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This is Jillian’s Dream Hanging with a couple of friends fitting right in But in our scenario she’s got more bullies than buddies Can I please have… HAH What’s wrong with you, why do you keep yelling I have Tourette’s Tourette syndrome is a disorder that causes involuntary physical and vocal tics You’re hurting My ears, I can’t control it She must have like zero friends if you saw a kid being bullied for having Tourette’s syndrome – Oh my god! Girl you need help what would you do? Our hidden cameras are rolling at Marc and Julie’s homemade ice cream in West Orange, New Jersey as Jillian Steps up to order. do you know what you want Can I… Strawberry? What’s wrong with you right away this man’s eyes are glued to the scene ha what is that you laughing? I’m not laughing -This is so funny! Wait are you laughing at us listen I have tourettes what’s happened. What’s that? It’s Tourette’s I can’t control it It’s not funny When they answer him with more hurtful comments, but she’s weird look at her he offers kindness I’m sorry. Okay. Why are you defending someone you don’t even know? The goal is to educate you guys so that in the future Hey, I should have be making fun of you but I should be helping them And maybe will be helping me Time to meet this helpful, man It’s what would you do? Am I on Tv? I have to get out of here What was your message to those bullies stop we people gotta speak up when bullying happens Just say something. What if it was you? In fact, jillian is an actor who’s grown up with Tourette syndrome And she’s experienced these very same tics in real life guys. Come on. Say hi She knows just how it feels to be bullied Jilly how did it make you feel when he spoke up? He’s saying wonderful things like We’re all weird which we are And that was really great Throughout the day there are lots of different flavours on how customers confront our bullies you’re a freak He encourages our bullies to do their own research, this is a made-up disease This mom serves it up plain and simple She’s yelling! Okay, but that’s not a real disorder And she believes that respect should be taught at home Shaking us upset you’re mother. I am mother and oh god, I would never allow my son to even Take a second. Look laugh anything point a finger. What would you say to parents whose kids are like this talk to your children? Teach them acceptance not ignorance and arrogance Is just like your desperate cry for attention This girl just a few years older than our actors reacts with anger Is this contagious? And she has no problem calling out our bullies This woman comforts Gillian That’s not even a real disorder! It is, it actually is She can’t help it, so Thank you very much and then she encourages her to focus on something positive Getting cake batter thank you. You should like have a puzzle or something Time to tell her we’ve got the filming part covered. What are you gonna do? Oh, my god, you’re kidding me?! Oh my god, I was getting so upset! Totally watch Your in tears yeah, you know, I mean the explaination is like my brother had a vocal tics when i was growing up it was so upsetting, you know children sometimes don’t know better and they don’t understand like the consequences of what they’re saying When this man hears a scoop of abuse being served to Gillian what’s wrong with you ah i Have Tourette’s I’m sorry He tries to quickly shut it down. What’s Tourette’s Don’t want to catch your disease. I have to worry don’t worry you’re not going to catch her disease it’s not contagious you’re fine And when their words get meaner he gets more emphatic no you should be in a hospital Stop doing that Hey It’s not a disease you don’t know what you’re talking about trust me. All right. I cannot take it. It’s way too much Fine, we’ll leave because she’s making me feel uncomfortable. Bye, freak! Thank you I’m sorry to you. It’s distracting Right time for us to do just that. I’m John quinones With the TV show, what would you do? Wow, you were angry. I- uh, I yeah- It’s ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with her. You came over and had it in her back I wanted her to feel comfortable. She should not feel uncomfortable because of what she has. -Thank you very much. My God, of course. Thank you

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  1. My little brother has touretts and he gets bullied for having O.C.D, HDHD, learning disabilities and touretts so I would have supported her so much

  2. So she actually had turrets, “not the gun turret, turrets syndrome, I don’t like bully comments like, oh wow she has a gun syndrome, no, not a turret, turrets”.

  3. I have a close friend who has " Tourette" and I always gotta stick up for him!! I feel like this ppl in this video cause some ppl are VERY cruel 😢

  4. I used to know a married couple who both had Tourette syndrome. I'm sure they had some interesting conversations.

  5. I have turretts syndrome but mine is different where I will twitch my leg and I will make a high pitch noise with my throat. I have experienced things like this but once I tell them they usually understand. A couple years ago I went to the movies with some friends and I was ticking in the theater and a middle aged guy told me to shut the fuck up in front of me and my friends got mad at him, that was the only real bully experience I had. But this is the first you tube vid where I have actually shed a tear and I’m a 13 year old boy so I don’t usually cry over YouTube but even though I have not experienced what she went through right there I know what she has to go through and I know what it’s like to be made fun of from people who don’t know and trying to explain it but they just don’t understand what your going through and that’s has to be the worst thing ever. I’m lucky enough to where my ticks aren’t very bad where I will yell out things, I used to have one where I would inhale violently where it sounded like I was suffocating. I still do it sometimes but I go to a small school where everyone in my grade knows about my issue so they are all used to it.

  6. Me: *sees a chocolate wrapper on the ground outside a trash bin*
    Me: *picks it up*

  7. See they call ita disease but it’s an illness and I have to live with it for the rest of my life and I get bullied a lot because of this illness I have reminded me of a time when I was walking home from school and a group of boys told me to die because the illness I have can cause me to die this only happens in winter because it’s a cold disease like you Monia basically I get it in my hands

  8. Those actors aren't much different from actual kids now, if any different at all and it makes me sad 🙁
    So many are so spoiled and entitled today, it just doesn't feel safe and they'll prey on anyone any different from them :/
    Even the ignorant "that's not a real disease" isn't very different from how they act. They always run their mouth on things they know nothing about.
    It's all the exact reason why I truly care for the good ones in life

  9. At 5:05 the boy that’s playing the bully gets thrown by John Quiñones, causing him to hit his head with one of the cameras.😂


    John: YeET

  10. i remember when i was like 5 and i had no idea this disorder existed and me and my mom were out and this guy started barking and i remember saying smth like “mommy why is he barking” and she told me and everytime i remember i feel rly bad

  11. 7:12 I love how Vin Diesil Approach the bullies and defend the girl .
    Thumbs Up to you Sir Vin Diesil your a GOOD ACTOR AND A GOOD Person

  12. 7:12 I love how Vin Diesil Approach the bullies and defend the girl .
    Thumbs Up to you Sir Vin Diesil your a GOOD ACTOR AND A GOOD Person

  13. My friend has Tourettes. Most of her tics are physical.. A couple of them actually hurt her. I can feel this girl

  14. „There are lots of different flavours on how customers confront our bullies“
    „When this man hears a scoop of abuse being served“

    Those ice cream jokes though

  15. Person: has hiccups

    Me:smiles at the person

    John quinones: hi I'm john quinones and this is what would you do



    John: what led ur o this decision why did u smile

    Me: R U N

  16. This was very amazing, since I have tourettes and people always say, "Is that contagious?", "Is that why you're weird and stupid?", "Tourettes isn't real!", "Your hurting my ears!" or even "You're mental." It's heartbreaking and the more I try to explain it, the more people bully me. I am so glad that more people are recognizing tourettes and supporting people with it.

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