Hello This is ASMR Zindagi Sultan Are you my subscriber You are invited to a chocolate candy party tomorrow. would you like to come? okay, great yeah it’s justa small chit chat party It’s just a small chocolate candy party Then we will have some live tapping of chocolate candy wrappers yeah, its—-, yeah tomorrow nothing special, just a small party we will have some chocolate candies and then have some nice chit chat then if you like we can have some tapping and scratching of chocolate wrappers So dear would you like to give me a small favor i would like you to share this invite to other subscribers okay you will share this invite with others with all of them? Oh great Thank you Okay so we will have a great time tomorrow I am really so happy to see you here It’s really nice to see you here so here today we have these chocolates Not only this but i have something special for you too This is dry fruit figs almonds no it’s not like this I I am not a good host eating myself and not giving you. These almonds are so tasty Should I give you? Then what should I eat? How eating ASMR people eat actually? Should I eat with my mouth open ? or closed? Should I eat Should I eat producing so much sound? Or should I eat nicely? You tell please? because i am also planning to make an eating ASMR channel I should eat nicely Kaju my favorite where is pistachio ? Do I need to show only my this area? it’s not necessary so today’s party theme, opening theme is Think good and have good so we were thinking good thinking about chocolates and we get chocolates chocolates and dry fruits I love chocolates who else love chocolates and dry fruits you all thats nice so can I make an entire channel on chocolate eating? I should do variety, okay should we start first I wil give it to my guests let’s sing something let’s sing a song I really love the wrappers and the colors of should I eat this beautiful green first? Oh I should present it to my guests first take this take as much as you want look the inner filing is what i love the most so How is life going and everything at your homes at your work Why are you staring at me ? a kind of black chocolate candy very different taste The metallic grey color and inside ahah the blck chocolate candy this is yours I will give special chocolate to the one who will give the best comment The funniest comment This shape is like like a I don’t know what it’s like , you tell me I am waiting you can tell me please write it down write it down below what this shape is like? why you are not eating ? I was just saying the one who don’t miss any video and give the funniest comment so please eat don’t mind something like a green house kind of it seems like this no i have already taken too much You are my guest I should serve you today So all chocolate for you because too much is not good Do you eat fast or slow? or moderate ? I am a a fast eater The height of delight Why chocolate gives us so much happiness So now we will have some dance , some songs now it’s your turn now guys i think we should finish eating we will have some nice tea or cofee what ever you would prefer with our closing party message today’s ending message is Forgive and you will be forgiven so if you are angry with some one if you have some grudges against some one try to forgive

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  1. I loved this video and I also always get confused if I should eat “nicely” or if i should eat with my mouth open aha 💕💤💤

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