CBD, Cannabis And Depression – Treatment Of Depression With CBD and Cannabis Medicine

hi I’m Dr. Dani Gordon and welcome to
Dr. Dani TV and this is the cannabis wellness show where I talk about all
things CBD and cannabis medicine. I’m a medical doctor and I specialized in
evidence-based natural medicine brain wellness and cannabis medicine and Ive
treated thousands of patients with CBD and cannabis medicines and this is where
I share everything I’ve learned on this topic in this video I’m going to talk
about cannabis and depression so cannabis and depression is a really hot
topic it’s a controversial topic for many people and before I started adding
cannabis medicines to my own practice I have a lot of misconceptions myself
about cannabis and depression over a decade ago when I was in medical school
we didn’t really learn anything about the endocannabinoids system about
cannabis in general but the things I did learn were really negative I was told
you know people who smoke cannabis will be a bigger risk of depression it will
make their depression and mood disorders worse universally it didn’t really
matter what was in the cannabis whether it was really high CBD low THC there was
no even distinction in what we were talking about so there was a lot of fear
in the medical community around cannabis of all forms even CBD around mood
disorders and depression in particular what I found when I started using
cannabis medicines in my practice was that I was getting a lot of referrals
with patients who suffer with depression and as most people who have suffered
with depression will know or know someone who has suffered with depression
it’s not that depression is just in isolation and everything in there about
from there life is amazing usually my patients who are suffering with
depression also have an element of anxiety with their depression they
sometimes have sleep dysfunction they oftentimes have chronic pain they have
other things that are going on so oftentimes depression is part of this
bigger picture and sometimes depression is the final common endpoint for things
that have gone wrong in the brain in the body and it really the brain is in this
withdraw and protect mode not going out into the world and kind of you know
approach behavior mode which we all kind of want to be in to really thrive and I
do a lot of brain stuff as well and when we look at eg studies of the brain when
we actually look at the electrical things that are going on in the brain
with depression we have an underactive left frontal lobe with depression so
basically in depression want to wake the brain back up and help
people interact with the world in a better way so this is where cannabis
medicines can come in handy – my initial surprise so initially when someone comes
to me and depression is a main feature of why they’re coming to see me they’ve
usually already tried a gazillion different things for their depression
they’ve usually already tried things like therapy and CB CBT cognitive
behavioral therapy they’ve tried exercise a lot of times they’ve tried
lots of drugs a lot of times they tried other herbal medicines and none of them
really worked that well so these are the times of patients who come to see me for
cannabis medicine and usually what I do to start them off someone with
depression is I start out with a CBD oil as a base of their therapy and I started
out with taking the CBD oil in the morning in the mid afternoon or around
lunchtime with food always and then really around like 5:00 p.m. in the
evening and if that you know I usually do that for four weeks or so see how
people respond and if they have sleep dysfunction which can be a major driver
of depression because sleep dysfunction the next day makes the brain more
irritable then sometimes I add in a little bit of THC before they go to bed
to help with their sleep and very very very small those along with more CBD and
then if they’re still having trouble with motivation and getting going in the
morning that’s when I find that actually a little bit of vaporized cannabis which
contains some THC as well as some CBD can be very very helpful and it has to
be the right strain so with a lot of my patients who suffer with depression and
anxious depression or anxiety and especially my patients who have chronic
pain on top of this it can take them three hours to get their day going in
the morning so that really leaves them quite crippled as far as not being able
to work not being able to just do housework or to see their friends or to
see family members or take care of their children and the way that they want to
and what we see with when I add cannabis in a vaporize form is it can help wake
the nervous system up if it’s the right strain and help them get going so
instead of taking 3 hours to get their day going they can take them 20 minutes
like most of us without depression just kind of wake up and you know get going
so usually what I you there is I would start with a strain
that’s high in things like D limonene these citrusy uplifting terpenes and a
more sativa dominant strain again the genetics get tricky here because
everything’s kind of a hybrid now but to keep things simple really what you can
think about it as is using a sativa dominant delimiting rich strain of
cannabis in a vaporizer and usually I like to combine it with a strain that’s
high in CBD so they’re not getting that straight-up
THC in general with patients with depression I try to avoid THC only I
really really think that adding CBD is very important to keeping the mood
stable and the reason that I do it this way is because there’s been lots of
studies with the CBD in particular as an antipsychotic agent as a mood balancing
agent and people who have mood balance issues so people with bipolar disorder
for example people with schizophrenia and psychosis so that’s different than
depression but I still find in my patients that when we use more CBD a lot
of CBD and then add a little bit of THC in if they need it is the best way to go
with depression another really interesting thing I found working with
my patients with depression using cannabis medicines is that often times
part of the the reason that they’re having trouble is because they really
want to engage with the world they want to do things like cognitive behavioral
therapy they want to do things like exercise socially engaging their friends
and their family because we know all those things help with depression but
they have really low brain motivation because their left frontal lobe is under
active and they just can’t engage so basically we can use cannabis medicines
as a catalyst it kind of like is it is a catalyst to get everything going so what
I do sometimes with patients is I get them to vaporize a little bit of
cannabis before they want to go work out or before they want to go for a run and
sometimes even before they want to go out socially and engage with the world
and that can be really helpful to get them going and the really cool part is
that once they get going and they start doing all the other behaviors that are
anti-depressive naturally like exercise getting social doing CBT doing therapy
if that’s part of their treatment plan they just get better and better and
better and it’s a snowball effect and then they need West cannabis
to help them because as other things start to kind of take hold in the brain
so if you liked this video please like it share it with someone who might
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been with mood in cannabis or CBD and if you want more on cannabis CBD
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  1. Hi Dr Dani, are there any specific brands of cbd oil in the UK you would recommend for anxiety/depression/ panic disorder? I'm interested in trying but not sure which to buy . Thanks x

  2. Hello Dani. I have been following you since the Hemp Expo and have found your talks and round table extremely insightful.

    I am based in UK and developing a CBD tailored brand. Do you get to London Often and would you be open to a discussion over coffee ?

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