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  1. I know you dont care But i get bullied at school and dont tell anyone Also i have social anxiety and dont like talking i get very nervouse and cry i always litsen to your songs and watch your videos and it always makes me feel better

  2. Also in chior when i was in it i sat in th back i always got iffered solos But i said no and soon i have a play and i have been offered solos… Should i say yes..?… Im scared

  3. Is it just me or did I get so caught up in the video that I didn’t even realize it was 30 minutes long BTW love the videos keep it up ❤️😇

  4. i have my hiset exam tomorrow and ive been trying to study all day but my brain is so loud. my anxiety is so bad atm but ya uploaded and hearing you speak was NICE thank u wish me luck i need to
    g r a d u a t e

  5. So now i have tickets to cave town in london and a ticket to peach pit AND cavetown in london, and I'm only in london for a week. WHAT I A DOING

  6. WAIT WAIT WAIt what was the thing at the end? PIGEON MV COMING SOON? NEW VIDEO-ENDING? yeez, idk but go ahead boi

  7. I freaked out because of the ending. I was not expecting that at all. My heart took a big ol flutter to like a whole nother plane of existence…😵😵😵

  8. in theatre i learned that even if you mess up ur lines, u gotta keep going. learn the plot/music so well that you can make something up on the spot. i had a very big audition a while ago and i completely forgot the next line because of stress, so i took what i knew from the character and i improvised. its not gonna seem simple at all, but for the most part, people dont know the piece. if they do, theyll be even more impressed by your ability to improvise

  9. Crap I just remembered that I have to present an art project to my Social Studies class tomorrow. Noooo… I don't like having to explain why I put stuff on my art. Everyone laughs when I explain it, even if they're the ones who asked.

  10. rob i just performed for the first time in front of 150-200 people. i went to a week long after school camp where we form bands and practice songs and then at the end of the camp we get to put on a show. me and my band are staying a band and we have two more gigs this month! you where the one who inspired me to start playing music when i was 13 and i never thought that in a few years i would be in a band and playing guitar, bass and uke and singing. thank you for constantly inspiring me. i love you so much. also my band is named eggboy

  11. we love u and we want to send u more letters and stickers so when do u think you'll open the PO box again!? aaa

  12. "Take it as a learning experience" Yeah, and on that note, I also know what it's like to embarrass themselves onstage, but that happened a long time ago, and just doesn't feel all that bad anymore, also I might have made the performance better, if I had taken the suggestion of one of the other performers (he knew I had fallen onstage accidentally and started crying) and suggested I "fall on purpose next time" to improve the performance. Also, closing your eyes for a few moments (If you're not moving across the stage) can help block out the audience temporarily * rolls on the floor laughing * the one with too many stamps is from the Weasleys. (That's a Harry Potter reference for those not getting the joke.)
    A wax seal? I had sealing wax (I still have a stamp or 2, and the wax is usually only sold at specialty stores) but my parents took the wax away because they were afraid I'd burn down the house, and so I never got to use it. Those tiny people are Gen. 1 Polly Pockets, I recommend if you don't want to keep them, that you re-sell them on E-bay or something because they don't make them anymore, so the price has probably gone up. "Music appealing to animals" (or something to that effect), there's a book, I think called "how to dance with your cat." advertised as being by the same author who wrote. "why cats paint", and in it are some beautiful photographs of household cats, many of which had been trained to do special tricks.


  14. So I'd just like to say whenever I watch your videos or listen to your tunes I can't help smiling! Your great and please keep creating music and videos…

  15. Yo, I'm participating in my school's musical festival, and would love to do a cover of 'Green' (My fav song ever) , but i'm really bad at music theory, Could you release the tabs or something? plz

  16. Hey Rob! Can I use some of your pics for a cool appreciation meme (U so precious)?
    I'll link it to u here if ever you want to see it thanks!

  17. Not to be rude but are u a boy or a girl becuz in this is home u said I'll cut my hair and hide my chest or your just lgbtq sorry for your time

  18. No wait….
    Think about it for a moment….
    When if Yu-Gi-Oh! Is like
    You and someone named Gi say oh! For a living……

  19. I have extreme social anxiety and I just found out that I have been chosen to speak on the behalf of 400 people. There's going to be about 400-500 people there. I am scared out of my mind but this really helped me. I've been struggling with this for a while, but I've been listening to your music a lot when I get extremely overwhelmed since I'm doing 3 preap classes, (((I'm only taking four classes this semester)) and three hours of sports. I am extremely drained, however I always listen to one of your songs before I go to bed because it reminds me that something beautiful is waiting for me when I wake up. Thank you cavetown, you have no idea what you mean to me <3

  20. HNGNGNGNGNGNGNGN I havent been watching your videos lately because sometimes I just let videos pile up— long story short I decided to support you on patreon AND THEN REALIZED THAT THE THUMBNAIL OF THIS VIDEO ON THERE IS MY DRAWING AND ITS 3AM HERE AND IM SLIGHTLY FREAKING OUT ((((((((was v anxious about sending what I sent so im glad to know it really reached u :((((((((( thank u))))))))

  21. pineapple juice it hurts… it hurts ur mouth >:(

    i guess im just allergic to pineapples – Robin 4 Years Ago

  22. I have a talent show in early April and I’m super nervous, my heart hurts and my hands get sweaty thinking about singing in front of people. I feel as if I will get off key or forget a line 😓

  23. Dude I read the title of the video and saw “stage fight” and I thought wtf did Robbie throw some hands on stage what

  24. If your playing ukulele and singing and you mess up just keep singing and stop playing uke and then continue it seems dramatic instead of messing up

  25. robbie really reminds me of a mom.like every time a person is like I don't know what to do,he makes sure they talk to him and they figure it out.it's nice to know that there are genuinely really nice people out there.

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