye. And eyes. And pineal gland.. but I'm definitely not complaining💚. I usually don't really get headache so I knew it was because of the meditation.

    And hello to everyone of you, so nice to be connected😍

  41. I did and upper chakra meditation i got a headache, woke up took an Epsom salt bath and tried to go back to sleep and I heard a girls voice say my name. It was in a distance not super loud either. Maybe this was my spirit guide?!

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