Chinese arrow soldiers shot the enemy who oppressed civilians!Arrow soldier 32

Newspaper Guys, come out Guys, come out for a meeting Our captain has something to tell you guys Come on, turn up Go out for a meeting Come on Guys, come here our captain has something to tell you All men Buddies, good day I’m a member of detachment for collecting military rations in Eighth Route Army Honestly I had no other choices but to take my people to this place, Sujiatuozi I know you guys made hudge contributions to the army well, you guys almost run out of your grain reserves But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any I’m so hoping that you can make full allowances for our people’s difficulties and do me a favour to finish this mission Or, what if I come back I may violate military law All right, time is running short that’s all For every household, which should hand five catties of rice over to us Well, five catties of rice, how could it be possible Well, we’ve done it before Well, what if you don’t have any rice, money can be good replacements Well, is that a collection for military rations Well, they wanna grab grain from us Well, they are over the top Listen up I don’t have much time to talk to you guys Come on, take your grain to us now For those who wanna go against us, we’ll burn your houses up and kill you Have you heard that we’ve burned four households’ houses in Siji Village seven guys were dead and eight guys in Yingtao Village were dead as well as two guys in Tujia Village were dead That’s ending for guys who wanna go against us, Eighth Route Army men Well, it’s all on you guys What should we do Well, let’s go How could it be possible for us to take them so much grain Come on, go now Well, they’re grabbing from us Yep Buddies, searching Come out, I had your visual Come on, turn up Open the door, come out I’ll open fire if you choose to stay there Come on, go out Come out What the hell are you going to do Mum Please, don’t do it We didn’t have anything else in our home Please, don’t do that Piss off Who the hell are you Piss off Why’re you still here, getting him tied Come on, get him tied Guys, no need to be scared Don’t move Get him tied I’ll kill you if you don’t stop moving Leave it alone, give it to me Leave me alone Mum, mum Guys, freaking out We’re real Eighth Army men Come on, gettting them tied What gives Where’re my people You go to have a look, got it What the hell are you going to do Well, you dared to go against me Did you believe we, Eighth Route Army men will kill all of you guys here I don’t believe it, let’s wait and see Who the hell are you that doesn’t matter I knew who you are that matters You guys dared to pretend to be ours to commit crimes from Tujia Village to Sujiatuozi you committed all kinds of evil time to repay what you did You’re dead meat Don’t move Come on Where’re my crews Relax, and your crews are coming soon Come on, go, move fast Go now Kill them I wanna ask you my fourth uncle in Tujia Village who’s been killed by you even you raped that pretty girl, Niuer Zhan Kui, please, calm down Take him back to Tujia Village then making a frank confession to all men in Tujia Village Brother, I’ll follow you and you take it easy I’ll take them to Tujia Village and I’ll tell the truth to all men that real Eighth Army men didn’t do that Get him tied Come on, get up Let’s move now Come on Come on, go now Da Li and Long Fang Well, brother what if you guys want to be back with us even you wanna obey rules we’ll give you a warm welcome to you at any time Plus you need take Huang Zhankui here well, becoming an outlaw will get nowhere You’re right, and we’ll take it into consideration Me too Well, you go ahead and be careful Let’s go I wanna thank you Thank you so much Give me this Guys, I used to promise you to fighre it out who did it to take revenge for you guys I’ve confirmed that those guys are Japanese spies who pretended to be ours Well, they’re fake, pretending to be Eighth Route Army men With the help of real ones I took real killers for you First, we need to voice our voices for the moment to truth Second we need to make it clear real Eighth Route Army men didn’t do that to have a clean record Guys, look are these men killers Well, yep, they are To kill them all What Did you have anything else to say Well, it’s ok for me taken on your hands But you can’t afford to be over the top our main forces are coming soon Well, let’ s wait and see who’s gonna have the final say You can kill me if you’re tough enough I won’t be a real man what if I blinked Well, you’re not a real man you’re nothing to kill those innocent people Well, even you confessed everything Well, our people have their final say about how to deal with you To kill them all A debtor must pay with money, a murderer with a life I officially announced in the name of Eighth Route Army we’ll carry out a death sentence to those fucking guys Effective immediately Great, sounds good Get up Take them away, go now To kill them all

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